A review of the reports to the Board of agriculture, Volum 2


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Pàgina 103 - Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to inquire into the Bankrupt Laws ; and i This and the two preceding motions were lost by large majorities.
Pàgina 344 - ... like a great hillock ; and from it there issued a little stream of water (drawn by the working of the mole) down a shelving ground, one pace broad, and some twenty in length. The running of this little...
Pàgina 90 - M as for the ready conveyance of coals to the works. Much too will depend on the price and supply of coals, where the consumption is necessarily so large as it is in this manufacture. The fluency of the spring is another consideration, which, as Dr. Jackson observed, ' may be rich or poor in a double sense ; for a spring may be rich in salt, but poor in the quantity of brine it affords.
Pàgina 27 - He also states, that the good pffccts of salt are particularly seen, by mixing it even with the coarsest manure. A gentleman lately carried a small quantity of couch-grass roots, and other rubbish, harrowed off his land to the salt works, and laid it...
Pàgina 124 - The description of this latter class has however been very much altered of late years. From the advantages which have been derived from trade, and from the effects of the increase of taxes, which have prevented a man living with the same degree of comfort on the same portion of land he could formerly, many of the old owners have been induced to sell their estates, and new proprietors have spread themselves over the county, very different in their habits and prejudices.
Pàgina 399 - These are the principal waste lands in the district; there are other smaller tracts : these wastes, in their present state, are not only of very little real utility, but are productive of one very great nuisance, that of the erection of cottages, by idle and dissolute people, sometimes from the neighbourhood, and sometimes strangers. The chief bnilding materials are store poles, stolen from the neighbouring woods.
Pàgina 24 - ... fallow. Upon another dairy farm of one hundred acres, there is from ten to fourteen acres of oats ; from six to eight acres of fallow wheat; and the like quantity of summer fallow : the remainder in pasture and mowing for hay ; of the latter about twelve acres.
Pàgina 52 - ... in the same manner, the incisions intersecting each other at right angles. The whey rising through these incisions is of a fine pale green colour. The cheese-maker and two assistants then proceed to break the curd ; this is performed by their repeatedly putting their hands down into the tub, the...
Pàgina 221 - A double railway having been laid upon the inclined plane, the loaded boat in passing down, brought up another boat containing a load nearly equal to one-third part, of that which passed down. The velocities of the boats were regulated by a brake acting upon a large wheel placed upon the axis on which the ropes connected with the carriage, were coiled.
Pàgina 173 - But many of the earlier enclosures had not been accompanied by a redistribution of land so destructive to small farmers and to the old order of society as the later enclosures normally were. Thus we read in Mr. Bishton's Report on Shropshire to the Board of Agriculture (1794) : ' This county does not contain much common field lands, most of those having been formerly enclosed, and before Acts of Parliament for that purpose were in use.

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