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He prefaced this motion by obferving, the 38th of the King, called “The Afo that Ireland was not yet in that perfect sessment Tax Act,” was read. ftate of security as to permit the Bill of Mr Pitt then addressed the Committee, last year on this subject to expire. Leave and after enumerating, in detail, the par. granred.

ticulars of the Supply, which he ftated 28. Mr Pitt moved the Order of the generally to be Day, that the House do now resolve it. Navy, allowing 120,000 men, self into a Committee, to consider of the at 71. each man

8,400,000 Supply. The House having resolved it. Extraordinaries for ditto 5,244,000 felf into the said Committee, Mr Hobart Army, with its Extraordinain the Chair,

8,840,000 Mr Pitt moved, that the Land Tax, Miscellaneous and other fer. Tobacco Bills, &c. be continued till the vices

6,788,000 25th of March 1800; and for the Malt, Mum, Cyder, and Perry, to be also con


29,272,000 tinned to the 24th of June 1800.

He entered into a statement of the The Chairman reported progress, and Ways and Means to meet the same. asked leave to fir again. Ordered, on

Drawbacks. motion, 113 fit again on Friday next.

Mr Boon, from the Customis, brought He observed, that the imports and exup accounts of India Goods imported ports of the country had increased in a and depofired in the Warehouse's during very astonishing degree, and that it was the last year, together with an account neceísary to encourage them in proporof naval stores. The tiles were read, tion as they increased : for this purpose and ordered to lie on the Table.

he meant certain regulativns with regard The Chancellor of the Eqchequer moved to drawbacks, that, as well as encourathe Order of the Day for the House to ging traffic, would increase the perma. refolve itself into a Con mittee for fecur. nent revenue. ing the annuity of 1000l. to Admiral These regulations, which at a future Lord Nelson. The blanks being filled period he meant to detail, and submit up, the report was ordered to be receive more precisely, he fignified would, on ed on Friday.

the nearest calculacion, leave the permaThe Committee of Supply was defer- nent revenue for the ensuing year, at a. red.

bout 19,000,000!. To provide for the 30. Mr Hobart brought up the Report remaining sum of 29,272,000l, recourke of the Bill for granting an annuity of was to be had to means which he should 2000l. to Lord Nelson.-Ordered to be have the honour of submitting to the engrossed and read a third time on Mor House. Laft year he introduced a mode day next, if then engrossest.

of taxation, which he had supposed Mr Hobart brought up the Report of would answer all the exigencies of the the Committee of Ways and Means. Srate ; and he had the fatistaction of say, The different Resolutions were read a ing, that it produced the amount of what first and second time, and agreed to. he had anticipated, for that he had cal

Mr Secretary at War moved, that the culated the produce of that measure, toHoufe do resolve itself into a Committee gether with that of convoys on importa, of Suppy, which was done accordingly at ro more than about 8,000,000, and Mr Hobart in the Chair.

already they had produced, without inMr Secretary at War then moved, cluding the current quarter, 9,500,000l. shar the Ettimates, Ordinary and Extra. But though he had the fatisaction of ordinary, of the Army Ordnance, &c. ftating, that the amount of the affi-fred be referred to the said Committee. After taxes equalled his first expectations; yet, which several Relolutions were put and had they been collected with the fame carried, and the Report ordered to be degree of equality, and paid with the brought up.

fame degree of honour that the law proDec. 3. 'The Bill for granting Lord vided in its equity and spirit, their aNelson an annuity of 2000l. per annum mount wouid have been productive in was read a third time, and ordered to the most extraordinary degret. This was the Lords.

defeated by a shameful abuse, and a dile Ways and Means.

honourable evafion of that act, an evalion The House having refolved itself into that in many instances amounted to fraud. a Committee, Mr Hobart in the Chair, To remedy an evil so disgraceful to the On the motion of Mr Pitt, the Act of British name, and to forward the object


he had long since in his contemplation, Foreign Trade

12,000,000 he found it cxpedient to have recourse to Domeftic Trade and Artizans 28,000,000 other means, and for that purpose should propose

Total 101,000,000 A Tax on Income.

Dismifiing from this account the odd The pian he should fubmit for this 2,000,000, and take the one tenth of the purpose, he trusted, would meet the ap- remainder, the fum thus produced as the probation of the Committee. He then object of this Buil, will exactiy amount entered into a general outline of the 1. 10,000,000, which is that required. plan : Tha: Commiflioners sh uld be ap- This he ttated, with the sum of nearly pointed in the different Counties, Cities, 20,000,000, provided by the permanent and great Towns, whose qualifications taxes, would meet the expendiiure of the hould be 3col. per annum.' That they ensuing year, comprising in the whole hould act in a Ministerial capacity, but the sum of nearly 30,000,000. that parties, finding themselves aggriev. Here Mr Pitt, in an einquent and ed, should have the right of appeal; and masterly appeal to the passions, and to that the Appeal Commiffioners should be the judgment of the House, enok oppora select body, choten out of the two laft tunity to glance at the superior rank chat Grand Juries of the respective countries. Great Britain held among Nations, and That with regard to the payment of this concluded one of the moft argumentative tax, the Bill should specify a certain give and persuasive orations, (in delivering en time for all persons to come and give which he occupied more than three a statement of their income to the Com. hours) by appealing to the manly rense miffioners, and pay one tenth of the fame and dignified feelings of that Houle, ta accordingly.

support him in that measure, That a check should pecessarily attend The Resolutions were then severally this ftatement, to prevent abuses, which agreed to, the Report was ordered to be should remain with the proper Officer of brought up to. morrow, and the House the District, the Surveyor of Taxes; and adj urned. that it be expressed a doubt of such states 4. The Small Scorch Note Bill was meni, then, and in that cale only, the read a second time, and committed for CoinmisGoners Mould have an authority Thursday. to examine the party suspected on his The English Note Bill wa's read a reoath, to scrutinize his books, and to in- cond time, andcommitted for Friday next. terrogate his clerks; and in all cafes Mr Hobart brought up the Report of where the offending party committed the Committee of Ways and Means of perjury, that the law, as in such cafés, laft night. should be pue in force.

By there Resolutions the Aflefl:d Here Mr Pitt entered more minutely Taxes are to be altogether abolished; into ihe nature of the new tax. He fig. and in lieu of them every person is to connified, that it would admit of much ar- tribute to the burdens of the Stare, acrangement relative to exemptions, ex- cording to his actual means and property: cluding from its power those whore in- 'The scale of contribution is to be limilar

was under bal. per annuin. and to that which was last year adopted for confining the fractional limitation, as in the Areffed Taxas. The person enjoythe said act, to those whose income does ing bol. a year is to pay the 120th part not exceed 200l. per annum in the fame of his incom", and this proportion will

rise gradually to an income of 2co!. when Mr Pitt shen mentioned the several the contribution will be one roth part. obj-As which, caine within the meaning The Tax to take effect on the sth of of the Bill, aud the amount they would April next, at which time the repeal priduce for the purpose of Taxation, of the prefent Affelled Taxes will iake which he recapitulated as follows: place. - Land

20 000,000 The Resolutions were read a first and Land Tenants

6,000,000 second time, and a Bill ordered to be Tyrbes

4,000,000 brought in founded on them, by the Tiñiber, Mines, and Collieries 3,000,000 Chancellor of the Exchequer, the SecreHuies

5,000,000 tary a: War, the Attorney and Soiicitor Profeffions.

2,000,000 Generals, Mr Long, and Mr Hobart. Colonial Property

3,000,000 The Secretary at War moved for leave Soland

5,000,000 to bring in the Mutiny Bill, which was The Funds

12,000,000 ordered.



5. Seve. main in the hospitals, and their treatment Antwer. The garrison hall be con- be at the expence of their regiments. veyed to the nearest port of his Moft Ca- Answer.--Admitted. tholic Majesty.

5. Several public accounts were pre- Mr A. Taylor moved, that there be fented, und ordered to lie on the Table. laid b-fore the House an account of the

Mr Pitt brought in a Bill, which he General and Staff Officers in Great Briprefinies without any pretace, for repeale tain, and the several diftricts to which ing the Act of laft Sessions of Parliament, they are appointed. Agreed in. intituled,

“ An Ad for increasing the 2. The Chancellor of the Exchequer Allefied Taxos," and “ For fubftiruting broughi up the Amended Laud Tax instead thereot, a Tax on locome." Bill, which was read a first time, and or

The Bill was read a first, and ordered deredt be read a second time tomorrow. to be read a second time to-morrow. The Bill to enable his Majesty to

6. On the motion of M. Piit, the Bill cep the fervices of the Militia who should for a Tax on Income was read a second voiuntarily offer to farve in Ireland, wa time, and ordered to be committed to- broughts, and read a firft ume.

Tre Hule went into a Committee Mr Pitt, pursuant to the notice he upon the bill for a Tax upon Property, gave last night, moved that leave be the blanks were filled up, and the Regiven to bring in a Bill to explain and port ondeies to be received to morrow. amend an Act of the laf Seífion of Parlia. In a Commiitee upon the Small Nore ment, intituled “ An Act for the Re. Bil, Notes under 20 fiilings were to be demption of the land Tax." The Mo- called in by the bit of February, and the zion being seconded, leave was given to duration of the Boil itself limited to the bring in a Bill.

Ist of May.-Adjurned.





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Interesting Intelligence from the London Gazettes, Terms of Capitulation demanded for the equipage, with the funds of their regiSurrender of the fortress of Ciudadella to the arms of his Britannic Mojefty. Answer.--Admitted, they paying theie

jul dohrs. (Cencluded from our lafl, p. 475.) IV. Whatever officers and troops have 1. 1 HE garrison shall not be confider: been made prisoners in Mahon, or in p

ed as prisoners of war, but Mall ther parts of ihe is and, since the 7th inft. enarch our free, with their arms, drums are comprehended in the above articles. beating, colours flying, with twelve Answer.--People who have already rounds of cartridge per man.

surrendered cannot be included in the a. Answer...The town and fortress of bove capitulation. Ciudadella, and the fort of St Nicholas, V. The deserters from this army who together with all artillery, ammunition, have given themselves up to the protecftores, provisions, or effects, the proper. tion of his Britannic Majesty since the ty of his Moft Catholic Majesty, shall be faid 7ih inftant, thall be restored to our furrendered to his Britannic Majesty's army. - Answer. Retused. arms, and the gate of Mahon, and the VI. Braits of burden, both great and fort of S: Nicholas, shall be delivered up small, Mall he granted at the ordinary so the British army to-marrow at noon. prices, for those who may be desirous of

II. The iaid garrison fhall be sent with going to Mahon. Answer. Armitted. all due convenience to Spain, at the ex- VII. The fick and wounded mall repence of his Britannic Majetty.

VÚI. The merchant Thip named ExII. The officers in this island and for periencia, which is in Mahon, coming tress shall keep their arms, horses, an- from Smyrna, and belonging to the cona


sulate of Cadiz, and its cargo, shall re- brettes ; and after having been joined Thain free, and a pasipore be granted for by ns Majesty's loop Peterell, and the its safe conduct to Spain.-- Ans. Reduled. arrangements for lap ting had been com. (Sinnel) Chas. Stuart,

plied, on the sth in the afternoon I food General and Commander 1: Chicf. for Minorca, but in consequence of light

7. T. Duckworth, winds, I did not make that island until Commodore and Naval Commander in day-break on the gth, then within five Chief.

miles of the port of Fornelles, where Juan Nepomufemo De Quesada. finding the wind directly out of that Ciudadella, Isth Nov. 1798.

harbour, and be enemy prepared for our The other articles agree to allow the reception, 1 (having previously consulted inhabiants the free exercise of their re

the Generai) made the fignal for Capt. ligiong privileges, rights, &c.

Bowen, of the Argo, accompanied by

the Cormorant and Aurora to affist in Return of ordnance taken in the island of covering the landing, to lead into the Minorca.

creek of Addaya, there not being warer Toral-0 e 13, thre 10 3-4: hs inch

or space enough for the line-of-batus mrriars: threc 8 1-half, three 6 1half, mins, which he executed in a most offifie z 1-4 h inch vowitztrs: fistern 32, cer-like and judicious manner: A1 in five 24, thirty.euree 18, fifty-two 12, hauling round the northern point, a bateieven 9, eight 6, four 4 pounders. tery of four 12 p unders fired one gun, Return of thaammunition and stores taken but on seeing the broadside, the enemy on the island of Minorca.

left it, blowing up their magazines, and so thirteen, 100 ten three-fourths, 180 fpiking the guns, when the transports cight one-hali, 78 fix one-hait inch thells; were got in without damage, tho' there 1980 thirty-'wo, 3131 eighteen, 4460 was scarcely room for ftowing them in twelve, 1449 nine, 14;3 lix, 764 fisur tiers. During this service, which was pound round for; 68 chirty-two, 320 rapidly executed, the Leviathan and twelve pound grape shot; 47 thirty-two, Centaur plied on and off Fornelles, to 60 eighteen, 168 twelve, 6 nine, 48 fix divert the attention of the enemy; but pound double a aded shot ; 99 tour pound knowing an expeditious landing to be our round tho , fixed ammunition ; 144 hand greatest object, as soon as I observed the granades; 270,000 musquet bail car- transports were nearly in the creck, I tridges ; 2000 flints; 698 cighteen, 1,010 bore away, and anchored with the Letwelve, 160 nine, 213 fix pound care viathan and Centaur off its entrance, to tridges filled ; 821 whole, and three see that service performed. One battabalt barrels of gunpowder.

lion was put on Thore by eleven o'clock, Haylord Flamming ham. and directly took the height, which prove Captain,commanding the Royal Arullery. ed fortunaie, as the enemy very quickly General state of the Spanish troops who appeare:l in cwo divisions, one of which

are to embark for the evacuation of this was marching down towards the batiery island.

betore-mentioned, when I ordered the. 153 Officers ; 3528 serjeants, drum covering ships to commence a cannonade, mers, and rank and file; 56 horses; (in- which effectually chacked their progress, cluding three Swiss regiments, the rest and the General kept them at bay with Spanish) General Staff 16, including the troops he had ; and by six o'clock in Governor, 1 Lieutenant-Governor, i

tbe afternoon the whole were on fhore, Major-General, &c.

with 8 6 poundirs, field pieces, and (Siyr.d) Pedro Quadrado, Major-Gen. eight days provisions, as also iwo howitCiudadella, Nov. 17th 1798.

zers. On the same evening, after order

ing the Coridorant and Aurora to proAdmiralty Ofice, Dec. 23.

ceed off Port Mahon, with feven tranCopy of a letter from Commodore Duck- sports, to form a diverfion, I goc under worth, to Earl St Vincent.

weigh with the Leviathan and Centaur, Leviathan, off Fornelles, 19th Nov. 1798. and turned up to Forrelles with an inMY LORD,

tent to force the harbour ; but on my In pursuance of your Lordship’s in- entering the pafrave I found the enemy fructions to me of the 18ih and 20th had evacuated the forts, and the wind of Otober, I proceeded with the thips throwing out cauled me to anchor, when un ler my orders, and the troops under I made the Centaur's signal, ( which was "ecommand of the Hon. Gen. Charles following me) io naut off, landed the Stuart, to the rendezvous off the Colom- marines of the Leviathan, cook poff:fo Ed. Mag. Jan. 1799.



fion of two forts of 4 guns cach, and one gates I was in chace of. For further of 6: But soon after the General requeft- particulars on that head I shall refer you ing I would not enter this port, I order- to Capt. Boweni's letter, where I am cona ed Capt. Digby to embark the marines, vinced you will observe with great conand to put to lea, and cruize under the cern the very harsh treatment the officers command of Capt. Markham, who was and crew of the Petereil met with when employed in covering the port of For. capiured; and he has fince added, that nelles and Addaya, and preventing fuce one man, who rcfified the Spaniards cour being thrown in, whilft my pen- plundering him of 40 guineas, was mur. dant was hoifted on board the Argo, dered and thrown overboard. I contiwhere I continued two days, aiding and nued the chace till 11 o'clock that night, directing the necessary supplies for the when I was within three miles of the army. In this I was ably aslifted by fternmost frigate ; but finding the wind Capt. Bowen. During these two days, become light, I feared it would draw me I visited head-quarters to consult with too far from the island of Minorcs.; I the General, when it was decided, as the therefore hailed the Centaur, and direct. anchorage at Addaya was extremely ha. ed Capt. Markham to porsue the enemy, zardous, and the transports in hourly steered directly for Ciudadelia, whick I risk of being loft, to remove them to For made the subseqnent afternoon, (the nelles, which was executed under cover 14th,) with the Calcutta and Ulyfies. of the Leviathan and Centaur. On the The next morning (the 15th) at day. irth, I ordered the Centaur off Ciuda- break, the Argo joined us off Ciudadella. della to prevent reinforcements being Having had no communication from the thrown in, and anchored the Leviathan General, I sent the Firft Lieui. Mr Jones, at Fournelles, landed fome 12-pounder though a very hazardous night, in the field pieces and howitzers, the sailors ship's cutter, with a letter to the Genedrawing them up to the army, shifted ral, proposing to cannonade Ciudadella my pendant to the Leviathan, and left if it would facilitare his operations. In the Argo at Addaya, ordering Capi. the morning of the 16th, Licut. Jones reBowen to continue there till all the de. turned with duplicates of two letters I pots were re-embarked and removed, had previooly received by Capt. Gifford, which was cffected that day. Late that the General's aid-de-camp, acquainting evening I received information from the me that he bad fummoned the town on General that four ships, supposed to be the 14:h, and that terms of capitulation of the line, were seen between Minorca were agreed upon on the 15th to surrenand Majorca. In the middle of the der to his Majesty's arins. When I night the General sent me another cor- went on shore I ligned the capitulation roberating report from the lonk-out man, the General had made, on which fortua of the four ships seen being of the line. nate event I most truly congratulate your I instantly put to sea (though one fifth Lordship. The Centaur joined, not have of the crews were on hore) with two ing been so fortunate as to cap!ure either ships of the line, a 44, and three armed of the Spanish frigates, though within transports, and stood towards Ciuladel- four miles of the fternmoft, Capt. Markla ; when at day-light next morning, ham being apprehensive the continuance that place bearing SE. by S. 8 or 9 miles, of the chace would carry him to a great 5 Tips were seen from the matt-head distance from more effential service. ftanding directly down for Ciudadeila. From the soth in the morning, when I instantly made the fignal for a general Fort Charles was put into our posseffion, chace, when I loon observed the enemy and Lord Mark Kerr in the Cormorant, haul their wind for Majorca ; but I con. with the Aurora, Capt. Caulfield, entinued the pursuit to prevent the prffi- tered the port, those ships have been embility of their throwing in succour to Mi- ployed for the defence of the barbour, norca ; and at noon I discovered the ene- guarding the prisoners; and I have the my from the fore-yard to be 4 large fri- pleasure to assure your Lordship, in the gates and a foop of war; this latter performance of the various services, incikeeping her wind, I made the Argo's dent to the movements I have stated, I signal to haul after her, and Capt. Boxen, cannot pass tno high encomiums on the by his letter of the 15th, informs me he Captains, Officers, and Searnen under took her at half past three that afternoon, my command. From Captains Poulden and proved to be his Majesty's Noop Pe. and Pressland, Agents of Transports, I terell, which has been captured the pre. received every polible affiftance in their ceding forenoon by the Squadron of fri. Departments; and when it was neceffary

I fould

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