Imatges de pÓgina

26. An act to enable Sir Thomas Pen

for ground in the Strand to build derzajt, bart. an infant, to sell part one of the new churches upon. of his estate lying in the county of 34. An act for naturalizing James EyWairford in the kingdom of Ire- mer and others. land, for the payment of his father's 35. An act for naturalizing Daniel debts, and other purposes therein Burr.

mentioned. 27. An'act to impower the lord high

Anno i Georgii I. Stat. I. treasurer of Great Britain, or commissioners of the treasury for the Cap. 1. For the better support of time being, to compound with his Majesty's houshold and of the Thomas Edwin of London, merchant, honour and dignity of the crown for such debts as he stands bound of Great Britain. for, as surety for Thomas Coleman, Cap. 2. For rectifying mistakes in the tobacco-merchant.

names of the commissioners for the 28. An act to impower the lord high- land-tax for the year 1714. and for

treasurer of Great Britain, or the raising so much as is wanting to commissioners of the treasury for the make up the sum of fourteen huntime being, to compound with Ro- dred thousand pounds, intended to bert Wife and his fureties, for such be raised by a lottery for the publick debts as he owes to her Majesty, service in the said year. or stands bound for as furety for Cap. 3. To enable persons now recustoms of tobacco.

fiding in Great Britain, to take the 29. An act for diffolving the marriage oaths, and do all other acts in Great of Francis Laggin with Sarah Gard- Britain, requisite to qualify themner, and to enable him to marry 3

selves to continue their respective gain.

places, offices and employments in 30. An act to enable Ambrose Brown, Ireland.

efq; and others, to make sale of the manor of Bayham in the coun- Anno i Georgii I. Stat. 2: ties of Sussex and Kent, and to settle other lands and tenements in Cap. 1. For granting an aid to his the county of Surrey, to the fame Majesty, to be raised by a land. uses as the said manor of Bayham tax in Great Britain, for the sernow stands fetiled.

vice of the year 1715. 34 An act for vesting part of the e- Cap. 2. For charging and continuing state of William Brown, an infant,

the duties on malt, mum, cyder lying in the parishes of Bridgewater, and perry, for the service of the Northpetherion and IVeston-Zoyland year 1715. and for making forth in the county of Somerset, in trustees, duplicates of Exchequer-bills, and to be sold for payment of a mort- lottery-tickets, loft, burnt or de

gage, and other debts and legacies. stroyed; and for enlarging the time 32. An act for sale of part of the e- for adjusting claims in several lot

ftate late of Brereton Bourchier, esq; teries, and for making forth new deceased, for payment of debts,

orders in lieu of certain lottery-orand other purposes therein men

ders obliterated or defective; and tioned.

for continuing certain duties on 33. An act for making effectual an hops, until the first day of August agreement made by the commis

1715. sioners for building fifty new Cap. 3. For the better regulating the churches with John Walker, efq; forces to be continued in his Ma


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jesty's service, and for the payment Cap. II. To restrain all waggoners, of the said forces, and of their carriers, and others, from drawing quarters.

any carriage with more than five Cap. 4. To explain the act made in 'horses in length.

the twelfth year of the reign of Cap. 12. For enlarging the fund of King William the Third, intituled, the governor and company of the An act for the furiber limitation of the bank of England, relating to Excrown, and better securing the rights · chequer-bills; and for settling an and liberties of the subject.

additional revenue of one hundred Cap. 5. For preventing tumults and and twenty thousand pounds per

riotous assemblies, and for the more annum upon his Majesty during his speedy and effectual punishing life, for the service of the civil gorioters.

vernment; and for establishing a Cap. 6. For making perpetual an act certain fund of fifty four thousand

of the seventh and eighth years of six hundred pounds per annum, in the reign of his late majesty King order to raise a sum not exceeding William the third, intituled, An act nine hundred and ten thousand that the folemn affirmation and decla- pounds for the service of the pubration of the people called Quakers, lick, by sale of annuities, after the fball be accepted instead of an oath in rate of fix pounds per centum per the usual form; and for explaining: annum, redeemable by parliament and enforcing the faid act in rela- and for satisfying an arrear for work tion to the payment of tithes and and materials at Blenheim, incurred church rates; and for appointing whilst that building was carried on the form of an affirmation to be at the expence of her late majesty taken by the said people called Queen Anne of blessed memory; Quakers, instead of the oath of ab- · and for other purposes therein menjuration.

tioned. Cap. 7. For continuing the imprison- Cap. 13. For the further security of

ment of Robert Blackburn, and o- his Majesty's person and governthers, for the horrid conspiracy to ment, and the succession of the

assassinate the person of his late crown in the heirs of the late prin• facred majesty King William the cess Sophia, being protestants; and Third.

for extinguishing the hopes of the Cap. 8. To impower his Majesty to pretended prince of Wales, and his

secure and detain such persons as open and secret abettors.

his Majesty thall suspect are con- Cap. 14. For making the militia of · spiring against his person and go- that part of Great Britain called vernment.

England, more useful ; and for oCap. 9. For the better preventing bliging an annual account to be mutiny and desertion, by enforcing

made of trophy-money. and making more effectual an act Cap. 15. To make an act of the tenth of this present parliament, intitul- year of her late Majesty, intituled, ed, An act for the better regulating An act for regulating, improving and the forces to be continued in his Ma- encouraging of the woollen manufacture jefly's service, and for the payment of of mixt or medly broad cloth, and for

the faid forces and their quarters. better payment of the poor employed Cap. 10. For making more effectual therein, more effectual for the be

her late Majesty's gracious inten- nefit of trade in general ; and also tions for augmenting the mainte- to render more effectual an act of nance of the poor clergy:

the seventh year of her faid Ma

jesty's jesty's reign, intituled, An act for the Scotland, to appear at Edinburgh, or better afçertaining the lengths and where it shall be judged expedient, breadths of woollen cloth made in the to find bail for their good behavicounty of York.

our; and for the better difarming Cap. 16. For the attainder of Henry disaffected persons in Scotland.

viscount Bolingbrake of high trea. Cap. 21. For enlarging the capital fon, unless he shall render himself ftock and yearly fund of the Southto justice by a day certain therein Sea company, and for supplying mentioned.

thereby eight hundred twenty two Cap. 17. For the attainder of James thousand thirty two pounds four

duke of Ormond of high treason, shillings and eight pence, to pubunless he shall render himself to lick ules; and for railing one hunjustice by a day certain therein dred and fixty nine thousand pounds mentioned.

for the like uses, by fale of annuiCap. 18. For the better preventing ties upon divers encouragements

fresh fish taken by foreigners being therein mentioned ; and for apimported into this kingdom; and propriating several supplies granted for the preservation of the fry of to his Majesty. filh; and for the giving leave to Cap. 22. For enabling his Majesty to import lobsters and turbets in fo- settle a revenue for fupporting the reign bottoms; and for the better

dignity of her royal higliness the preservation of salmon within se

princess, in case the shall survive bis veral rivers in that part of this king- royal highness the prince of Wales. dom called England.

Cap. 23. For making provision for the Cap. 19. For raising nine hundred ministers of the titty new churches,

and ten thousand pounds for pub- which are to be built in and about lick services, by lale of annuities, the cities of London and Westminster, after the rate of five pounds per cen- and suburbs thereof; and for retum per annum, redeemable by par- building and finishing the parish liament; and to authorize a treaty church of Saint Mary Woolnoth in concerning private rights claimed the city of London. by the proprietors of the sugar. Cap. 24. For appointing the comhouses in Scotland.

millioners to take, examine and Cap. 20. For encouraging all superi- state the debts due to the army.

ors, vassals, landlords and tenants Cap. 25. To prevent disturbances by in Scotland, who do and shall con- feamen, and others; and to pretinue in their duty and loyalty to serve the stores belonging to his his majesty King George ; and for Majesty's navy royal ; and also for discouraging all superiors, vasals, explaining an act for the better landlords and tenants there, who preventing the imbezilment of his have been or shall be guilty of re- Majesty's stores of war; and prebellious practices against his faid

venting cheats, frauds and abuses Majesty ; and for making void all in paying leamens wages; and for fraudulent entails, tailzies and con- reviving and continuing an act for veyances made there, for barring the more effectual suppression of or excluding the effect of forfei

piracy. tures that may have been, or shall Cap. 26. For continuing several laws be incurred there on any such ac- therein mentioned, relating to count; as also for calling any su- cuals, hemp and flax, Irish and fpected person or persons, whose Scotch linen, and the aflize of bread; estatęs or principal residence are in and' for giving power to adjourn



the quarter sessions for the county room of Thomas Smith, esq; deceafof Anglesea, for the purposes there- ed; and for continuing the former in mentioned.

act until the tenth day of March Cap. 27. For taking and stating the 1716.

debts due and growing due to Scot- Cap: 36. For charging and conti· land by way of equivalent in the nuing the duties on malt, mum,

the terms of the union; and for re- cyder and perry, for the service of lief of the creditors of the publick the year 1716. and for compelling in Scotland, and the commissioners several receivers to finish and clear of the equivalent.

their accounts; and for making duCap. 28. For repealing an act, inti- plicates of Exchequer-bills, lottery

tuled, An act for repealing part of an tickets and orders, loft, burnt or act paffed in the parliament of Scot- destroyed ; and for enlarging the land, intituled, Act for discharging time for adjusting claims to certain the yule-vacance.

benefit tickets, and for allowing Cap. 29. For allowing a time for two the charge of executing the lottery

hundred and thirteen families of act, for the service of the year 1710; protestant Palatines, now settled in and for recovering monies of seve

Ireland, to take the oaths, in order ral land-taxes, reiting in the hands - to intitle them to all the benefits of collectors or constables at St. Alintended them by the act of the bans ; and for preventing frauds in seventh year of her late Majesty's the duties upon soap; and for limitreign, for naturalizing foreign pro- ing a time for persons who have certestants.

tain annuities for life or lives, to Cap. 30. For continuing an act of demand the payments thereupon

this present feffion of parliament, at the Exchequer; and for preventintituled, An act to impower his Mo- ing frauds in the duties relating to jesty to fecure and detain such persons printed and painted paper, callicoes as bis Majesty ball fufpet are con- and other things therein mentioned. fpiring against his person and govern- Cap. 37. To enable his Majesty to ment.

grant the regalities and lands now Cap.31. For granting an aid to his remaining in the crown in North

Majesty by a land-tax in Great Bri- Wales, and South Wales, and tain, for the service of the year county of Chester, to his royal 1716.

highness the prince of Wales in Cap. 32. To attaint John earl of Marr, fuch manner and form as the

William Murray, esq; commonly principality of Wales and earlcalled marquiss. of Tullibardini, dom of Chefter have formerly been James earl of Linlithgow, and James granted to the princes of Wales; and Drummond, esq; commonly called also to enable his faid royal high

lord Drummond, of high treason. nefs to make leases of lands, parcel Cap. 33. For the more easy and of his royal highness's dutchy of - speedy trial of such perfons as have Cornwall, or annexed to the fame.

levied or shall levy war against his Cap. 38. For enlarging the time of Majesty,

continuance of parliaments, apCap. 34. For preventing mutiny and pointed by an act made in the fixth

defertion, and for the better pay- year of the reign of King William

ment of the army and their quarters, and Queen Mary, intituled, An act Cap. 35. To appoint a commissioner for the frequent meeting and calling

for taking, examining and stating of parliaments. the debts due to the army, in the Cap. 39. To indemanify such persons,


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who have acted in defence of his service in Great Britain or Ireland, Majesty's person and government, or in the islands of Jersey or Guernand for the preservation of the pub- sey. lick peace of this kingdom, in and Cap. 48. To encourage the planting about the time of the late unnatu- of timber-trees, fruit-trees and oral rebellion, from vexatious fuits ther trees, for ornament, thelter and profecutions.

or profit, and for the better preserCap. 40. For the free importation of vation of the fame; and for the pre

cochineal, during the time therein venting the burning of woods, limited.

Cap. 49. To revive and continue an Cap. 41. For giving liberty to per- act of the eighth and ninth years

fons who have served their appren- of the reign of his late majesty King ticeships to any part of the wool- William, for repair of the piers of len manufacture in Colchester, to Bridlington, alias Burlington, in the work at their laid trades, and at eatt-riding of the county of York. the making bays within the said Cap. 50. For appointing commiftown.

fioners to enquire of the estates of Cap. 42. For the attainder of George certain traitors, and of popish recu

earl of Marischall, William earl of sants, and of estates given to fuperSeaforth, James earl of Southefque, ftitious uses, in order to raise moJames earl of Panmuir, and others, ney out of them severally for the of high treason, unless they thall use of the publick. render themselves to justice by a Cap. 51. For repealing so much of

day certain therein mentioned. the act of the twelfth and thirteenth Cap. 43. To continue duties for en- years of the reign of King Williams

couraging the coinage of money, the Third, intituled, An act for the and to charge the duties on fenna farther limitation of the crown, and as a medicinal drug; and for the better securing the rights and liberties appropriating several supplies grant- of the subjects, as enacts, That no ed to his Majesty.

person, who should come to the Cap. 44. For the continuing the duty poffeffion of the crown, shall go

of two pennies Scots, or one fixth out of the dominions of England, of a penny Iterling, on ever pint of Scotland or Ireland, without consent ale and beer that shall be vended or of parliament. sold within the city of Glasgow and Cap. 52. For making the laws for reprivileges thereof, for the benefit of pairing the highways more effecthe faid city.

tual. Cap. 45. For holding the aflife for Cap. 53. For the attainder of Thomas

the county of Cornwall, at a con- Forsler junior, esq; and William

venient place within the said county. Mackintosh, esq; (commonly called Cap. 46. To prevent the mischiefs brigadier Mackintosh) of high treaby manufacturing leaves or other

fon. things to resemble tobacco, and the Cap. 54. For the more effectual seabuses in making and mixing of curing the peace of the highlands snuff.

in Scotland. Cap. 47. For the more effectual and Cap. 55. To oblige papists to regis

exemplary punishment of such per- fter their names and real estates. fons as shall seduce soldiers to de- Cap. 56. To disable any person from sest, or who, being papists, thall being chose a member of, or from jnlist themselves in his Majesty's sitting and voting in the house of


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