I Had to Die Exposing Witchcraft in the Church

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 160 pàgines

Without question, the most monumental miscalculation the civilized world of mankind has ever made is his continued arrogant rejection of the spirit alien visitation reality (an undeniable reality that has been witnessed by literally millions of people around the world from all walks of life and professions).

In convincing evidence, the historical biblical record clearly shows that alien spirit beings have been visiting our planet earth for thousands of years now. Indisputable evidence also provides detailed, descriptive information on extra-terrestrial spiritual beings, as well as the spacecraft they use for inter-galactic travel among the billions of constellations throughout the magnificent universe.

Most uninformed people of the earth have been blindly misled into believing that spiritual beings (angels), are nothing more than mythical beings or entities which have very little, if anything, to do with their own lives, and even less influence over mans' future destiny. Not so: Yahweh, the grand creator and "first cause" of all that "exists" has long ago commissioned his angelic beings to fulfill his divine will and purpose in both the celestial heavens and the planet earth. This commissioned fulfillment is taking place in and during this present "rejected" generation of mankind.

These spiritual warriors of the only true God, Yahweh, will soon awaken all of mankind from a long slumber of rebellion and denial.

For the last thirty-five years, I have conducted an in-depth research study into the UFO/Alien visitation reality, and how the UFO phenomena relates to the spiritual realm, and its potential future influence over the "modern civilized world" of mankind and his final destiny.

The following synopsis will present my summary and unbiased conclusion of my research findings. I regretfully acknowledge that many will take exception to the conclusions expressed. However, I have made every effort to be straightforward in my interpretation of the truths and facts as investigated. Be informed: We are not alone in this grand universe, or here on earth. "Alien" spirit beings are real, and they are regularly visiting us. These angelic "creatures" are being sent here to carry out the original pronouncements of Yahweh. This is clearly stated in his word at Genesis, Chapter 2. His angels are now conducting preliminary preparation work for the restoration of the earth to its original garden-like state. Their worldwide cleansing of this planet will soon affect every living thing on this earth. The Bible record unequivocally reveals Yahweh's intended purpose for mankind's final state of existence.

Yahweh sent his highest angelic being, Christ Jesus (Michael), to the earth from the spirit realm to reclaim mankind back into the universal community. As long as mankind carries the stain of sin, he has no hope for continued life on earth.

Some may reason that the act of materializing into human flesh from the spirit realm is an impossibility. This transformation is well within the biological capability of Yahweh, who created both spirit and flesh. The spirit realm is by far the more important creation, as his angels were used in the creation of the "physical world." I therefore challenge all to make a diligent examination of the recorded facts and live a life of eternity.

Yahweh's message to mankind, contained in his written word, was provided for man's own good. Man's understanding of his written word today is noticeably lacking, even among those who profess to be "true Christians." This lack of Bible knowledge and understanding leaves very little foundation to anchor their convictions or hope for the f

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