Imatges de pÓgina


i. Ornamental Border to Title.-At
the top, the Arms of Edw. VI.,
from a Gateway at Penshurst:
on the left, Portrait of Cran-
mer, from Picture at Lambeth;
on the right, Portrait of Ridley,
after Vanderwerf: at the bot-
tom, Lambeth Palace, from an
old Print.

vii. Theologia.-RAFFAELLE.
xxi. Interior of St. Paul's Cathedral.
Architectural Border composed
chiefly from parts of the edifice.
xxvii. Exterior of St. Paul's Cathedral.


1 Interior of Canterbury Cathedral.
» Architect. Border, composed chiefly
from parts of the Cathedral.
"Initial Letter-Rend your heart
and not your garments,' Ahab,
1 Kings xxi. 29.

2 I. L.-Christ exhorting his Disciples.
3 Initial Letter and Ornament-
Prayer and Confession.

4 Initial Letter-Absolution.
6 Init. Let.-From Flaxman's Illustra-
tions of the Lord's Prayer-Our
Father which art in Heaven.'

7 Initial Letter-King David. From
Albert Durer's Prayer-Book.
8 Exterior of Canterbury Cathedral.
9 Cherubin and Seraphin.-SIRJOSHUA

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Initial Letter and Ornament-' To thee all angels cry aloud.'

11 Initial Letter- O ye children,' &c. 13 Init. Let.-Zacharias, S. Luke i. 67. 14 Init. Let.-'O be joyful in the Lord.' 15 Faith.-SIR J. REYNOLDS.

Init. Let. and Ornament-Prayer. 17 Initial Letter-From Flaxman's Illustrations of the Lord's Prayer -Hallowed be thy Name.'

18 Initial Letter-Emblem of Peace. 19 Initial Letter and Ornament - Defend us with thy mighty power.' Initial Letter-Royal Arms.

20 Initial Letter-Prayer.

21 Initial Letter-Prayer.

., Initial Letter-St. Chrysostom.

22 Initial Letter-Blessing.

.. Interior of Henry VIIth's Chapel. EVENING PRAYER.

23 Interior of York Cathedral.



Architect. Border, composed chiefly from parts of the Cathedral.

Initial Letter-Jonah at Nineveh.

25 Initial Letter-Exhortation.

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,, Init. Let. and Ornam.-Confession. 62 Interior of Salisbury Cathedral.

26 Initial Letter-Absolution.

27 Initial Letter-From



Illustrations of the Lord's Prayer 63 Title.-At the top, Peterborough
-Thy Kingdom come,' &c.

.. Exterior of York Cathedral.
28 Salutation of the Virgin.-ANDREA

Initial Letter and Ornament-The

29 Init. Letter- Praise the Lord,' &c.
30 Init. Letter-Simeon in the Temple.
31 In. Letter-Thy saving health,' &c.
32 Faith.-RAFFAELLE.


Cathedral and Ripon Minster;
in the centre, Interior of Worces-
ter Cathedral, and Malmesbury
Abbey Church; at the bottom,
Exeter and Bristol Cathedrals.

65 Christ's Eutry into Jerusalem. —



Initial Letter and Ornament-67
Christ healing the Cripple.

Init. Let.-Disciples, Ass, and Colt.
Initial Letter-It is high time to
awake out of sleep.'
Initial Letter-Christ driving out
the Money-changers.

33 Init. Let.--From Flaxman's Illustra- 68 Parable of the Fig-tree.

tions of the Lord's Prayer- Give us this day our daily bread.'

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34 Init. Letter That our hearts,' &c. 69 Initial Letter Wherefore receive 35 Supplication-Infant Samuel. From

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72 In. L.-Now when John had heard
in the prison the works of Christ.'
74 St. John preaching.-STOTHARD,
Initial Letter-I am the voice of
one crying in the wilderness.'
75 Initial Letter-'By prayer and sup
plication with thanksgiving.'
Initial Letter-When the Jews
sent Priests and Levites.'

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77 Nativity-CARLO MARATTI.


Initial Letter-The Holy Family.
-From M. ANGELO.

78 Initial Letter-And let all the
angels of God worship him.'
79 Init. Let. There was a man sent
from God whose name was John.'
80 Martyrdom of S. Steph.-LE BRUN.
Initial Letter-Murder of Abel.
81 Initial Letter-I see the heavens
opened,' &c.

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Initial Letter-Death of Zacharias. 83 St. John the Evangel.-A. DURER. Initial Letter-Which is he that betrayeth thee?'

84 Init. Let.-If we confess our sins.' 85 In. Let. What shall this man do.' 86 Flight into Egypt-Repose.-GUIDO. Initial Letter-Rachel weeping for

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her children.

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110 Parable of Wheat and Tares.

In. L.- An enemy hath done this.' 111 In. L. And forgiving one another.' 112 Initial Letter But gather the wheat into my barn.'

113 They shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven.' Initial Letter-'All the tribes of the earth mourn.'

114 Initial Letter-Holy Family.


In. Let. He shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet.' 116 Labourers at the Eleventh Hour.

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Initial Letter-Go ye also into the vineyard.'

119 Parab. of the Sower.-DOMENICHINO.

In. Let-Paul shaking off the Viper. 120 Init. Letter-Shipwreck of St. Paul. 121 In. Let. He spake by a parable.' 123 Christ and the Blind.-S. RICCI.

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21 I. L.-Charity.-From RAFFAELLE.

124 Init. Let.When I was a child,' &c. 125 Init. Letter- What wilt thou,' &c. 127 Penitence.

Init. Letter-Turn ye even to me.' 128 Init. Let. And rend your heart.' 129 Initial Letter Where thieves break through and steal.'

130 Christ in the Wilderness.

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Initial Letter-The two Disciples
running to the Sepulchre.
195 Christ and the Disciples at Emmaus.
In. L-We humbly beseech Thee.'
196 In. L.-Peter teaching Cornelius.
197 I. L-The Disciples pressing Jesus
to lodge with them one night.
199 Resurrection.-RUBENS.

In. Let. The destruction of Death.
200 Initial Letter-Paul preaching in
the Synagogue.

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Initial Letter-If thou be the Son 201 Init. Let.-Jesus in the midst of his of God, cast thyself down.' Disciples after the Resurrection. 131 Init. Let.-Paul stoned at Lystra; 203 Jesus appearing to his Disciples chastened and not killed." after the Resurrection. Initial Letter- Command that Initial Letter-Peter and Philip these stones be made bread.' the Ethiopian Eunuch. 133 Woman of Canaan.-Lx SUEUR. 204 Initial Letter- Victory that over cometh the world, even our Faith. 205 Initial Letter-Jesus giving the Disciples power to remit sins. 206 The Good Shepherd.-MURILLO. Initial Letter-The hireling fleeing in time of danger. Initial Letter-Martyrdom-Suf fering wrongfully.'

In. L.-David finding Saul sleeping. 134 Init. Letter-Isaac blessing Jacob. 135 Initial Letter-Woman of Canaan. 136 The Dumb spake.' Initial Letter finding none.'

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Initial Letter I have purchased five yoke of oxen.' 243 Initial Letter- Joseph's brethren putting him into the well. 244 Initial Letter- Go out into the highways and hedges,' &c.

245 The Prodigal Son.-L. SPADA.

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Seeking rest and



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Initial Letter-The wolf among the



137 In L.-Walk as children of light. Initial Letter When a stronger than he shall come upon him and overcome him.'

140 Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. -RAFFAELLE.

In L.-Gathering up the Fragments. 141 Initial Letter-Agar and her chil-210 dren in bondage.

142 Initial Letter-Jesus distributing 212 bread to his Disciples.

144 Christ and the Jews.

Initial Letter-The Jews taking up stones to cast at Jesus. 145 Initial Letter-The soldier piercing the side of Jesus.

146 Initial Letter-Jesus reasoning with the Jews.

148 Christ rejected.-VANDYKE. Initial Letter-Prayer.

149 Initial Letter-Jesus washing the
feet of his Disciples.

150 Initial Letter-Jesus mocked.
154 Christ in the Garden.-CORREGGIO.
Initial Letter Who is this that
cometh from Edom.'

157 Initial Letter-Woman with box

of ointment.

162 Christ crowned with Thorns.


,. In. Let.The chief priests moved the people that he should rather release Barabbas unto them."'

164 Initial Letter- Jesus led out to be crucified.'

167 Christ scourged.-RUBENS.

In. L-Moses sprinkling the people. 169 Initial Letter-And there ap

peared an angel unto him,' &c. 174 Bearing the Cross.-RAFFAELLE, Initial Letter-The Lord's Supper. 176 Initial Letter-The women of Je rusalem lamenting Jesus. 180 The Crucifixion.-VANDYKE. Initial Letter This thy family.' 181 Initial Letter-Prayer.

Intial Letter-Jesus weeping over

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Mother and Child.-RAFFAELLE.
Init. Letter-The woman crowned
with twelve stars.

In. L-Pilgrim reading the Epistle.
In. L. Ye shall weep and lament.'
Disciples weeping-Because I

have said these things unto you
sorrow hath filled your heart.'
Init. Let.Who alone canst order
the unruly wills and affections.'
Init. Letter- Receive with meek-
ness the engrafted word.'
Initial Letter-Elymas the Sorcerer
smitten with blindness.
Peter visiting Dorcas.-LE SUEUR.
Initial Letter-Elisha restoring the
Widow's Son to life.

216 In. Let.-Comforting the widowed.
Paul and Silas in prison.

218 The Ascension.-RUBENS.

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Init. Let Judas saith unto him.'
225 Initial Letter They were all
amazed, and marvelled.'

226 Init. Let.-Peter, lovest thou me?"
228 Christ walking on the Sea.-P.

Initial Letter-' For every one that
doth evil hateth the light."

299 Init. Letter- Cornelius baptized
230 In. L.-Massacre of the Innocents.
231 Peter and John at Emmans.—Lx


Init Let.-Ahaz and the Prophet.
Initial Letter-The Apostles going
to Samaria.

Initial Letter-The thief breaking
into the fold.

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Initial Letter-Jesus teaching the
people from Simon's boat.
In Let.- For the eyes of the Lord
are open to the righteous,' &c.
Initial Letter The fishermen
washing their nets.

First be reconciled to thy brother.' Initial Letter- And thou be cast into prison.'

Initial Letter-Planted in the likeness of his death."

Initial Letter- Whoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell-fire.'

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Lord of all power and might.'-

In. Let Jesus blessing the bread.
Initial Letter-Destruction of the
cities of the plain- For the end
of these things is death.'

Initial Letter A group partaking of the loaves and fishes.

260 The unfruitful tree hewn down.

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Initial Letter

For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die.' Init. Let.-Philip caught up by the Spirit after baptizing the Eunuch. Initial Letter-Do men gather grapes of thorns ?'

Destruct. of Pharaoh and his Host. In. Let.--Moses striking the Rock. 264 Initial Letter-The Israelites passing through the Red Sea. 265 Init Letter-The Unjust Steward. 266 Christ overturning the tables of the Money-changers.

Initial Letter-The gifts of healing.
267 Initial Letter-False Prophets-
the Pythoness.
268 Initial Letter-Casting a trench
around Jerusalem.

269 Publican and Pharisee.
270 Init. Letter-Paul led to Damascus
after he had been struck blind.
271 Initial Letter-The Pharisee.
272 Christ healing the Deaf.

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234 Jesus and Nicodemus. - TINTO-277


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Init. Letter

And immediately I
was in the Spirit.'
235 luit. Let-The Elders in Heaven

Mount Sinai.

Init. Let.-The Good Samaritan. 79 The Leper kneeling before Christ. In. L.- Saul and the witch of Eudor. 280 Init. Letter-Idolater worshipping the Sun.

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Initial Letter

285 Raising the Widow's Son.-BIRD. For this cause I bow my knees.' 286 Init. Letter-David's men fainting in the pursuit.

987 Init. Let The House of Mourning. 288 Christ eating bread in the house of the Pharisee.-PAUL VERONESE. ,,Init. Let. When thou art bidden to a feast take the lowest seat, &e 289 Init. Let-Keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace.' Init Let.-An ox fallen into a pit.' 991 Christ and Pharisees.

Is. Let-David composing Ps. 110. 292 Init. Let.-Waiting for the coming of our Lord.


Initial Letter-Daniel in the lions' den-Love the Lord.'

294 Christ curing the sick of the palsy. -F. VERDIER.

Iuit. Letter--The sick man taking up his bed and walking. 295 Initial Letter-Gehazi, the servant of Elisha, smitten with leprosy. 296 Initial Letter-Jesus passing over in the ship.

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297 Temperance.-SIR J. REYNOLDS. Init. Letter-The Marriage-fenst. 298 Init. Letter-Noah in his Vineyard -Be not drunk with wine.'

Init. Let.-The Siege of Jerusalem. 300 Christ and the Nobleman of Ca pernaum.

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Init. Letter-The Recovery of the
Nobleman's Son.

301 Initial Letter- Put on the whole armour of God.'

302 In. L.-'His servants met him and told him, saying, Thy son liveth. 303 A certain King and his Servants. Init. Letter-The Wicked Servant. 304 Init. Let.-The Servant bringing his talent with interest.

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Init. Let.-Jesus addressing Peter. 306 The Tribute Money.-REMBRANDT. Init. Letter-Peter finding the Tribute-money in the fish's mouth. 307 Initial Letter For our conversation is in Heaven.'

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326 Initial Letter Who may abile
the day of his coming?*

In L-Anna entering the Temple.
328 In those days Peter stood up in
the midst of the disciples.
Initial Letter 'Let his babitation
be desolate.'

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Sermon on the Mount.

Initial Letter-'And I saw another angel ascending from the East.' 369 Init. Letter- And he cried with a loud voice to the four Angels,' &c. 370 Init. Let. And when he was set, his disciples came unto him.' 371 Interior of Exeter Cathedral.

THE HOLY COMMUNION. 373 Title to the Administration of the Lord's Supper.-At the top, Sempringham Priory, Lincolnshire, and Bosham Church, Sussex; in the centre, Interior of Southwell Minster, Nottinghamshire, and Interior of Hereford Cathedral; at the bottom, Bromyard Church, Herefordshire, and Austin Friars, London. 375 Last Supper.-RAFFAELLE. 376 Initial Letter-From Flaxman's Illustrations of the Lord's Prayer -But deliver us from evil.' Init. Letter-Cleanse the thoughts of our hearts.'

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Paul and Barnabas at Lystra.RAFFAELLE.

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Init. Let.-Great dearth throughout the world.'

341 Initial Letter-In those days came prophets from Jerusalem,' &c. 342 Initial Letter-And the hand of the

Lord was with them;' Acts xi. 21. -Peter escaping from prison. 343 John baptizing Christ.-RUBENS. Initial Letter He shall gather the lambs with his arm, &c. 344 Initial Letter' He shall feed his flock like a shepherd.'


345 Initial Letter-Zacharias writing the name of Johu.

347 The Angel releasing Peter.-Do

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brother of John with the sword.'
Initial Letter-'Then came to him
the mother of Zebedee's children
with her sons.'
Solomon's Porch.-N. POUSSIN.
Initial Letter-Laid them on beds
and couches.'
Initial Letter-They brought forth
the sick into the streets.'
Init. Letter-And sit on thrones.'
356 St. Matthew.-RUBENS.


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Init. Letter- As we have received
mercy we faint not.' Disciples
plucking the ears of corn.
Init. Let. For we preach not our-
selves, but Christ Jesus the Lord.'
Init. Letter-The Angel troubling
the waters of Bethesda.

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OFFICES OF THE CHURCH. Title to Offices of the Church.At the top. Tewkesbury Church, Gloucestershire, and the Abbey (or Holy Cross) Church, Shrewsbury; in the centre, the Interior, with the Fout, of Irthlingborough Church, Northamptonshire, and the Interior, with the Font, of Walsingham Church, Norfolk ; at the bottom, LeominsterChurch, Herefordshire, and Cirencester Church, Gloucestershire. 403 Publick Baptism.-WESTALL. 410 Ruins of lona.

420 Catechism.-Adapt. from WESTALL. 425 Ruins of Tintern Abbey. 426 Confirmation.-WESTALL. 429 Ruins of Netley Abbey. 430 Matrimony.-WESTALL. 437 Ruins of Fountains Abbey. 438 Visitation of the Sick.-WESTALL 446 Ruins of Byland Abbey. 447 Burial of the Dead.-Adapted from WESTALL.

453 Ruins of Melrose Abbey. 456 Ruins of Rivaulx Abbey. 462 Exterior of Ely Cathedral.


359 St. Michael and Satan.-RAFFAELLE. 463 Title to the Psalms of David.-At Initial Letter-And Jesus called

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the top, the Cathedrals of Hereford and Llandaff; in the centre, the Cathedrals of Norwich and Lichfield at the bottom, the Abbey of St. Alban's and the Cathedral of Carlisle.

The whole series, consisting of a

Subject and Initial Letter at the begin ning of the Morning Psalms, and of Initial Letters to the other Psalms, are from original designs by W. HARVEY. The Subject prefixed to the first Morning Psalm has reference to some passage in the Psalms of the day, as will be indicated in the following list:Page

466 First Day-Ps. 1. ver. 6. Day of Judgment.


466 Initial Letter-Ps. i. v. 3. 467 Initial Letter-Pa. ii. v. 2. 468 Initial Letter-Ps, iii. v. 1. mourning.

468 Initial Letter-Ps. iv. v. 2. Shimei carsing David.



535 Initial Letter-Ps. lix. v. 6. 536 Initial Letter-Ps. Ix. v. 1. David 537 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixi. v. 3. 538 Twelfth Day-Ps. lxv. v. 14. Initial Letter-Ps. lxii. v. 1. 539 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixiii. v. 2. 540 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixiv v. 4. 541 Initial Letter-Ps. lxv. v. 6, 7. 542 Initial Letter-Ps. lxvi. v. 5. 543 Initial Letter-Ps. Ixvii. v. 6. 544 Thirteenth Day-Ps. lxviii. v. 1. David dancing before the Ark. Initial Letter-Ps. lxviii. v. 5. 547 Initial Letter-Ps. lxix. v. 1 and 2. 549 Init. Letter-Ps. lxx. v. 3. Death of Absalom.


469 In. Let.-Ps.v. v 6,11. Ahithophel 470 Initial Letter-Ps. vi. v. 6. 471 Initial Letter-Ps. vii. v. 2. 472 Initial Letter-Ps. viii. v. 6. 473 Second Day—Ps. x. v. 9. Initial Letter-Ps. ix. v. 5. with the head of Goliath. 474 Initial Letter-Ps. x. v. 8. 476 Initial Letter-Ps. xi. v. 1. Initial Letter-Ps. xii. v. 5. and Lazarus. 477 Initial Letter-Ps. xiii. Daniel, a


Psalm of the Captivity.


478 In. L.-Ps. xiv. Belshazzar, Ditto. 479 Third Day-Ps. xviii. v. 14. The last War with the Philistines. Initial Letter-Ps. xv. v. 1. 480 Initial Letter-Ps. xvi. v. 11. Resurrection.

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550 Fourteenth Day-Ps. lxxii. v. 1. Solomon appointed King with David.

Initial Letter-Ps. lxxi. v. 20. 552 Init. Letter-Ps. lxxii. v. 4, 10, 11. 553 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxiii. v. 16. 555 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxiv. v. 8,9. The 557 Fifteenth Day-Ps. lxxviii. v. 15. Init. Letter-Ps. lxxv. v. 12. struction of Sennacherib.


481 Initial Letter-Ps. xvii. v. 8. 482 Initial Letter - Ps. xviii. v. 40. 558 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxvi. v. 6. War with the Philistines. 559 Init. Let.-Ps. lxxvii. v. 11. Moses with the Tables of the Law. 560 Init. Letter-Ps. lxxviii. v. 64, 65. 565 Sixteenth Day Ps. lxxix. v. 1. Desolation of Jerusalem.

485 Fourth Day-Ps. xxii. v. 18.

Init. Letter-Ps. xix. v. 5. Sunrise. 486 Initial Letter-Ps. xx. v. 8. Submission of the Syrians.

487 Initial Letter-Ps. xxi. v. i. Roman


Initial Letter-Ps. lxxix. v. 1. Ditto 566 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxx. v. 13.

488 Init. Letter-Ps. xxii. v. 7. Christ 568 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxi. v. 3.

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501 Initial Letter-Ps. xxxii. v. 1. 502 Initial Letter-Ps. xxxiii. v. 2. 503 Initial Letter-Ps. xxxiv. v. 7. Hagar and Ishmael.

505 Seventh Day-Ps. xxxv. v. 6. Initial Letter-Ps. xxxv. v. 14. 507 Init. Letter-Ps. xxxvi. v. 4. Arab Robber.

508 Initial Letter-Ps. xxxvii. v. 36. 511 Eighth Day-Ps. xlii. v. 1.

Initial Letter-Ps. xxxviij. v. 6, 512 Initial Letter-Ps. xxxix. V, 5. Absalom's Tomb.

513 Initial Letter- Ps. xl. v. 16. 515 Initial Letter-Ps. xli. v. 1. 516 Init. Let.-Ps. xlii. v. 8. David in Hermon.


517 Init. Let.-Ps. xliii. v. 5. 518 Ninth Day-Ps. xlv. v. 10. Mar riage of Solomon.

Initial Letter-Ps. xliv. v. 17. 520 Initial Letter-Ps. xlv. v. 4, 5, 6. 521 Init. Let.-Ps, xlvi. v. 1. Jehosaphat's Triumph over Moab.

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571 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxiv. v. 3. 572 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxv. v. 10. 573 Seventeenth Day-Ps. lxxxix. v. 21. Anointing of David. Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxvi.

574 In. Let.-Ps. lxxxvii. v. 3. Rahab. 575 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxviii. v. 1. Moses praying to the Lord. 576 Initial Letter-Ps. lxxxix. v. 21. 580 Eighteenth Day- Ps. xciv. v. 6. Destruction of Jerusalem by the Assyrians.

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Initial Letter-Ps. xciv. v. 6. 586 Nineteenth Day-Psal. xev. v. 8. Moses striking the Rock. Initial Letter-Ps. xcv. v. 1. 587 Initial Letter-Ps. xcvi. v. 12. 588 Initial Letter-Ps. xcvii. v. 2. 589 Initial Letter-Ps. xeviii. v. 6. 590 Initial Letter-Ps. xcix. v. 7. Initial Letter-Ps. c. v. 2. 591 Initial Letter-Ps. ci. v. 1. 592 Twentieth Day-Ps. civ. v. 18. Initial Letter-Ps. cii. v. 6. 594 Initial Letter-Ps, ciii. v. 13. Prodigal Son.

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Initial Letter-do. Ain. 630 Initial Letter-do. Phe.

Initial Letter-do. Tzaddi. 631 Initial Letter-do. Koph. 632 Initial Letter-do. Resch. Initial Letter-do. Shin. 633 Initial Letter-do. Tau. 634 Twenty-seventh Day-Ps. cxxviii. v. 3 and 4.

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Init. Letter-Ps. cxx. v. 4. Tents of Kedar.

635 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxi. v. 3. Initial Letter-Ps. cxxii. v. 4. 636 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxiii. v. 2. Initial Letter-Ps. cxxiv. v. 6. 637 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxv. v. 2.


Initial Letter-Ps. cxxvi. v. 7. 638 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxvii. v. 5. Initial Letter-Ps. cxxviii. v. 3. 639 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxix. v. 6. Initial Letter-Ps. cxxx. v. 1. 640 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxi. v. 3. 641 Twenty-eighth Day-Ps. cxxxviii. v. 1. By the waters of Babylon we sat down and wept.' Initial Letter Ps. cxxxii. v. 5. Removal of the Ark.'


642 Initial Letter Ps. cxxxiii. v. 2. Aaron anointed.

643 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxiv. v. 3.

Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxv. v. 10. 645 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxvi. v. 9. 646 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxvii. v. 2. 647 Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxviii. v. 2. 648 Twenty-ninth Day-Ps. cxlii. v. 7. David in the Cave of Eugedi. Initial Letter-Ps. cxxxix. v. 13. 'Marvellous are thy works.' 650 Initial Letter-Ps. cxl. v. 3. 651 Initial Letter-Ps. exli. v. 8.

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Initial Letter-Ps. cv. v. 10. cob's vision,



522 Initial Letter--Ps. xlvii. v. 4.
523 Initial Letter-Ps. xlviii. v. 2.604
Mount Zion.

524 Initial Letter--Ps. xlix. v. 10.
525 Tenth Day-Ps. li. v. 1. Nathan
reproving David.

Initial Letter- Ps. I. v. 3.

527 Init. Let-Ps. l. v. 7. Hyssop. 528 fuit. Let.-Ps. In v. 9. Olive Tree. 529 Initial Letter-Ps. liii. v. 6.

530 In. L-Ps. Ifv. v. 1. David in Zipl Initial Letter-Ps. lv. v. 6.

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Initial Letter-Ps. cvi. v. 19.
Twenty-second Day-Ps. cvii. v.

Initial Letter-Ps. evii. v. 20. The
Brazen Serpent

607 Init. Letter-Ps, eviii. v. 9, 'Ju dah is an old hon."

C08 Initial Letter-Ps. cix. v. 9. 610 Twenty third Day-Ps. cxiii. v.8.

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532 Eleventh Day-Ps. Ivii. v. 7. David ! cutting the Skirt of Saul's Gar | 612


Initial Letter-Ps. lvi. v. 6.

533 Initial Letter-Ps. ¡vii. v. 5. David!

in Engedi.

534 Initial Letter-Ps. Ivil. v. 5. Ser pent Charmer.


Initial Letter--P«, èx, v. 9. Initial Letter -Ps. cxi. v. 6. Spies and Grapes.


Initial Letter – Ps, exii. v. 1. 613 Initial Letter-Pa exili. v. 8, 614 Init. Letter-P«. cxiv, v. 3. ing the Jordaw. Initial Letter—Ps. exv. v. 12. 616 Twenty-fourth Day- Pa. exvi. v. 16. The Israelites sacrificing amid

Init. Letter-Ps. exliv. v. 12, 13, 14. 655 Initial Letter-Ps. exlv. v. 2. 657 Initial Letter-Ps. cxlvi. v. 7. 658 Initial Letter-Ps. exlvii. v. 9. [ 659 Initial Letter-Ps. cxlviii. v. 12. 660 Initial Letter-Ps. cxlix. v.3, Initial Letter-P's, cl. v. 3 and 4. FORMS OF PRAYER, &c. 661 Title to Forms of Prayer,' &c. At the top, St. Patrick's Cathedral and Laindon Church, Essex: in the centre, Ship at Sea and Westminster Hall; at the bottom, Stewkley Church, Bucks, and Cranham Church, Essex. 669 Interior of Winchester Cathedral. Architect. Border, composed chiefly from parts of the Cathedral. 685 Exterior of Winchester Cathedral. 686 Interior of Durham Cathedral Architect. Border, composed chiefly from parts of the Cathedral. 702 Exterior of Durham Cathedral. 711 Interior of Ely Cathedral.

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IN no instance have Christians been more indebted to the use of a scriptural and well-arranged Liturgy than the members of the Church of England. During the changes produced in men's circumstances and tempers by the lapse of time, religious opinion is exposed to many trials, and often undergoes modifications in the minds of influential members of society which tend greatly to injure the purity, or simplicity, of evangelical faith. When such is the case, it is an invaluable privilege for the people to possess a Liturgy which, drawn up at a period of great religious intelligence, and by men of the profoundest wisdom and piety, may be readily appealed to as a standard of opinion.


While this is manifestly true in regard to seasons of change and difficulty, it is scarcely less so in reference to the ordinary wants of a Church and its

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