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own guilt and unworthiness, and humbly supy and forgiveness. This letter, dated October s read before a joint committee of both Houses ble General Assembly of Connecticut in Hart23, and she there in person, before them, solath and testified that it was her letter, written hand, because she thought it her duty, that it that it was written without the assistance, influy of any one. She however went into the state nd remained their until sometime the next sumted a congregation in Chester village, in Maspreached there, and in Blanford, and in some cticut.

DON COUNTY, NORWICH, JANUARY, 1820. he Hon. JEREMIAH G. BRAINARD. Judge. sey and Jirah Isham, Esq. counsel for the state, of Mr. Lanman. Calvin Goddard, Esq. and ey, Esq. counsel for me. The first day of 0, was assigned for the trial. I collected my a subpoena for Maria A. Smith, she came to ip my abscence, and without my knowledge ounsel the following deposition, viz. ble Superior Court. &c.

Smith, of Griswold, New-London County, pose and say, that I regret, &c. (the same further depose and say, that I heard James Lan , and expressly agree with my sister, as an inher to testify against Mr. Rogers, that it might ately that she need not and should not be callestify in open court. The misfortunes alluded to, my sister in 1817, and I never heard her, in any er, accuse Mr. Rogers until 1819, and I fully beole business was a plot and a plan to destroy Mr. stly and further, that the following certificate was (See page 87.) MARIA A. SMITH. Tolland County, ss. Union, May 30th, 1820. y appeared the above named Maria A. Smith,

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