Imatges de pÓgina

request Angus complies, he allows way for a moment to the fulness of the former Thane to be still alive, yet his joy without almost thanking the as he lived the life of a traitor who messengers, he turns to Banquo: was evidently guilty by his own Mac. Do not you hope your children confeffion, he was dead in law, and shall be kings, even pronounced to be so, by the When they that gave the thane of Caw:

dor to me, King. He further acknowledges, that tho' he was ignorant of the exact Promis'd no less to them? extent of the crime, for which Cawdor

Note 7th. was to suffer, but he was quite sure

My thought, whose murder yet is but of his condemnation.,

fantastical, Whether he was combin’d with Norway, Shakes fo my single fate of man, that er did line the rebels, &c.

function Although these cannot be the Is fmother'd in surmise, &c. words of Rosse, who was present at The Doctor thinks singlé used by the engagement in which Cawdor Shakespeare for an individual in oppoaffifted the rebels, and even brought fition to a commonwealth or conjunct the intelligence of it, there can be no body of men, here it most obviously impropriety in afcribing them to alludes to his being the only person Angus, who thinks himlelf obliged embarked in this murderous design, to detail the whole fo far only as it and so unnerved by fustaining the was well known to him, because Mac- whole pressure of the guilt of the acbeth seems to helitate in crediting it. tion, even an idea that he should never Thusfarthe Doctor may be excused for dare to bring himself to the execuhis remarks, but how Macheth in his tion of it. He feems plainly toʻinfi. perturbed ttate of mind should give nuate, that had he been backed by a offence to him, by saying,

few associates, the execution would The thane of Cawdor lives, &c. have been the immediate consequence is truly astonishing. It must be re- of the resolution, as he seems to think membered that Macbeth could pro- the conscience would have been less cure no certainty from the weird clamerous, seeing the enormity of the filters on that subject which so much guilt would be diminished in properplexed him. It was on the attain. portion to the number of those to ment of the thaneship of Cawdor, he whom it was communicated, and chiefly rested his hopes of being King this remorse would prove a less forhereafter, no worder then if his an- midable obstacle. xiety produced a sort of misgiving in

Come what come may ; his mind, and a momentary doubt of Time and the hour run through the the truth, seeing the investiture follow roughest day. fo close upon the predi&tions of the The Doctor to avoid the tautolo. fiiters. That this was really the mean- gy of time and the hour, supposes the ing of the Poet in the passage we have Poet to have wrote thus : been considering, can be no longer Time's on” the hour runs through, &c. doubted, when the subsequent speech and throw's out fome ingenious reof Macbeth is attended to :

marks to favour this reading. I conGlamis, and thane of Cawdor :

fefs I see no tautology, if we read thus, The greareft is behind. Now, that I am assured of the Time and the Hours run through, &c. thaneship of Cawdor, there can be no i. e. Time attended by the Hours. longer cause to diftrust the rest, it The horæ, or hours, are always rewill follow of course ; he is quite over- presented as part of the retinue of joyed with these reflections, and giving old Time; I cannot therefore see any


just reason why time fhould here be fion of the speaker, who, unable to deified, while the like honor is denied overcome his scruples or satisfy his to the horæ. There is yet another mind, by the train of reflections into reason for objecting to such a pause which he has fallen, breaks off in a as the Dr.'s reading requires ; 'it itops kind of defperation, the rapidity of the flow of the verses,

Come, what come may, &c. which appear to ine evidently intend. ed to point out the hurried conclu- [To be concluded in our next.]



Affronomy, Agricultnre, Arts, Didion- lish, and Latin. By A. Nemnich. 4to. aries, Grammars.'

sl. Is. Johnson, Remnant. phical Representations of that ex- pared in their grammatical Conftructensive field of Nature which is com- tion : Part I. being an Introduction to prehended within the Scope of natural the Syntax of both Languages. By Mr Vifion, viz. the Solar System, and Fir. Duverger. 12mo. 35.-6d. Wallis, Pamament of Stars; exhibiting the rela- ternoster Row. tive Position which the System bears A New French Grammar: containing in the Universe to the fixed Stars, with the Principles of the beft French Gramthe Places of the Nodes, the Inclina.

marians, explained by concise and clear tions of the Axis, the Obliquities of the Rules and inftructive Examples : with Orbits of its conftituent Planets : ac- Remarks on the French Leiters, Pro. companied with a literal Guide, de- nunciation, Accents, Punctuation, and fcriptive of the Plates, and the various Orthography. By F. C. Condet. 12mo, Evolutions of the Planetary Orbs, &c. 45 Harding, Vernor and Hood. &c. By the Author of the Planispheri. Biography, History, Travels, cal Planetarium. Two Platce. Royal Biographical Memoirs of the French Refolio. 10:. 6d. Clarke, New Bond volution. By John Adolphus, F. S. A. Street, Wilkinson, &c.

2 vols. 8vo. Cadell and Davies. A Treatise on the sublime Science of He: A Narrative of the Seizure and Confine

liography; satisfactorily demonftrat- ment of Ann Brookhouse, who was af. ing our great Orb of Light, the gun, -saulted in one of the Streets of London, to be ablolutely no other than a Body and carried off by two hired Ruffians, of Ice! overturning all the received May 7, 1798, and detained in close Systems of the Universe hitherto ex- Confinement till August 25th followtant; proving the celebrated and indo.

ing, as related by herself. Written by fatigable Sir Itaac Newton, in the a Friend. 8vo. 25. Rivington, Johnson. Theory of the Solar Syftem, to be as Authentic Narrative of the Proceedings dillant from the Truth as any of the of his Majesty's Squadron under the Heathen Authors of Greece or Rome. Command of Admiral Sir Horario By Charles Palmer, Gent. 8vo. 38. Nelson, from its failing from Gibral. Ginger, Lee and Hurft.

tar to the Conclufion of the glorious A View of the Agriculture of Middlesex s Battle of the Nile; drawn up from the

drawn up for the Confideration of the Minutes of an Officer of Rank in the Board of Agriculture. By John Middle. Squadron. 8vo. 6d. Cadell, Egerton. ton, Esq. 8vo. 9s. Nicol.

Travels through the Middle Settlements A Differtation on the modern Style of of North America. By the Rev. A.

altering ancient Cathedrais, as exem- Burnaby, D. D. With Plates, and a pified in the Cathedral of Salisbury. Map. Third Edition, greatly enlarged. By the Rev. Jofeph Milner, M. A. F. 4to. 125. Payne. A.S. Wiha Frontispiece, by Carter. An Historical Chart of Europe, showing 415. 35. 6d. Nichols, Coghlan.

the various Alterations it has underAn Univerfal European Dictionary of gone fince the Commencement of the

Articles of Merchandise, in Twelve French Revolution to the End of 1798.
Languages, viz. English, German, By Jobn Luffman. Sheet, coloured. 6d.
Durch, Danish, Swedish, French, Ita- Luffman.
lian, Spanish, Poringusse, Rullian, Po- A Chronology of the principal Events in



Europe, from the Deftruction of the enlarged. To which is added, a LetBaftilie, 14th July 1789, to the End of ter to Melisa. 28. 6d. Dilly, Button. 1798; adapted to the common Calen- The Literary Census : a satirical Poem, dar, and also to that of the French Re- with Notes including fome severe, but public. By Yohn Luffman. Sheet. 6d. merited Animadversions on the PurLuffroan.

suits of Literature, and furnishing a Travels through the States of North Clue to the Detection of the anony

America, and the Provinces of Upper mous Author of that notorious Public and Lower Canada, in 1995, 1996, cation ; together with a Vindication of and 1797. By Isaac Weld, Esq. Jun. Dr Geddes and Mr Lewis ; and fully 410. With 15 Plates. Il. Ios. Stockdale. exposing the corrupt Partiality of the Law.

British Critic, and other time:Serving A succinct View of the Law of Mortga- Reviews and Publications. By Tho

ges: with an Appendix, containing a mas Dutton, A. M. 8vo. 38. 61. SyVariety of scientific Procedents of monds. Mortgages. By Edward Coke Wilmot,

Novels and Romances. of Gray's Inn. 8vo. 58. Clarke, Por- Saint Julien. From the German of Autuga! Street.

gustin La Fontaine. With addisional An Abstract and lodex to the Land-Tax Nores, historical and explanatory. % Redemption Act. By a Clerk to i he vols. Izmo. 6s. Lane. Commissioners. Folio. 6d. Hollis, Rom- Norman Banditti; or the Fortress, of sey ; Richardson, London.

Coutance : a Tale. By Felix Ellia, Miscellanies.

2 vols.

12mo. 78. Lane, Miller.' The Naval Chronicle. With Plates, from The Libertines: a Novel. 2 vols. Izmo, Designs by Pocock. 8vo. 29. 6d. No. I. 65. Wattoo, Cambridge ; Robinsons, (To be published monthly.) Bunney London. and Co. Robinsons, Clarke, New Patient Griselda : 2 Tale. From the I. Bond Street.

talian of Bocaccio. By Mils Sotheby. The Satellite ; or Repository of Litera- 410. 25. 6d. Biggs, Bristol ; Longman,

ture ; consisting of miscellaneous Eflays London. (chiefly original), intended for the Dif- The Vagabond : a Novel. By G. Walfufion of uletul and polite Knowledge. ker. 2 vols.

12mo. 78.

Walker, 12mo No. I. 3d. (To be publifhed Portland Street ; Lee and Hurit. everv Fortnight.) Mitchell, Carlisle; Gomez and Ellinora. Translated from

Clarke, New Bond Street, London. a Spanish Manuscript. 2 vols. 1 2 mo. Copies of original Letsers from the Ar- 78. Wallis, Paternoster Row.

my of General Buonaparte in Egypt, The Tower; or the Romance of Ruintercepted by the Fleet under the thye. By the Authoress of Manfredi. Command of Admiral Lord Nelson :

103. 6d. Carpenter. with an English Translatii.n, and a

Philosophy. Chart of Egypt. 8vo. 48. 6d. Wright. Philosophy of Natural Hiftory. By the Illuftrations of Sterne: with other Ellay's late William Smellie. Vol. II. 4tc.

and Verses. By John Ferriar, M. D. Il. Is. Smellie, Edinburgh ; Robin

Small 8vo. 58. Cadell and Davies. sons, Cadell, London. A Treatise on the Influence of the Par

Pbyfic. Surgery fions upon the .Happiness of Indivi- Cases of the Diabetes Mellitus; with duals and of Nations. From the French the Results of the Trials of certain A. of the Baroness de Stael. To which is cids and other Substances in the Cure prefixed the Life or the Author. 8vo. of the Lues Venerea. By John Rollo, 6s, Cawthorn.

M. D. Second Edition, with large View of London and its Environs; or, a Additions. 8vo. 8s. Dilly.

Complete List of all the Squares, Chirurgical Obfervations relative to the Streets, Lanes, Courts, Yards, Alleys, Eye. By James Ware, Surgeon. 2 vols. &c. in and about five Miles of the Men 8vo. 125. Dilly. tropolis. To which is added, a sepa

Poetry and the Drama. rate List of all the Churches, Chapels, Poems on various Subjects. By R. AnQuays, public Buildings, Law and o- derson, of Carlina 12mo, 19. 60. ther Offices, Societies, Halls, Hospitals, Printed by Mitchell, Carline; Clarke, Coffee Houfes, &c. &c. 18mo, 24. 60. New Bond Street London. bound. Boyle, Lee and Hurt. Poems and Essays. By the late Miss The Guide to Domestic Höppinele In Bowdler. Tenih Edition. With an a Series of Letters. Fourth Edition, additional Elay, and a Portrait of the


3 vols.


Author. Royal 4to. Il. Is. Crutwell, of Aggrandifement, and the probable Bath ; Dilly, Cadell, London.

Advantages which he will derive from The Nurse : a Poem. Translated from the Subversion of Italy and the Poffer

the Italian of Luigi Taufillo, by Wil- fion of Belgium, on the Return of liam Roscoe. 410. 69. Cadell and Da- Peace. 8vo. 28. 6d. Debreit. vies.

The Bill upon Income, as amended by Poems Sacred and Moral. By Thomas the Committee: containing the Quali.

Gisborne, M. A. 12mo. 45. Cadell fication of every Surveyor and Inipecand Davies.

tor, the Oaths they are to take as to The Reconciliation ; a Comedy. Trans- Secrecy, and the Power with which

lated from the German of Augusus they are to be invested ; Rules for efti

Von Kotzebue. 8vo. 35. Ridgway. mating the Income of Owners of Land, The Count of Burgundy; a Play. By House, Buildings, Tenements, Tithes,

Auguftus Von Kotzebue. Translated by &c. and from personal Property, Mils Plumptre 8vo. 25. 6d. Philips, Trades, Professions, Offices, EmploySymonds, Carpenter.

ments, and Vocations ; the Deductions The Rudens of Plautus, as altered for therefrom; the Proportion every PerRepresentation at the Dormitory by fon is to pay from 6ol. up to 200!. and the young Gentlemen of Westminster

from 200l. upwards. 6d. Parsons, School. I2mo. IS. Ginger, College Treppass. Street; Hatchard.

The Tax upon Income im partially conPolitics and Political Economy.

fidered, as proposed by Mr Pitt, Dec.

3, in a Commitiee of the House of A Collection of interesting Tracts, on the Commons. By a Member. 8vo. 18. late proposed System of Commerce be

Clement. tween Great Britain and Ireland; in- The Test of Taxation; or Aff-fsment on eluding a correct Copy of the Resolu- Income alone equal to the Exigencies rions, as amended by the Chancellor of the State; wherein the proportion

of the Exchequer. 8vo. 155. Debrett. ate Value of Property'acquired is conA Collection of State Papers, relative to fidered with that fluctuating in Trade.

the War against France. 9 vols. 8vo. 8vo. 25.--Stewart. 31. IIs. 60. Debrett.

Observations on the Taxation of ProArguments for and againft an Union be- perty: with the Outline of a Bill to

tween Great Britain and Ireland con- that Intent. 8vo. 19. 6d. Carpenter. fidered. 8vo. Is. 6d. Wright. Now, or never ! or,

Britain's Peace in Arguments for and againft an Union be- her own Power. 8vo. 6d. Hatchard.

tween Great Britain and Ireland con- Thoughts upon a new Coinage of Silver, fidered. To which is prefixed, a Pro- more especially as it relates to an Alposal on the fame Subject. By Fofiah geration in the Division of the Pound Tucker, D. D. Dean of Gloucester. Troy. By a Banker. 8vo. 28. 6d. Se8vo. 6d. Stockdale.

well, Debrert. Thoughts on an Union. By Folhua Spen- The Politician's Creed ; or, Political ExGer, Esq. Barrister at Law. 8vo. 18. tracts : being an Answer to these Quero Stockdale.

tions, What is the best form of GoA Letter to the People of Ireland, on the vernment ? and, What is the best Ad

Advantages of an Union with this miniftration of a Government ? 2 vols. Country. 8vo. 61. St. John.

8vo. 145. Robinsons, Symonds, HookAnswer to the Pamphlet entitled, “ Ar- ham. guments for and againft an Union,"

Sermons. in a Letter addresied to Edward Cooke, A Sermon preached before the Right Esq. Secretary at War. By Pemberton Rev. the Lord Bishop of London, at Rudd, Esq. Barrister at Law. 8vo. 6d. the Confecration of the Church of St. Stockdale.

Paul, Covent Garden, Aug. ift, 1798. The Subftance of Mr Canning's Speech By Richard Bullock, D. D. 410. 18.

in the House of Commons, Dec. II, Leigh and Sotheby: 1798, on Mr Tierney's Motion againtt The Confecration of Banners ; a Sermon Continental Engagements. 8vo. 18. 6d.

at the Presentation of Colours to the Wright.

Wallingford loyal Association by the Observations on the political State of the Hon. Lady Sykes, OA 29, 1798. By

Continent, should France be fuffered the Rev. T. Pentycross, M. a. Is. Hanto retain her immense Acquisitions. In well and Co. Cooke, Oxford ; Rivingwhich is reviewed her whole Syftem ton, London,

Thanks Thanksgiving Sermons.

Culture and Minagement of Planted The Privileges of Britain ; a Sermon and Natural Timber, in every stage of preached at the Meeting-house in the its growth ; also, on the Culture and Old Jewry, on Thursday, 29th of No- Management of Hedge Fences, and vember 1798 ; being the Day appointe

the Construction of Stone Walls, &c. ed for a grneral Thanklgiving. By

By Walter Nicol, Author of the Force Abraham Rees, D. D. F. R. S. 8vo. ing Kitchen Gardener, &c. 88. Boards. is. Robinsons, Cadell.

Creech, &c. Sermon in the Chapel in his Majesty's Our Blessings and Our Duty, under the Duck Yard at Portsmouth, 29th of No

Present Circumstances, Confidered, in vember 1798. By the Rev. Tufton two Discourses, delivered on the late Charles Scott, S. Č. L. 18. Cadell and day of Na'ional Thanksgiving, by the Davies.

Rev. Stevenson M Gill, Minifter of the A Sermon at Fitzroy Chapel, on the 29th Tron Church of Glasgow, 18. Creech. of November. By the Rev. Robert The Duty of Christians to Civil Govern. Anthony Bromley, B. D. 8vo. Is. Faul. ment, a Sermon, preached in Lady der, Shepperson.

Glenorchy's Chapel on the 29th NoMotives for public Thanksgiving stated vember 1798, being the day appointed

and enforced. A Sermon at the Found. by his Majesty for a General Thanks. ling Hospital, Nov. 29, 1798. By 7. giving, by Greville Ewing, Minister of Hewlett, B. D. 8vo. 18. Johason, the gospel. 6d. J. Ogle. Cadell.

A Supplement to the Encyclopædia BriTheology.

tannica : conducted by George Gleig, Six Essays upon theological: to which

LL. D. and F. R. S. Edinburgh. The

Editor of the laft Six Volumes of that are added, two upon moral Subjects. By Thomas Ludlam, M. A. 8vo.25.68. The Love of Mankind in General,

Work. 128. 6d. Boards.
The Unchangeableness of God's Provi-

springing out of natural affection and dence over the Welfare of these King

the love of our Country the proper doms displayed, by the remarkable

return for mercies vouchsafed to this Applicability of Dr Samuel Clarke's Country: a Sermon, preached in the Thanksgiving Sermon before the Hout Episcopal Chapel, Stirling, on Thursof Commons in the Year 1709, to the

day Nov. 24. 1798, being the day.apSuccesses which occasioned the Ap

pointed for a General Thanksgiving. pointment of a public Thanksgiving in

By George Gleig, LL. D. and F. R. Š. che present Year 1998. 30. or 28. 6d.

Edinburgh, and Editor of the Laft Six per doz. Hatchard.

Volumes of the Encyclopædia Britan

nica. 6d. Hill. In EDINBURGH.

A System of the Forms of Deeds used in An Abridgement of Mr Daubeny's Guide

Scotland. By Robert Bell, W. S. Lecto the Church, with a Preface, &c.

turer on Conveyancing, appointed by Humbly submitted to the serious confi

the Society of Writers to the Signet deration of the Presbyterians and Eng.

Volume Second. 98. Sewed. A. Gu. lish Episcopalians in Scotland. By Wil

thrie.-This Volume contains those liam Abernethy Drummond, EP. 15.

deeds by which burdens are created coarse, 18. 60. fine. S. Cheyne.

over land as servitudes, heritable ferAnnals of Medicine, for the year 1798 ;

vitudes, and leases. Exhibiting a concise view of the beft National Blessings Considered and imand most important Discoveries in Me- proved, in a Sermon by the Rev. Alexdicine and Medical Philosophy, by An- ander Black, Muffelburgh; to which is drew Duncan, sen. M. D. And Andrew added, an Extract from a Sermon of Duncan jun. M. D. zs. Boards. M.die the Rev. Mr Hall of Edinburgh, both The Practical Planter, or a Treatise on preached on the occasion of the late

Foreft Planting ; comprehending the Thanksgiving, 6d.


From Drake's Literary Hours. THE fullen tolling of the Curfew was beam of light issued from the dreary

, Ed. Mag. Feb. 1799.



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