A Practical Course of Military Surveying: Including the Principles of Topographical Drawing

Atchley, 1869 - 138 pàgines

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Pàgina 265 - A Course of Instruction in the Elements of the Art and Science of War, for the Use of the Cadets of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 12mo, cloth $1 .75 Field Fortifications.
Pàgina 265 - TREATISE ON GRAND MILITARY OPERATIONS. Illustrated •*• by a Critical and Military History of the Wars of Frederick the Great. With a summary of the most important principles of the Art of War. By BARON DE JOMINI. Illustrated by Maps and Plans.
Pàgina 265 - Including also Designs for Trestle and Truss Bridges for Military Railroads, adapted especially to the wants of the Service of the United States. By HERMAN HAUPT, Brig.-Gen. in charge of the Construction and Operation of the US Military Railways, Author of " General Theory of Bridge Construction,
Pàgina 267 - AUSTIN.— A PRACTICAL TREATISE on the Preparation, Combination, and Application of Calcareous and Hydraulic Limes and Cements. To which is added many useful Recipes for various Scientific, Mercantile, and Domestic Purposes. By James G. Austin, Architect. 12mo, pp.
Pàgina 265 - THE ART OF WAR. By Baron de Jomini, General and Aide-de-Camp to the Emperor of Russia. A New Edition, with Appendices and Maps, Translated from the French. By Captain GH Mendell, and Captain WO Craighill. Crown 8vo, pp. 410, cloth. 1879. 9s.
Pàgina 265 - OF MILITARY BRIDGES, in Use by the United States »•-} Army ; those adopted by the Great European Powers ; and such as are employed in British India. With Directions for the .Preservation, Destruction, and Re-establishment of Bridges.
Pàgina 268 - Engineers' Companion. The Office and Cabin Companion for Engineers and Officers of Steam Vessels, consisting of observations, rules, and tables to facilitate such Calculations as Naval Officers and Engineers are called upon to make, by J. SIMOND HOLLAND, second edition, i2mo, cloth, 3.?. Engineers' Pocket-book. The Pocket-book of Pocket-books, being Molesworth and Hurst's Pocket-books, printed on thin paper and bound together in one volume, royal 32mo, russia, gilt edges, 12s. 6d.. . Engineers
Pàgina 265 - MILITARY AND POLITICAL LIFE OF THE EMPEROR NAPOLEON. By BARON JOMINI, General-in-Chief and Aid-deCamp to the Emperor of Russia. Translated from the French, with notes, by HW HALLECK, LL.
Pàgina 265 - Engineer and Artillery Operations against the Defences of Charleston Harbor in 1863 ; comprising the Descent upon Morris Island, the Demolition of Fort Sumter, the Reduction of Forts Wagner and Gregg. With Observations on Heavy Ordnance, Fortifications, etc.

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