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Pierced and nailed him to the tree,
Deeply wailing-

Shall the true Messiah see.

3 Every island, sea, and mountain,
Heaven and earth shall flee away;
All who hate him must, confounded,
Hear the trump proclaim the day;
Come to judgment!
Come to judgment! come away!
4 Yea, Amen! let all adore thee,
High on thine eternal throne !
Saviour! take the power and glory;
Claim the kingdom for thine own!
Oh come quickly-
Hallelujah! Come, Lord, come!



HYMN 463. C. M. Lanesboro'. [b]
Prospect of the Resurrection unto Life.

e 1

THR HROUGH sorrow's night, and danger's path, Amid the deepening gloom, We, soldiers of an injured King, Are marching to the tomb.

2 There, when the turmoil is no more, And all our powers decay, p Our cold remains in solitude

Shall sleep the years away.


3 Our labours done, securely laid
In this our last retreat,
Unheeded, o'er our silent dust,
The storms of life shall beat.

-4 Yet not thus lifeless, thus inane, The vital spark shall lie;

For o'er life's wreck that spark shall rise
To seek its kindred sky.

5 These ashes too, this little dust, Our Father's care shall keep,

o Till the last angel rise and break The long and dreary sleep.

p 6 Then love's soft dew o'er every eye
Shall shed its mildest rays,

And the long silent dust shall burst
With shouts of endless praise.


HYMN 464. C. M. Archdale. [*]

The Resurrection of the Christian.

8 1 MY faith shall triumph o'er the grave,

And trample on tombs : My Jesus, my Redeemer lives,

My God, my Saviour comes;
Ere long I know he shall appear,

In power and glory great;
And death, the last of all his foes,
Lie vanquished at his feet.

e 2 Then though the worms my flesh devour, And make my form their prey,

I know I shall arise with power,

On the last judgment day:
When God shall stand upon the earth,
Him there mine eyes shall see;
My flesh shall feel a second birth,
And ever with him be.


3 Then his own hand shall wipe the tears
From every weeping eye;

And pains, and groans, and griefs, and fears,
Shall cease eternally.

o How long, dear Saviour! O, how long Shall this bright hour delay!

s O, hasten thy appearance, Lord, And bring the welcome day.


HYMN 465. C. M. St. Ann's. [* or b]

e 1 ESUS, to thy dear wounds we flee,
bleeding side;

-Assured that all who trust in thee
Shall evermore abide.

u 2 Then let the thundering trumpet souna,
The latest lightning glare;

e The mountains melt; the solid ground Dissolve as liquid air;


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o 3 The huge celestial bodies roll, Amidst that general fire,

And shrivel as a parchment scroll,
And all in smoke expire!

-4 Yet still the Lord, the Saviour reigns,
When nature is destroyed,

And no created thing remains
Throughout the flaming void.


5 Sublime upon his azure throne,
He speaks,-th' Almighty Word:
His fiat is obeyed! 'tis done;
And paradise restored.

6 So be it! let this system end, This ruined earth and skies; s The New Jerusalem descend, The New Creation rise.

7 Thy power omnipotent assume;
Thy brightest majesty !
And when thou dost in glory come,
My Lord, remember me.

HYMN 466. 7 & 6.

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Amsterdam. [*]


Nature's end we wait to see,
And hear her final groan:
Let this earth dissolve, and blend
In death the wicked and the just :
Let those ponderous orbs descend,
And grind us into dust.

TAND th' omnipotent decree;

-2 Rests secure the righteous man,
At his Redeemer's beck,
Sure to emerge, and rise again,
And mount above the wreck :
Lo! the heavenly spirit towers,


Like flames o'er nature's funeral pyre; Triumphs in immortal powers,

And claps his wings of fire! o 3 Nothing hath the just to lose,

By worlds on worlds destroyed; Far beneath his feet he views,

With smiles, the flaming void; Sees this universe renewed;

The grand millennial reign begun, Shouts with all the sons of God, Around th' eternal throne!

4 Resting in this glorious hope,
To be at last restored,
Yield we now our bodies up,

To earthquake, plague, or sword;
Listening for the call divine,

The last trumpet of the seven :
Soon our souls and dust shall join,
And both fly up to heaven.


HYMN 467. P. M. Luther's Hymn. [*]
I and hear!

The end of things created!
The Judge of man I see appear,
On clouds of glory seated!
Beneath his cross I view the day,
When heaven and earth shall pass away,
And thus prepare to meet him.

HYMN 468. 7s. Lincoln. [*] 1 [ARK! that shout of rapturous joy,

Jesus comes!-and through the sky,
Angels tell their joy aloud.

2 Hark! the trumpet's awful voice
Sounds abroad, through sea and land:
Let his people now rejoice!
Their redemption is at hand.

3 See! the Lord appears in view:
Heaven and earth before him fly!
Rise, ye saints, he comes for you—
Rise to meet him in the sky.
4 Go, and dwell with him above,
Where no foe can e'er molest:
Happy in the Saviour's love!
Ever blessing, ever blest.

HYMN 469. C. M.
Praise to God.

1 LIFT up to God the voice of praise,

Whose breath our souls

Marlow. [*]

Loud and more loud the anthems raise,
With grateful ardor fired!


2 Lift up to God the voice of praise,
Whose goodness, passing thought,
Loads every moment, as it flies,
With benefits unsought!

3 Lift up to God the voice of praise,
From whom salvation flows,

Who sent his Son our souls to save
From everlasting woes.

4 Lift up to God the voice of praise,
For hope's transporting ray,


Which lights through darkest shades of death,
To realms of endless day.



HYMN 470. 7s. Sudbury. [*]


Glory to God in the Highest.
ONGS of praise the angels sang,
Heaven with hallelujahs rang,
When Jehovah's work begun,
When he spake and it was done.


2 Songs of praise awoke the morn,
When the Prince of Peace was born;
Songs of praise arose, when he
Captive led captivity.

3 Heaven and earth must pass away, Songs of praise shall crown that day: God will make new heavens and earth, Songs of praise shall hail their birth. p 4 And shall man alone be dumb,

Till that glorious morning come? s No! the church delights to raise Psalms, and hymns, and songs of praise. 5 Saints below, with heart and voice, Still in songs of praise rejoice, Learning here, by faith and love, Songs of praise to sing above.

6 Borne upon their latest breath, Songs of praise shall conquer death; Then, amidst eternal joy,

Songs of praise their powers employ. PRATT'S COL.

HYMN 471. 8s.

Drummond. [*]

Our God for ever and ever.
HIS God is the God we adore,
Our faithful, unchangeable FRiend;
Whose love is as large as his power,
And neither knows measure nor end.



2 'Tis Jesus, the FIRST and the LAST,
Whose Spirit shall guide us safe home;
We'll praise him for all that is past,
And trust him for all that's to come.

HYMN 472. C. M. Amherst. [*]

FOR a thousand

To bless th' incarnate Word!

O for a thousand thankful songs
In honour of my Lord!

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