Psalmodia Germanica: Or, a Specimen of Divine Hymns, Translated from the High Dutch. Together with Their Proper Tunes and Thorough Bass

Printed, and sold by J. Young in St. Paul's Churchyard, M. Smith at Bishop Beveridge's Head in Paternoster-Row, W. Smith at the Orange-Tree near St. Clements Church., 1722 - 144 pàgines

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Pàgina 36 - TO God the Father, God the Son, And God the Spirit, Three in One, Be honor, praise, and glory given, By all on earth, and all in heaven.
Pàgina 32 - What if you rise before the sun, And work and toil when day is done, Careful and...
Pàgina 80 - Whose anger is so slow to rise, So ready to abate. 2 God will not always chide ; And when his strokes are felt, His strokes are fewer than our crimes. And lighter than our guilt.
Pàgina 106 - But how my childhood runs to waste ! My sins, how great their sum ! Lord, give me pardon for the past, And strength for days to come.
Pàgina 104 - By thy power alone dost guide : — 2 Let my life and conversation Be directed by thy word ; Lord, thy constant preservation To thy erring child afford: No where but alone in thee From all harm can I be free.
Pàgina 138 - Sleep well, my dear ; sleep safe and free ; The holy Angels are with thee, Who always see thy Father's face, And never slumber, nights nor days. Thou liest in down, soft every way ; Thy Saviour lay in straw and hay ; Thy cradle is far better drest Than the hard crib where He did rest. None dare disturb thy present ease ; He had a thousand enemies ; Thou...
Pàgina 32 - Tis all in vain, till God hath bleft ; He can make rich, yet give us reft ; Children and friends are bleffings too, If God our fov'reign make them fo. 4 Happy the man to whom he fends Obedient children, faithful friends ! How fweet our daily comforts prove, When they are feafon'd with his love ! PSALM CXXVII. Common Metre.
Pàgina 129 - He blush'd in blood ; He closed His eyes to show us God : Let all the world fall down and know That none but God such love can show.
Pàgina 2 - Go, Shepherds, where the Infant lies, " And fee his humble throne ; " With tears of joy in all your eyes,
Pàgina 13 - Lord is come ; the heav'ns proclaim -*- His birth ; the nations learn his name : An unknown star directs the road Of eastern sages to their God. 2 All ye bright armies of the skies, Go, worship, where the Saviour lies : Angels and kings before him bow, Those Gods on high and gods below. 3 Let idols totter to the ground, And their own worshippers confound...

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