Letters and Literary Remains: The mighty magician. Such stuff as dreams are made of. The downfall and death of King Oedipus. Agamemnon, Rubáiyat of Omar Khayyám. Saláman and Absal. Bredfield hall. Chronomoros. Virgil's garden. Translation from Petrarch. Preface to Polonius. Introduction to readings in Crabbe


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Pàgina 374 - I sometimes think that never blows so red The Rose as where some buried Caesar bled; That every Hyacinth the Garden wears Dropt in her Lap from some once lovely Head.
Pàgina 359 - With Earth's first Clay They did the Last Man knead, And there of the Last Harvest sow'd the Seed : And the first Morning of Creation wrote What the Last Dawn of Reckoning shall read.
Pàgina 375 - Myself when young did eagerly frequent Doctor and Saint, and heard great Argument About it and about : but evermore Came out by the same Door as in I went.
Pàgina 372 - Come, fill the Cup, and in the fire of Spring Your Winter-garment of Repentance fling: The Bird of Time has but a little way To flutter — and the Bird is on the Wing.
Pàgina 371 - Awake! for morning in the bowl of night Has flung the stone that puts the stars to flight: And lo! the hunter of the east has caught The sultan's turret in a noose of light.
Pàgina 373 - Look to the blowing Rose about us — "Lo, Laughing," she says, "into the world I blow. At once the silken tassel of my Purse Tear, and its Treasure on the Garden throw.
Pàgina 377 - Ah, fill the Cup: — what boots it to repeat How Time is slipping underneath our Feet: Unborn TO-MORROW, and dead YESTERDAY, Why fret about them if TO-DAY be sweet!
Pàgina 383 - Ah Love! could you and I with Him conspire To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire, Would not we shatter it to bits — and then Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!
Pàgina 364 - Yon rising Moon that looks for us again — How oft hereafter will she wax and wane ; How oft hereafter rising look for us Through this same Garden — and for one in vain ! ci.
Pàgina 373 - With me along the strip of Herbage strown That just divides the desert from the sown...

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