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A MORNIN G-P R A YER for a young



XXX Lord, my heavenly Father, I

humbly adore thee, as the MaO

ker and Governor of the World, #*# the Author of my Being, the Preserver of my Life, and the Giver of every good Thing.

I heartily thank thee for the comfortable Reft which I have enjoyed the Night past; that thou hast preserved me in Safety, and raised me up in Health.

I bless thee for all thy Goodness to me, ever since I came into the World, and especially for the Advantages thou hast given me, by the Instruction and Improve. ment of my Mind in the Knowledge of thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ

my Lord,

Grant, O. Good God! that the Sense of thy Favours may so deeply affect my Heart, that I may shew forth


Thank fulness, in the whole Course of



I am thine, O Lord, by Creation, by Redemption, by my Baptism and Christian Profession, by all the Obligations which thou hast laid upon me: I desire to be thine also, by a willing Dedication of myself to thee every Day of my Life, and by a constant and faithful Endeavour to approve myself to thee.

I beseech thee, in thy great Mercy, , through the Mediation of my blessed Redeemer, to pardon all my past Offences, and to enable me, by thy Grace, to discern and to amend whatsoever is amifs in mé.

Help me ever to remember the Christian Principles which I have learned, and the pious Instructions which have been given me; and never to depart from the good Way in which I have been taught to walk.

Incline my Heart to all that is good : grant that I may be modest and humble in my Carriage and Behaviour; chaste and pure in all my Thoughts, Words, and Actions ; true and just in all my Dealings ; respectful and obedient to my Superiors; innocent and inoffensive in my whole Conversation ; faithful and diligent in the Discharge of all the Duties of that State and


Condition of Life, wherein thou hast placed me : and teach me to fear, and love thee,.my God, above all Things; and to do to all others, as I would they should do unto me.

Make me perfectly contented with my Condition, and thankful to thee, who hast given me all Things necessary for Life and Godliness. Let thy good Providence always take Care of me, and let me. never place my Trust and Confidence in any Thing but in thee.

Take me, 1 beseech thee, into thy Protection this Day; keep me, if it be thy good Will, in Health and Safety. Preserve me from the Vanity of my own Heart, and from the Temptations of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. Help me (through a Sense of thy constant Presence with me, and of the Account I am to give unto thee) so to govern all my Thoughts, Words, and Actions, that I may reflect upon them with Satisfaction at the Close of this Day.

Let thy Blessing be upon every Member of this Family : Upon all my

Relations and Friends; upon all, whom I ought and whom I desire to pray for.

I hum.

I humbly commit both myself and thera to thee, O my God, in the Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour, and in the Words which he himself has taught me.

Our Father, &c.


OST gracious God, my hea.

venly Father, as I began, so
I desire always to end the Day,

with blessing thy Holy Name, and imploring thy Favour.

Honour and Worthip, Praise and Thanksgiving, are due to thee from every understanding and reasonable Creature. I heartily bless thee, that I am in that Number whom thou hast made to serve and love thee, and that thou hast moreover revealed thyself to me, by thy Son Jesus Christ my Redeemer, and encouraged me to call upon thee in his Name.

I humbly thank thee for thy daily Care of me, and particularly for that good Pro


vidence which hath been over me the Day past; that thou hast preserved me from the many Evils to which I am jusly liable; and haft bestowed upon me so many good Things which I have not deserved ; especi. ally, for whatsoever thou hast enabled me to do, which is acceptable in thy Sight, and which I can reflect upon with Satisfaction.

I humoly bewail, O Lord, the great Weakness and Corruption of my Nature, and the many Errors and Transgressions of my Life. huinbly beg thy Mercy in the Pardon of all my Sins, through the Mediation of my blelled Redeemer; particularly of whatsoever thou hast seen amiss in me this Day, either in my Thoughts, Words, or Actions. Grant, O Lord, that the Sense of

my Unworthiness may always keep me humble, and work in me an unfeigned Repentance of all my Sins; and let the Remembrance of thein ever excite me to a greater Care and Watchfulness for the Time to come.. Strengthen in me every good Purpose and Resolution. Whatsoever Part of I know not, do thou teach me; and wherein I have done amiss, to do fo no more,

my Duty

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