A Collection of Original Royal Letters

J. Stockdale, 1787 - 320 pàgines

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Pàgina 204 - You will much comfort me by it, who am in so ill a condition that it takes all my contentment from me. I am making my house as little as I can, that I may subsist by the little I have till I shall be able to come to you, which (since I cannot do because of my debts, which I am not able to pay, neither the new nor the old) if you do not as...
Pàgina xx - ... arts. He delighted in making locks for fire-arms, and was the inventor of a composition called, from him, Prince's metal. He communicated to the Royal Society his improvements upon gunpowder, by refining the several ingredients, and making it more carefully, which augmented its force, in comparison of ordinary powder, in the proportion of ten to one.
Pàgina xviii - Rupert is celebrated for the invention of meizotinto, of which he is faid to have taken the hint from a foldier fcraping his rufty fufil. The firft print of this kind ever publifhed was done by his highnefs, and may be fcen in the firft edition of Evelyn's " Sculp
Pàgina xix - Campbell, p. 248. 4. holes ( xix ) holes clofed together, like friezed work on gold or {liver, part of which the foldier had fcraped away. From this trifling incident Prince Rupert is faid to have conceived mezzotinto. He concluded, that fome contrivance might be found to cover a brafs plate with fuch a grained ground of fine prefled holes, which would undoubtedly give an...
Pàgina xv - ... dignity of a peer of England, by the title of earl of Holdernesse and duke of Cumberland. "When the civil war was over, he went abroad with a pass from the parliament ; but when the fleet revolted to the prince of Wales, he readily went on board, and distinguished himself by the vigour of his counsels. His advice, however, was not followed, but on the return of the fleet to Holland, as the command of it was left to him, he sailed to Ireland, where he endeavoured to support the declining royal...
Pàgina xvii - Duke of Albemarle, in 1666. His courage in this war is mentioned with high encomiums by our poets* and historians : but all these he richly deserved.
Pàgina i - First and Second, King James the Second, and the King and Queen of Bohemia ; together with Original Letters, written by Prince Rupert, Charles Louis Count Palatine, the Duchess of Hanover, and several other distinguished Persons ; from the Year 1619 to 1665.
Pàgina xviii - He replied, that the dew had fallen in the night, had made his fufil rufly, and that he was fcraping and cleaning it. The Prince looking at it, was ftruck with fomething like a figure eaten into the barrel, with innumerable little (q) Campbell, p.
Pàgina xvii - ... December following, was admitted a fellow of the Royal Society. In 1666, the king appointed him, in conjunction with the duke of Albemarle, to command the fleet, and he now exhibited all the qualifies that are necessary to constitute a great admiral. By his return to the fleet on June 3d, he wrested from the Dutch the only victory they had the appearance of gaining ; and on the 24th of the same month, he beat them effectually, pursued them to their own coast, and blocked up their harbour. The...
Pàgina 236 - Sure your Majesty hath forgot in what condition the House of Frankendal, which they call the Shafi'norey, is in, when you were pleased to write of preparing it for you. For no preparation would have made that fit for your living in it, but a whole new building, which to do on a sudden, or in a few years, my purse was never yet in a condition for it; but I intended to do it by little and little. and had then begun it. if your Majesty had come hither. 1 have done a little last year.

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