Official Congressional Directory, Volum 62

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1911

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Pāgina 301 - That the provisions of this act shall apply to any common carrier or carriers engaged in the transportation of passengers or property wholly by railroad, or partly by railroad and partly by water when both are used, under a common control, management, or arrangement, for a continuous carriage or shipment...
Pāgina 292 - ... the taking of such meteorological observations as may be necessary to establish and record the climatic conditions of the United States or as are essential for the proper execution of the foregoing duties.
Pāgina 278 - The business assigned to said bureau shall embrace all matters pertaining to civil government in the island possessions of the United States subject to the jurisdiction of the War Department...
Pāgina 278 - ... to render professional aid and assistance to the Secretary of War and to general officers and other superior commanders, and...
Pāgina 275 - TREASURER OF THE UNITED STATES. The Treasurer of the United States is charged with the receipt and disbursement of all public moneys that may be deposited in the Treasury at Washington and in the subtreasuries at Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Chicago, St.
Pāgina 301 - That the provisions of this Act shall apply to any corporation or any person or persons engaged in the transportation of oil or other commodity, except water and except natural or artificial gas, by means of pipe lines, or partly by pipe lines and partly by railroad, or partly by pipe lines and partly by water, who shall be considered and held to be common carriers within the meaning and purpose of this Act...
Pāgina 291 - That it shall be the province and duty of said bureau and its director, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, to make diligent investigation of the methods of mining, especially in relation to the safety of miners, and the appliances best adapted to prevent accidents...
Pāgina 74 - Smith was elected town clerk in 1897, and served the following four years. He is now serving his third term as a member of the board of selectmen. In politics he is Edgar W. Smith. a Republican, but has been connected with a citizens' movement in his town, having clean politics and the welfare of the people as its object.
Pāgina 43 - College; was graduated from the law department of the University of Michigan in 1880, and...
Pāgina 311 - Districts of Northern Georgia, Southern Georgia, Northern Florida, Southern Florida, Northern Alabama, Middle Alabama, Southern Alabama, Northern Mississippi, Southern Mississippi, Eastern Louisiana, Western Louisiana, Northern Texas, Southern Texas, Eastern Texas, and Western Texas. Circuit Judges.— Don A.

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