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BERNARD QUARITCH, 15 Piccadilly .

The printing and posting of my Rough Lists is a considerable expense to m
I therefore appeal to the recipients to favour me occasionally with an orde
otherwise the sending of these Catalogues must be suspended.-B.Q.

America: JUAN DE LA COSA. Ensayo biografico del celebre

navigante y descripcion de su famosa Carta geografica, por Antonio Vascano, sm. 8vo. text in Spanish, French, and English ; with the Map reproduced separately on 6 large sheets in facsimile of the original, coloured and illuminated in the same way, 15s

Madrid, 1892 the same, an issue of the map on India paper, £1.58

1892 Juan de la Cosa was the pilot and com

This is the most satisfactory reproduction panion of Columbus, and this famous map hitherto published. was finished by him in the year 1500.

Just published. Egypt : FLOYER (E. A.) Etude sur le Nord-Erbar entre le Nil et la Mer Rouge, impl. 8vo. 1 maps and 20 photographs, sewed, £1. 28 6d

Cairo, 1893 This work was prepared by order of H.M. the Khedive. The Indian Patentees' Guide, by H. H. French, 12mo. As

Calcutta, 1893 A manual for the use of persons desiring to protect Inventions or register designs in


Manchu : MÖLLENDORF (P. G. v.) Essay on Manchu Literature, 8vo. 45 pp. sd. 2s 6d

China Branch of the R. A. S., 1889 Ptolemy : THOS. G. RYLANDS, the Geography of Ptolemy elucidated, royal 4to. with 23 maps, cloth, 158

Printed for the Author, 1893 Ptolemy's Geography elucidated” is an important link in the History of Geography, British Museum : REPRODUCTIONS of DRAWINGS by OLD MASTERS in the British

Museum. Part III, 18 facsimiles in an atlas folio portfolio, £2. 1893 Durer s Triumphal Arch : EHRENPFORTE. Arc Triompbal de l'Empereur Maximilien I, gravé en bois

d'après les dessins d'Albert Durer, elephant folio, a superb set of woodcuts on 43 leaves, from the original blocks, engraved between 1519 and 1550; and 3 other leaves containing Etchings of the subjects of the blocks which no longer exist; with 3 letterpress leaves of title, avertissement, and Avis au Relieur; bound in russia by Kalthoeber, £10. 10s

Vienne, 1799 One of the grandest productions of the Collation : Printed title .1-Avertisse. art of Wood-engraving, as well as a splen- ment l-Engraved text and wood-blocks did example of the decorative and plastic Nos. 1, 2, to 53–Avis au Relieur 1genius of Albert Dürer. It is undoubtedly Copperplates : 3 on one leaf; a large one the finest volume of the Maximilian series, comprising Coats of Arms, &c.; of which it is also the scarcest.

graved and marked A. Bartsch, 1798. In preparation, to be ready by the end of next year : Chaucer: Poetical Works, 2 vols. folio. A critical edition

of the text printed at the Kelmscott Press of Mr. WILLIAM MORRIS, under the care of Mr. Fred. S. ELLIS, Editor of the Lexical Concordance to

Shelley's Poetical Works. The edition will be very limited. The Subscription price is not fixed yet, it may be from 15 to 20 guineas.

Lovers of Chaucer on both sides of the then at Rome, designed for the first Atlantic will rejoice to hear that the artist Countess Spencer the famous Illustrations has made very great progress with a series to the Tragedies of Æschylus,' poet and of designs, fifty or sixty in all, which are artist have never been better fitted to each to be cut in wood under his own superin- other. The text to which these designs tendence, and intended to illustrate the are adapted will be collated with the best • Canterbury Tales' and the other poems of manuscripts, and carefully edited by Mr. Chaucer. These designs promise to be W. Morris and Mr. F. S. Ellis. The typocharmingly graceful and beautiful in execu- graphy will be worthy of the occasion, tion. Indeed, we are confident that since, and the volume a stately quarto."-The precisely a hundred years ago, Flaxman, Athenæum, October 22nd, 1892.

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maps, cloth

£ 8. d. 1 Abyssinia. FUMAGALLI, Bibliografia Etiopica : catalogo degli scritti

pubblicato fino al 1891 intorno alla Etiopia e regioni limitrofe, 8vo.
pp. aii and 490

Milan, 1893 0 10 6
The most extensive bibliography of works relating to Abyssinia ever compiled. It

is published under the auspices of the Italian Geographical Society, Africa: 2 ADAMS (Robert) Narrative of three years' Slavery with the Arabs of the great Desert in 1810-12, 4to. maps, hf. calf

1816 0 5 0 3 AFRICAN INSTITUTION, Reports for 1815 and 1818, 2 vols. 8vo. sd. 1815-18 0 7 6 4 BAUDE (Le Baron) L'Algérie, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. calf

Paris, 1841 0 2 0 5 Cost (R. N.) Modern Languages of Africa, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, cloth 1883 0 10 0 6 Ensor (F. S.) Incidents of a Journey through Nubia to Darfoor, 8vo.

1881 0 2 0 7 REPORT of the Committee on the African Institution, 14 vols. in 4, 8vo. half bound

1807-21 0 10 0 MULLER'S INDUSTRIES OF THE KAFFIRS : Mr. C. J. Brill, of Leiden, announces an important work on the Industries of the Kaffirs of South-Eastern Africa. The joint authors are Mr. Hendrik, P. N. Muller, who has travelled in all parts of Africa, and has brought back from the Cape a collection of objects described as unrivalled ; and Mr. Johan F. Snelbman, who has already written upon the ethnography of Sumatra and of Angola.

The work, which is published at the subscription price of thirty-seven and a half francs, will be illustrated with twenty-seven plates, and six pages of music.- Academy,

June 10, 1893. 8 ALDRICH (T. B.) Poems, 8vo. portrait and illustrations by the Paint and Clay Club, sewed

Boston, Mass., 1862 0 10 6 9 ALLOT (R.) England's Parnassus; or the Choysest Flowers of our Moderne

Poets, 4to. half morocco, top edge gilt London, 1600, reprinted 1814 1 1 0 Alphabets: 10 JONES (Owen) 702 Monograms, 8vo. 28 plates, sewed

1864 0 1 6 11 SILVESTRE, Alphabet Album. Collection de soixante feuilles d'Alphabets

historiés et fleuronnés tirés des Bibliotheques de l'Europe, on composées
par Sylvestre, royal folio, half bound

1843 1 1 0 12 Alps. SAUSSURE (H. B. de) Voyages dans les Alpes, precédes d'un essai sur l'Histoire Naturelle des Environs de Genéve, 8 vols. 8vo. plates, sewed

Neuchatel, 1796 0 10 0 America, North and South: 13 AMERICAN NATURALIST (The), an Illustrated Magazine of Natural

History. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in March, 1867, to
May, 1893, being numbers 1-317, or vols. I-XXVI and the first five
parts of vol. XXVIII, thick large 8vo., with numerous plates and
woodcuts; the first twenty-two vols. uniforinly and neatly half bound,
the rest as issued

1867-93 21 0 0
A complete set is very rare, both in America and in Europe. It contains contri.
butions from the best scientists of the United States.


America, North and South--continued.
15 ANDREWS (William Loring) The Bradford Map. The City of New York

at the time of the granting of the Montgomerie charter, a description
compiled to accompany a facsimile of an actual Survey made by Lyne
and printed by Bradford in 1731, square 8vo. facsimile of the map, and
numerous engravings of rare views of old New York; cloth

New York, De Vinne Press, 1893 2 12 6
Only 144 copies printed, nearly all of which have been already dispersed. Love's
labour has assuredly not been lost in this instance; the product is a book in every way

16 AUDUBON. The Birds of America, from drawings made in the United

States and their Territories. By JOHN JAMES AUDUBON, re-issued by
J. W. Audubon, 5 vols. imperial 8vo. 500 coloured plates of the male and
female birds, their young, prey, etc.with Text, half moroooo New York, 1861 35 00

The handy edition.

In these seven volumes are contained faithful reductions of the figures of the birds

and animals from the large edition, each with its descriptive letterpress. 17 BANCROFT (G.) History of the United States of America, 6 vols. 8vo, portrait, cloth (pub. at £3. 108)

New York, 1885 2 0 0 18 BELISARIO. Sketches of Character in illustration of the habits, ocoupa

tion and Costume of the Negro Population of the Island of Jamaioa,
drawn .. by I. M. Belisario . (No. 1), atlas 4to. 12 coloured plates,
with descriptive text; sd.

Kingston, Jamaica, 1837 0 5 0 19 (BENERET (A.)] The Potent Enemies of America laid open, being some

Account of the baneful effects attending the use of distilled spiritious
liquors and the slavery of the Negroes, 12mo. title slightly defective
(two letters gone), SCARCE Philadelphia, Joseph Cruikshank, s. a. 1 11 6

Collation : Title and 16 pp. in the original wrapper.
20 BIBLIOTECA BOLIVIANA : Catalogo de la seccion de Libros y folletos, roy.
8vo. 880 pp. sd.

Santiago de Chile, 1879 2 2 0
A very valuable catalogue of the printed books and pamphlets in the library of
G. René-Moreno : the total number of items being 3529, equivalent to about 6000

As a Bolivian bibliography it is exhaustive, and must therefore rank
amongst Americana as an indispensable book of reference.
21 COLUMBUS. Scritti ed Autografi di Cristoforo Colombo pubblicati ed

illustrati, con prefazione o trascrizione diplomatica da CESARE DE
LOLLIS, 3 vols. folio, with facsimiles of all the autograph documents; sd.

Roma, 1892 5 15 0
The second volume is not yet out, but will be delivered gratis to purchasers of
Vols. I and III, which are now ready.

This is unquestionably the best work that has been produced on the subject of

Columbus and the documents which exist for a history of his life and labours.
22 COLUMBUS. RACCOLTA di DOCUMENTI e Studi pubblicati dalla

R. Commissione Colombiana, Parte I, Vols. 1 and 3, Parte III, Vol. 1,
all yet published-together 3 vols. folio, sd. price of the complete set
in 14 volumes

Roma, 1892 21 0 0
There will be a grand collection of works illustrating the history of the first
twenty years of American discovery, to be completed in 14 vols. Part I, Vols. 1 and 3,

are identical with Vols. I and III of the work above described under Scritti ed Autografi. 23 EDWARDS (Bryan) History of British Colonies in the West Indies, 5 vols. 8vo. portrait and maps, hf. bd.

1807-19 0 7 6 24 GARCILASSO DE LA VEGA. The Royal Commentaries of Peru . . Written

originally in Spanish by the Inca Garcilasso de la Vega, And rendred
into English by Sir Paul Rycaut. 2 parts forming 1 vol., sm, folio
with portrait and numerous plates ; calf

1688 1 4 0 25 GRANT (U. S.) Personal Memoirs, 2 vols. 8vo. portraits, etc., cloth (pub. 285)

1885-86 0 12 0 26 HUDSON (W. H.) Naturalist in La Plata, 8vo. plates, cloth

1892 0 10 6 26*Knox. Historical Journal of the Campaigns in North America, from

1757 to 1760, containing the most remarkable occurrences of the
Period, particularly the two Sieges of Quebec, Description, etc., of the
Countries where the Author has served, 2 vols. 4to. map and portraits,

1769 9 15 0


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