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Thould be granted to the minister at pre


NO. fent, and accordingly refused to grant any

Abortive and Still-born

59 augmentation hoc ftatu.

Accidental. On Saturday evening, Feb. 9th, dur.


185 ing the extreme drifting of the finow, a Apoplexy man in the parish of Strichen imprudent- Afthmia

5 Jy went for water to a well, at a very Bouel-hive

80 fmall distance from his house but not Burno being able to find his way home, he per

Cancer ished among the snow.

Child.bed During the tremendous stormy night Chincough

55 between Friday and Saturday, a farm- Consumption

231 house ai Corskie, in the parish of Mar- Cramp in Stomach noch, Banff fhire, accidently took fire, Draughts and was totally confumed, the inhabi

Droply fants being juft able to escape with their


9 lives, without saving any of their property. Dyienterý

3 Two houres at Gardenstown were al. Feyer

70 fo blown down and levelled with the Iliac Passion

Inflammation ground. In one of them, the owner, his

IO wife and daughter, were buried under Jaundice the ruins, and remained in that ditmal

Measles fituation during the night--they were Palsy

13 dug out next morning, much bruised,

Rupture but it is hoped not so materially as to Rheumatism

3 endanger their lives.

Sore Throat

4 Small Pox

179 Mortality Bill of the City of Glasgow and

Suburbs, for the Year 1798.

Interred in the High, Blackfriars, and


13 North-weft Church Yards.


3 Males. Fem. Total Teething

31 January,


Water in the Head


44 72 March, 33 34 87

1025 April,

35 45

80 Interred in the High Church, 507 May, 49 39

Indo.from the Infirmary, ages,

29 33
62 &c. not specified

99 July,

34 50


In the North-west and Blackfriars Auguft,

33 55 Burying Ground September, 36

34 70 In the English Chapel Burying do. 40 October, 30 40 78 In the Town's Hospital do.

83 November, 39 57

96 December,

61 78
Total in the City

I 247
In Calton Burying Ground

414 451 574 1025 In Gorbals do.

335 Whereof have died, In Anderstown do

185 Age. No.

Total in City and Suburbs 2186
Under 2 years

age 371
Total laft year

2064 Between 2 and 5 5 217 Increased this year

117 40

Increased in Burials this year,

In the English Chapel Burying



In the Town's Hospital do.


54 70

117 Decreased-In North-west do. I

Increase in the City 53

In Calton Burying Ground 18
In Gorbals do.

In Anderstown do

14 1025 Tøt, incr. in City and Suburbs 117

BIRTHS. bell, Erq of Duntroon. 5. At Southampton, Lieutenant Colonel - Mrs Barbara Glen, wife of MrJ. Wild Gordon, of the 26th Light Dragoons, to fon, Coach-maker, at his house in Prince's Mifs Johuston, daughter of Col. B. John- Street, fton, of the 65th foot.








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Oct. 7. At Trelawny, Jamaica, Mr Wil. Dec. 9. Mrs Drummond of Strageath, ao liam Cairnes youngest son of the late David fon.

Cairns of Barranbarroh. Jan. 17. Mrs Richardson of Keithock, a 14. Ac Norfolk, Virginia, Mr David fon.

Miller, son of the late John Miller of Well31. A: Dormont, the Lady of Willian house, Esq. Carruthers, E!q. a son and heir.

17. At Demerara, Mr John Maule, merFeb. 8. At Linlithgow, Mrs Macdonald, chant there, oviy lon to the lace Charles of Largie, a son.

Maule, Esq. Leith.

Nov. 1 2. At Grandhome, Mrs Paton, wife
Jan. 14. 1799. Ac Anderson, the Rev. of Mr John Paton of Grandhone.
Jo. Mitchell, có Miss Ann Oillespie daugh- Lately, at Lee, in Lincolnshire, Lady
cer of Wm Gillespie, Elq. of Westfield. Anderson, wife of Sir Edmund Anderson,

24. At Campbelton, Mr Laur. M'Ken. Bart. zie, Col'édor of Excise, to Miss Annabella

At St Helena, Britannicus AlexanRobertson, daughter of the Rev. D. George der Wright, Esq of the Council of that Robertson

place, and a Gentleman of very long stand- At Aberdeen, Mr G. Young, of Lon- ing in the East India Company's service, don, merchant, to Miss Jopp, daughter of

At Aughnaclry, Ireland, the Right the late James Jopp, Esq. of Cotton. Hon. John Earl of Portarlington, Colonel

28. At Stirling, Alexander M'Gibbon, of the Royal Regiment of Oneen's County Esq. writer, to Miss Gordon Pringle, daugh- Militia. ter of the deceased Capt. Pringle, of Aber- Dec. 5. Miss Katherine Bell, of Cupar, dieen.

at that place, - At Dudding oun Castle, Robt. Gray 10. At Leys, Dowager Lady Burnett, r? Weltmuir, Esq. to Miss Mary Ann Ha- Relict of the lace Sir Thomas Burnett, Bart. milton, daughter of the lace Gabriel Hamil. 11. Mrs Brydie, wife of Mr David Brge. con, of Westburn, E.q.

dic, at Freeland, 29. At Stirling, Thomas Wingate, Esq. Ac Dundee, Licur. Alexander Mento Mils Caroline Fraler, youngest daughter zics of the Royal Navy. thn of the late James of the Rev. Dr Fraser, of Inverary. Menzies, E'q. of Invergowrie.

Feb. 1. Ar Montrose, Alex. Biggar, Esq. 15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Stuart, wife of Lieutenant in the 15th regiment of fout, to Mr Charles Stuart, Writer to the Signet. Mils Mary Straton, second daughter to the 16. Ac Glasgow, Mr Hamilton Foster, Rev. Mr Siraton of Brechin.

grocer. 4. At Glasgow, Mr William Smith mer. -. At Edinburgh, Mr George Hay, sea chant, Greenhead, to Mi's Isobel Robertson, cond son to the late James Hay, Esq. of Bel. daughter of Mr John Robertion, merchant, ton. Glasgow.

At Downing, Flintshire, Thomas Pen. The Rev. Mr Jonathon Rarkine, one mant, Esq. in the 73d year of his age, after of the Ministers of Paisley, to Miss Jean a lingering illness, which he bore with the Auchinclofs, daughter of the deceased' Mr conposure of philosophy, and the resignaRobert Auchincloss, Convener of the Trades tion of a true Christian. of Glasgow.

17. At Cupar of Angus, Mr David Blair, The Rev. Mr Hood, minister of Neil. poftnaster. fton, to Miss Robinson, eldest daughter of Mrs Cambell, widow of Neil CampMr J. Robinson, Irvine.

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18. At Dunkeld, Mr Wm. Blair, mer- At Little Swinton, Berwicklhire, Mr chant, aged 73. Marthew Trotter, Ilderton, tu Miis Jane At Linlithgow, Mrs Carnpbell, juni, Thomsoie, daughter of Mr James Thon- or, of Glensadelle. fon, at Little Swinton.

19. At Leith, in the 82d year' of her age, 12. At Glasgow, John Gardner, junior, Mrs Katherine Hart, Relic of Mr James Esq. to Mifs Christina Birgs, of that city. Thomson, merchant.

At Pecbles, Mr James Robertson, to Miss 20. At Edinburgh, Mr Francis Strachan, Tatc.

writer to the signet. DEATHS.

24. At Perth, in the 71st year, of her age, Aug. 1798. Mr Walter Scott, merchant, Mrs Margaret Craigie, wife of Major Geo, of the House of Scott and Clark, Camden, Augustus Barry, late of the soch regimenç South Carolioa, after a very short illness, of foot, much and juftly regretted. aged 26, and (on of Mr John Scott, Lethem, 27. Ac Stranraer, Mr John N'Kie, writo Fifcfhire.



far. 14 At Raitr, Miss Perguifon, daugh. eft fuccess and approbation, for more Ler of William Fergulon of Raith, Eiq.


Jan. 1. 1799, At Stromness, Alexan- 15 At Hampflead, John Stuart, Esq. der Siewart of Vaflater, Elq. in the yoth Sophia, youngeit daughrer of Anyear of his age, inuch relpected and justly drew Wauchope, Esq. of Niddrie. regretted by a numerous circle of friends, - At Dumfries, Mr Thomas Evans, connections, and acquaintance.

Quartermaster of the Oxford light draIn Hirley.firiel, London, in the

goons. 80th year of her age, the Right. Hon. At Edinburgh, Thomas Gordon, Lady Ephingfione, widow of the late eldest fon of Mr Thomas Gordon, wriCharles Lord

Elphingtone, and only ter to the Signet. child of John Earl of Wigion.

16. At Ingliston, in the 85th year of 2. At Si. Andrew's, Mr Robert Camp- his age, Mr Thomas Young, farmer there. bell, third offi. er of the Earl Talbot Eaft 17. A. Ayr, Mis Elizabeth Johnston, Indiaman, and youngest son of Robert wife of Mr William Rodman, merchant. Campbell, Esq. of Dounie.

At Edinburgh, Mis blargaret At Arbroain, Mr James Butchart, Marshall, daughter of the deceased Anmerchant and late Provost of Arbroath, drew Marshall, Esq. of Fullfhiell. in the Sad year of his age.

19. A. Edinburgh, Mr Peter William3. At Sandwick in Orkney, Mrs Mar- fon, well known for his various advengaret Houston, reliet of the late Mr Ro- tures through life. He was kidnapped bert Tuloch, merchant in Stromneis, in when a boy at Aberdeen, and sent to Athe gad year of her age.

merica, for which he afterwards recov4. At Leich, Dr Charles Mauie.

ered damages. He passed a confiderable Much regretted, Alexander Mac- time among the Cherokees, and on his Alpine, E'q. merchant in Glasgow. return to Edinburgh amused the public

5. At Duinfries, Mrs Hannah Lan- with a description of their manners and catter, saddler.

customs, and his adventures among them, At tie Dean House, Lord Swin- assuming the dress of one of their Chiefs,

imitating the war-whoop, &c. He had At Major-General Irving's, Rob. the merit of first inftituting a penny.poft gil Tower, the Right Hon. Lady -E.iza- in Edinburgh, for which, when it was beth Irving.

afsuined by Government, he received a 6. At Bristol, Mr Lauder of Whit- penfion. He also was the first who pubSlade.

lished a Directory, so essentially usetnl in At Edinburgh, at the age of fifteen, a large city. Miss Mary Dickin, eldeft daughner of 20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Adam, John Dickson of Culter, E'q. Advecate. relict of the late Rev. Dr Join Dryf

10. Ai Warenford, the Rev. Mr John dale. Nichol, minifter, for 16 years of that A his house at Miitoun of Fin. place, and a respected member of the haven, John Brydon, lare farmer a: Mill Northumberland class of Diflenters. of Finhaven, in the parish of Othlaw, in

- At Kirk'orthar, Miss Magdalace the 86th year of his age-a man of good Carmichacl of Batinblac.

character, and much beloved by his 11. Ac Dalkeitli, Mrs Mary Wauch- neighbours and acquaintance. ope, eldest daughter of the deceased At Blairgoris, in the 17th year of Francis Wauchope of Caikmuir, Advo- his age, Mr Andrew Downie, son of the

lace Downie of Blairgorts, Srire 12. At Inverkeithing, William Morris lingshire. of Brieryhill, Esq. azed 23 years.

At the house of Preston, county of --. Ather house in Shakespeare Square, Linlithgow, Mra Aun Seron, aged 95. Mrs Turner, relict of the lace Mr Tur- 21. At Brechin, Mrs bisler, relict of ner, of the liland of Jamaica.

the late Mr John Biffet, minister. At Kincaple, John Galloway, son 22. In Ladylield, M. Rober: Forsyth. of John Gilloway of Tanfield, near Ed. -. At Dumfries, Miss Ann Heron, inburgh.

eldest daughter to the Rev. Mr James At Bankhead near Rutherglen, Heron, minifter of Kirkgunzeon. Mrs Ann Whist, relict of the deceased In the grammar School of AberGeorge White of Binkhead, Esq. deen, suddenly, aged 54, Mr Alexander

12. At Wandell Mill, in the parish of Leith, preacher of the gospel; who had Lamington, Mr John Jamielon. taught in that feminary, with the great


than 21 years.




FOR MARCH 1799. With a View of New-BATTLE-House on the northern bank of th: Ejk,

belonging to the MARQUIS of LOTHIAN.








'Page Register of the Weather for Mar. 162 On the Authenticity of the AraHigh Water' at Leith for April, ib. bian Nights Entertainments, 202 The Gleaner, No. V.

163 Description and Characteristics of Description of the View, 168 London, Strictures on Dr Johnson's Cri- Dialogue in the Shades,

tique on Macbeth, concluded, 169 Extracts from Copies of Original New Anecdotes of 7. 7. Rous Lefters from the Army of Gefeau, (concluded)


neral Bounaparte in Egypt, Particulars of the Death of 7.7. Proclamation issued by BuonaRouleau,

parte, in the Arabic Language, Some Account of Pache, one of on his landing in Egypt, ib.

the Founders of the French Re. Books and Pamphlets published public,

181 in London in February 1799, 220 Manner of Thinning and Prun- Edmorin and Ella.--an Eattern ing neglected Plantatious, ibid. Tale.

222 Obfervations on Paftoral Poetry, 187

on Objects of Terror,

196 Thoughts on War and Peace, by Characters of Sir George Leonard Elizabeth Moody,

226 Staunton, Bart. and John Wol- Elégy to the Memory of Thomas Cott, M. D.

194 Hardy, D. D.late Professor of The Vanity of our Defire of Im- Ecclesiastical History in the Umortality here,

198 niversity of Edinburgh, 228 Copy of a Memorandum takén Stanzas, on leaving Monimail by Andrew Stuart, Esq. when Manse,

229 at the Chateau D'Aubigny in Spring, Addressed to a young France, in the month of No- Lady,

ib. vember 1788,

The Soger's Widow's Lament, ib. Copy of the Translation of the

High-Dutch inscription on two
curious pictures, said to have Proceedings of Parliament,

239 been formerly in the poffieffion m of the Percys of Northumberland,

ib. Interesting Intelligence from the Account of the curious Disco

London Gazeites

235 very of the Toilet of a Roman

Births and Marriages,

238 Lady, 201 Deaths,

239 State



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W. 3.
Th. 4•



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4 2 26






F. 12.
Sa. 13.

7 33— 5

State of the BAROMETER, in inches and decimals, High Water at Leith. and of Farenheit's 1 HERMOMETER in the open

for APRIL 1799. air, taken in the morning before sun-rise, and (From the Toun and Coun

try Almanack.) at noon; and the quantity of rain-water fallen,

Morn. Even. in inches and decimals, from March ift to zift,

Days. H. M. H. M. in the vicinity of Edinburgh,

M. I. IL 42

T. 2.

Weather. 1799. Barom. Thermom. Rain.


0 471 7 March In. Pts.

I 29- I 48 I 29.4 42 54 0.5 Rain

5. 2 29.735

Clear Sa. 6.

2 464

8 3 29.835 33

Ditto Su. 7. 3 30-350 4 29.84 39 45


M. 8. 4. 13- 4 36 5 30.01 35 46


9. 4 59 5 23 30.051 34 37


W. 10.

5 46—6 12 7 30.0555 33 38

Th. ll. 640-7

6 8 29.75 34

31 40



59 10 29.455 39 41

Ditto Su. 14. 9 26- 9 52 30.056 36 40

Ditto M. 15. 10 20410 49 30.065 37 41


T. 16. II 13-II 41 13 9.355 39 40 Clear

o 7 14 29.7 32



Th. 18. 0 36–0 59 .15 29.655 29 33


I 29 I 57 30 44

Clear 17 29.455 33 44


3 20- 3 49 18 29.4 42

Hail M. 22. 4 16- 4 45 19 29.333


T. 23. 5 13— 5 42 20 29.24



W. 24. - 6 12- 6 39 21 29.571 34 48

Ditto Th.25. 7 7–7 38 22 29.562 43 0.102 Stormy

F. 25. 3 8- 8 33 23 29.42 35 42 0.348 Ditto Şa. 27. 8 57- 9 20 24 29.222


Clear Sy. 28. 943— 10 7 29.345 43

Cloudy M. 29. 10 32-IC 50 26


T. 30. II 10-II 31 27 29.15

44 0.0367 Rain 28

MOON. 29.356

38 37 0.06 Ditto 29 29.84 32 35


New Moon 5. 7 30 30 29 34 Ditto First Qrtr. 13.

7 29 morn. 31 29.955. 32 33

Ditto Full Moon 19. IT 32 aftern.

Lait Qrtr. 26. 8 13 aftern. Quantity of Rain 1.3681

11 12

W. 17

Fr. 19:



Sa. 20.
Su. 21.

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