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All the Texts in the New Teftament, rela-
ting to it, are produced and explained:
and the Whole Doctrine about it, drawn
from Them alone.

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Printed for JAMES, JOHN, and PAUL KNAPTON'
at the Crown in Ludgate-Street. MDCC XXXV.




5 FEB 1957


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N the following Treatife, I have endeavoured to establish and explain the true Nature, End, and Effect, of the Sacrament of the Lord's-Supper. The Subftance of it is What I preached, many Years ago, in feveral Sermons, when I had the Care of a Parish in London.

In that Relation, I thought it my Duty always to have a View to the particular Demands of Those I was to inftruct. Efpecially, I esteemed my felf obliged to have a very peculiar Regard to the Wants of Some of the Beft and moft fincere Chriftians; whom I found often in danger of great Errors, or great Superftition; and too commonly disturbed and perplexed by fuch Fears and Terrors, as indeed made their Defire of being truly Religious, the Burthen. and Mifery, instead of the Delight, of their Lives.

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As therefore, for the fake of One Sort of Chriftians, I never ceased to inculcate the Neceflity of Univerfal Obedience to the Will of God; that there might be no hope left to Them of Acceptance, without This: So, for the Defense and Support of Others, in their fincere Endeavors to please God, against all those uneafy impreffions of Superftition, which They had a right to be freed from, I made it my care to ftate and explain the Commands peculiar to Chriftianity, from the firft Declarations of Chrift himself, and his Apostles, in fuch a Manner, as that They might appear to Honeft Minds to have as little Tendency to create Diftrefs and Uneafinefs, as They were defigned, in their first Simplicity, to have. Amongst thefe, I found that, in no one instance of Chriftian Duty, there was more need of Affiftance, than in this of their Attendance upon the Lord's-Supper; which had been rendered very Uneasy to Them by the Notions They had, by fome means or other, embraced about it.

What I then preached, not without some Success, I now publish with the fame honest Defign of inftructing Those who want Inftruction; and have no better at hand. I have thrown the Whole into a new Form; and made feveral Additions to what I first preached, in order to a more clear understanding of this Subject: and this, in such


a manner,

a manner, that All who are concerned may, I hope, be led into the right way of judging about it. To this I have endeavored to guide Them by directing and confining their Attention to all that is faid about this Duty by Thofe, who alone had any Authority to declare the Nature of it: neither on one hand diminishing, nor on the other augmenting, what is declared by Them to belong to it.

It ought certainly to be far from the Thoughts of Every Chriftian, to leffen any Privileges, or undervalue any Promises, annexed by Chrift to any Duty or Inftitution of his Religion. It is an inexcufable Fault wilfully to attempt it: and an inexcusable Carelessnefs to do it for want of Due Confideration. It is indeed, a Fault, to which No Chriftian can have the leaft Temptation: All fuch Privileges and Promifes being of equal Comfort, and of Equal Importance, to All; and the Nature of them fuch, as that no one can be fo much his own Enemy, as not to be willing to find the Truth and Certainty of Them, if He can.

But this, I think, may with truth be faid, that an Error of this fort, (fhould it be fuppofed) does not really hurt any Chriftian; nor alter the Effect of the Duty at all. GOD will certainly perform what He has promised to Every One who partakes of the Lord'sSupper worthily, notwithstanding that One


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