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Statutes at Large, .


Twelfth Year of Queen Anne,


Fifth Year of King George I.


To which is prefixed,
A TABLE containing the TITLES of all the STATUTES

during that Period.


By DANBY PICKERING, of 'Gray's-Inn, Esq;

Reader of the Law Lecture to that Honourable Society.

Printed by JOSEPH BENTHAM, Printer to the UNIVERSITY,
for CHARLES BATHURST, at the Cross-Keys, opposite St.Dunstan's
Church in Fleet-Street, London. 1764..





Containing the Titles of all such Acts as are extant in print,

from the Twelfth Year of Queen ANNE, 'to the Fifth Year of King GEORGE I.

Cap. I. F



12 Anne. Stat. 1.

certaining the value of freeholds of . І.

YOR granting an aid to 40 s. per annum.

her Majesty, to be raised Cap. 6. For the better regulating the by a land tax in Great Britain, for elections of members to serve in the service of the year 1713.

parliament for that part of Great Cap. 2. For granting to her Majesty, Britain called Scotland.

duties upon malt, mum, cyder and Cap. 7. For the more effectual preperry, for the fervice of the year venting and punishing robberies 1713, and for making forth du- that shall be committed in houses. plicates of lottery tickets lost, burnt ' Cap. 8. For raising the militia for the or destroyed; and for enlarging the year 1713, although the month's time for adjusting claims in re- pay formerly advanced be not re, veral lottery-acts; and to punish pard. the counterfeiting or forging of lot- Cap. 9. For continuing an act made tery-orders; and for explaining a in the third and fourth years

of the late act in relation to stamp-duties reign of her present Majesty, intion customary estates, which pass tuled, An act for encouraging the imby deed and copy.

portation of naval

ftores from her MaCap. 3. To revive and continue the jesly's plantations in America; and

act for taking, examining and stat- for encouraging the importation of ing the publick accounts of the naval stores from that part of Great kingdom, and also to continue the Britain called Scotland, to that part ac for appointing commissioners of Great Britain called England. to take, examine and determine the Cap.10. For continuing the acts theredebts due to the army, transport- in mentioned, for preventing theft service, and sick and wounded. and rapine upon the northern borCap. 4. For making inclosures of some ders of England. part of the common-grounds, in Cap. 11. To raise 1,200,000 1.for pub

, the Weft-riding of the county of lick uses, by circulating a further York, for the endowing poor vi- sum in Exchequer-bills; and for carages, and chapelries, for the bet- enabling her Majesty to raise 500, ter support of their ministers.

oool. on the revenues appointed Cap. 5. To explain a clause in an act for the uses of her civil government,

of the last session of parliament, in- to be applied for or towards payi tituled, An a£t for the more effectual ment of such debts and arrears ow

preventing fraudulint conveyances, in ing to her servants, tradesmen and order to multiply vites for electing others, as are therein mentioned. knights of spires to firve in parliament, Cap. 12. For the better regulating as far as the same relates to the al- the forces to be continued in ber VOL. XII.



their quarters.

Majesty's service; and for the pay- of the reign of the late King With ment of the said forces, and of liam, intituled, An, alt for settling

the trade to Africa, for allowing foCap. 13. To enable such officers and

reign copper bars imported, to be soldiers as have been in her Ma- exported. jesty's service during the late war,

Private Aits. to exercise trades, and for officers to account with their soldiers.

Anno 12 Annæ, Stat. r. Cap. 14. For explaining the acts for 1. An act for repairing the highway licensing hackney-chairs.

or road from the Stones-End in the Cap. 15. For making perpetual an parish of St. Leonard Shoreditch in

act made in the seventh year of the the county of Middlesex, to the furreign of the late King William, in- thermost part of the northern road tituled, An act to prevent false and in the parish of Endfield in the same double returns of members to serve in county, next to the parish of Cheparliament.

Jount in the county of Hertford. Cap. 16. For the better encourage- 2. An act for confirming several grants

ment of the making fail-cloth in in fee-farm made by Henry earl of Great Britain.

Thomond, by virtue or fince the palCap. 17. To vest in the commissioners fing a former act of parliament;

for building fifty new churches in and for giving some ease and relief and about London and Westminster, to the purchasers under or fince the and suburbs thereof, as much of said former act. the street near the Maypole in the 3. An act for confirming articles, and Strand in the county of Middlesex, vesting the manor of Kirby-Under. as shall be fufficient to build one wood in the county of Lincoln, and of the said churches upon ; and for other manors, lands and hereditarestoring to the principal and scho- ments thereby agreed to be sold, in lars of King's-Hall

, and college of trustees, for discharging the debts Brazen-Nile, in the university of of Sir John Brownlow, bart. deOxen, their right of presentation ceased, and his daughters portions, to the churches and chapels in Step- and other purposes in the said asney parish,

ticles mentioned. Cap. 18. For making perpetual the 4. An act for divesting the crown of

act made in the thirteenth and four- the remainder in fee-fimple of and teenth years of the reign of the late in the manor and advowson of King Charles II. intituled, An alt for Stourton in the county of Wilts, and the better relief of the poor of this king- feveral lands, tenements and heredom: and that persons bound ap- ditaments, to the fame manor beprentices to, or being hired servants longing, expectant on certain ewith persons coming with certifi- states-tail, and for vesting the fame cates, fall not gain settlements by in certain other persons therein such services or apprenticeships: named, to the intent the fame may and for making perpetual the act be barred by proper methods in law, made in the fixth year of her pre- for the purposes therein mentionfent Majesty's reign, intituled, An ed. aft for the importation of cochineal 5. An act to enable trustees to fell from any ports in Spain, during the some out-parts of the estate of Sir present war, and six months longer : Bourchier IV rey, Bart. in the county and for reviving a clause in an act of Devon, for the purposes therein made in the ninth and tenth years mentioned.

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