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We often hear people say that the Church is full of hypocrites, but that is impossible even though there are hypocrites that go to church. I have grown to understand that the Church is full of love because God is love, and there is nothing hypocritical about God. The Church does consists of people, hypocrites included, but God=s love is greater and his love fills the Church.

So What=s wrong with the church.... Does Jesus need to die again? Unfortunately I have experienced a lot of bad in the Church that caused me to have a negative perception early on.  I was shallow minded and only thought good things happen in the Church. So when I was exposed to the bad it put a damper on what Church should of been to me. I thank God for covering me when I was not being obedient. I also thank God for renewing my mind and getting me to the point where I am able to help others now. This book is a reflection of the good and bad that happens in the church.  We need to realize that people need to hear the bad about the church too. It gives closure and healing to those who are in need. Being hurt in the Church can be a painful experience. This book deals with real issues and everything written actually happen. God allowed me to experience the trials and tribulations so that I could be healed from my past. I experienced God=s Truth in writing this book and I am happy that he chose me. So Does Jesus need to die again? No, but we must die daily in order to be pleasing to God.

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Mario C. Young was born on July 30, 1981 in Peoria, Illinois. He was raised in a single parent home for most of his childhood. His mother provided the love and other essentials that he needed to be a successful young man. Mario enjoyed playing sports growing up and used basketball to get into college. He attended Greenville College in 2000 and graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management in 2004.

Mario is currently living in Peoria, Illinois. He just recently married the love of his life Jacole in 2006. They enjoy movies, bowling, traveling and spending time with family. More importantly they both share a true hunger to learn and grow in Christ. They both understand the importance of keeping God first in their marriage and in everyday life.

Mario’s future plans include pursuing a masters degree in business as well as beginning work on  his next writing project. It is his earnest desire to continue to let God lead and direct him in every aspect of life. Mario wants all that God has in store for him. He is looking forward to the future because he is confident that this is only the beginning. He understands that with God anything is possible and the best is yet to come.

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