Hand-book for the military surgeon

Clarke, 1862 - 121 pÓgines

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PÓgina 122 - Nos. 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 10, 11 and 12.
PÓgina 8 - ... .Before the action, the Quartermaster of the division makes all the necessary arrangements for the transportation of the wounded. He establishes the ambulance depots in the rear, and gives his assistants the necessary instruction for the service of the ambulance wagons and other means of removing the wounded.
PÓgina 2 - States, hay will be used instead of straw, and provided by the troops. Straw not actually used as bedding shall be accounted for as other public property.
PÓgina 93 - No injury of the head is too slight to be despised or too great to be despaired of...
PÓgina 112 - The collateral circulation is not always capable of maintaining the life of the limb when the femoral artery is injured. The best assistance which art can give is to rub the foot and leg in the gentlest manner, between the hands of one or two strong young women, for several hours, or even for the first three or four days; relaxing this process very little even during sleep. When the vein is divided at the same time, or rendered impervious, the limb usually mortifies.
PÓgina 113 - ... cause, if the case will permit it without danger ; although with this difference, that as the artery is sound the operation may be performed close to the tumor. If any doubt exist as to the capability of the collateral circulation to support the life of the lower extremity, after the external iliac has been secured by ligature, the operation should be performed at the injured part by opening the swelling and enlarging the wound, as in the case of a wounded artery.
PÓgina 4 - ... a canvas bed similar to the present stretcher, and of two poles each sixteen feet long, to be made in sections, with head and foot pieces constructed to act as stretchers to keep the poles apart.
PÓgina 4 - ... shall state who are to remain or go into hospital; who are to return to quarters as sick or convalescent ; what duties the convalescents in quarters are capable of; what cases are feigned ; and any other information in regard to the sick of the company...
PÓgina 86 - If the wound can neither be seen nor felt, it will be sufficient for the moment to provide for the free discharge of any extravasated or effused matters which may require removal. 16. A dilatation or enlargement of a wound in the abdomen should never take place unless in connection with something within the cavity rendering it necessary. 17.
PÓgina 115 - ... if the mortification spreads, it will be a matter of supererogation, and only hasten the patient's dissolution. When an aneurism inflames, is opened by ulceration, and bleeds profusely, so as not to be arrested, it is a proper case for amputation, if such an operation can be performed.

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