American Law School Review, Volum 1

West Publishing Company, 1911

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Pàgina 401 - The miscarriages to which justice is subject, by reason of surprises and disappointments in evidence and witnesses, and through mistakes of juries and errors of Courts, even though only occasional, admonish lawyers to beware of bold and confident assurances to clients, especially where the employment may depend upon such assurance. Whenever the controversy will admit of fair adjustment, the client should be advised to avoid or to end the litigation.
Pàgina 402 - As far as possible, important agreements, affecting the rights of clients, should be reduced to writing; but it is dishonorable to avoid performance of an agreement fairly made because it is not reduced to writing, as required by rules of Court.
Pàgina 218 - States 21 years of age, or any person of that age who has declared his intention of becoming a citizen of the United States, and who can truthfully make the statements specified In §§ 2226.0-7 (d) and 2226.1-l(a) can make a desert-land entry.
Pàgina 295 - Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.
Pàgina 242 - In many things it is wise to believe before experience ; to believe, until you may know ; and believe me when I tell you that the thrift of time will repay you in after life with an usury of profit beyond your most sanguine dreams, and that the waste of it will make you dwindle, alike in intellectual and in moral stature, beneath your darkest reckonings.
Pàgina li - I AB do sincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful and bear true Allegiance to His Majesty King George...
Pàgina 220 - ... with all good fidelity, as well to the court as to the client; that he will use no falsehood nor delay any person's cause for lucre or malice ; and is then announced to the world as a lawyer.
Pàgina 400 - Having undertaken such defense, the lawyer is bound by all fair and honorable means, to present every defense that the law of the land permits to the end that no person may be deprived of life or liberty but by due process of law.
Pàgina 212 - Every person of good moral character, being a voter, shall be entitled to admission to practice law in all courts of justice.
Pàgina 355 - That all the attornies shall be examined by the justices, and by their discretions their names put in the roll, and they that be good and virtuous, and of good fame, shall be received and sworn well and truly to serve in their offices...

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