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delinquent youth and around them arrays the forces that cause a delinquency and the social and legal agencies that deal with the cases. Community disorganization and rapid social change—the broken family, sordid poverty and lack of community responsibility-pour a continuous stream of helpless children into the hands of the social agencies, police, the courts, probation officers, and penal institutions.

What agencies should deal with these cases? How should such cases be studied scientifically? What part do the police, the courts and probation officers play? How should parental education be carried on? What are the qualifications of the worker with delinquent youth? These and many other questions are answered on the basis of very careful research findings.

The final section of the volume deals with the utilization of community resources in the work of unadjusted youth and parents--among them the church, the school, community recreation agencies, coordinating councils and the juvenile court clinic. These are described and appraised. An ideal is set up for recreation and recreation workers as the author quotes from the White House Conference on Child Health and Protection. ... "The playground official of the future will be rather a community agent than a playground director. The background of child life must be known as it is seen, not only on the playground but on the streets and in the alleys.

This book is indeed a “Treatise and Casebook for Court Workers, Probation Officers and Other Child Welfare Workers."

Improved Personnel in Government Service.

Published in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, January 1937. American Academy of Political and Social Science, 3457

Walnut eet, Philadelphia. $2.00. This issue of the Annals has been devoted to the subject of personnel in government service, and a number of outstanding leaders have contributed articles on the following subjects: Spoils and Democracy; the Development of a Professional Public Service; New Techniques of Public Personnel Administration; the Reform Movement: Old and New; Improved Personnel in Government Service. Among the contributors are C. A. Dykstra, City Manager of Cincinnati; Ordway Tead, lecturer and writer; Lewis Meriam of the Brookings Institution; Harold W. Dodds, president of Princeton University, and others.

Happy Nature Adventures.

By Mary C. Butler. Dorrance and Company, Phila

delphia. $1.50. A nature lover whose own life has been enriched by contact with nature tells delightfully of her ramblings. It is interesting to note that no observation recorded was made more than eight miles from the spot where the writer lives. Twig Key to Some Common Northeastern Trees.

By William M. Harlow. New York State College of Forestry, Syracuse, New York. Single copies,

$.25; 100 or more, $.15. Dr Harlow has presented a simple key to thirty-eight common trees. Each twig has been photographed. "Twigs are not just so many sticks terminating the branches, but possess individuality of form, color, size and often taste.” Many leaders will be glad to become familiar with their neighborhood trees or to make a tree map of their playgrounds by this means.-Reviewed by William G. Vinal.

The Romance Map of Maine.

Compiled by Alice E. Fowler and Grace F. Dodge.
Artist, Mildred C. Green. Secure from Mrs. Grace

F. Dodge, Boothbay, Maine. $.50. The latest in the attractive series of Romance Maps, the map of Maine, is made up of cleverly arranged sketches of historical events, famous people, interesting legends, and animals of Maine. If you are interested in historical events or if Maine happens to be your favorite vacation haunt, as it is with so many people, you will not want to miss this publication.

Officers and Directors of the National

Recreation Association

OFFICERS JOSEPH LEE, President John H. FINLEY, First Vice-President John G. WINANT, Second Vice-President ROBERT GARRETT, Third Vice-President GUSTAVUS T. KIRBY, Treasurer HOWARD S. BRAUCHER, Secretary

This New America.

By Alfred C. Oliver, Jr. and Harold M. Dudley.

Longmans, Green and Company, New York. $1.50. Here is the story of the CCC since the inauguration of which almost 2,000,000 young men have enrolled in camps. The book gives statistical information regarding the work done in the conservation of our national resources, but what is more important, it testifies to the work which is being done in the conservation of our national youth. The editors of this book had access to government files containing thousands of letters by enrollees describing life in the camps. Many of these human documents are published in This New America.

The Junior Natural History.

The American Museum of Natural History, 77th
Street and Central Park West, New York. $1.00 a

year; 10 cents a copy. A monthly magazine containing information on birds, animals, flowers and natural phenomena, presented in a way to appeal to children. The magazine is profusely illustrated with beautiful pictures.

DIRECTORS F. Gregg BEMIS, Boston, Mass. MRS. EDWARD W. BIDDLE, Carlisle, Pa. MRS. WILLIAM BUTTERWORTH, Moline, Ill. CLARENCE M. CLARK, Philadelphia, Pa. HENRY L. CORBETT, Portland, Ore. MRS. ARTHUR G. CUMMER, Jacksonville, Fla. F. Trubee Davison, Locust Valley, L. 1., N. Y, JOHN H. FINLEY, New York, N. Y. Robert GarRETT, Baltimore, Md. AUSTIN E. GRIFFITHS, Seattle, Wash. Mrs. MelvilLE H. HASKELL, Tucson, Ariz. Mrs. CHARLES V. Hickox, Michigan City, Ind. Mrs. Mina M. Edison-Hughes, West Orange, N. J. MRS. FRANCIS DeLacy HYDE, Plainfield, N. J. GUSTAVUS T. KIRBY, New York, N. Y. H. McK. LANDON, Índianapolis, Ind. MRS. CHARLES D. LANIER, Greenwich, Conn. ROBERT LASSITER, Charlotte, N. C. Joseph LEE, Boston, Mass. EDWARD E. LOOMIS, New York, N, Y. J. H. McCURDY, Springfield, Mass. OTTO T. MALLERY, Philadelphia, Pa. WALTER A. May, Pittsburgh, Pa. Carl E. MILLIKEN, Augusta, Me. Mrs. OGDEN L. Mills, Woodbury, N. Y. MRS. JAMES W. WADSWORTH, Washington, D. C.' J. C. WALSH, New York, N. Y. FREDERICK M. WARBURG, New York, N. Y. John G. WINANT, Concord, N. H.

Mental Games.

The Walther League, 6438 Eggleston Avenue, Chi

cago, Illinois. $.10. Here are nine mimeographed pages of interesting brain puzzlers gathered from various sources.

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Community Recreation Leadership, Facilities and Activities in 1936.
Tables of Playground and Community Recreation Statistics for 1936..
Emergency Recreation Service in 1936.
Service of the National Recreation Movement in 1936.
Financial Statement of the National Recreation Association.
Board of Directors of the National Recreation Association




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Entered as second-class matter June 12, 1929, at the Post Office at New York, New York, under Act of March 3, 1879. Acceptance for mailing at special rate of postage provided for in Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized May 1, 1924.

Copyright, 1937, by the National Recreation Association

Who Is Who In Recreation?



YEAR BOOK ON LIVING even when primarily governmental is a record of dreams and hard work on the part of many individuals and groups.

It is a record also of cooperation on the part of many:--

Mayors and city managers


Recreation boards and recreation executives

School boards and school superintendents
Park boards and park superintendents
City planning boards and groups

Parent-Teacher groups

Labor groups

Church groups

Y. M. C. A.'s and Y. W. C. A.'s, and Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and
Camp Fire Girls
Chambers of Commerce and Junior Chambers of Commerce
Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Civitans
Coordinating councils in the neighborhood

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A FRAGMENT OF JUNE A stretch of blending tints of green,

Where regal roses bow and sway. Of sward and trees and blooming sheen;

The wine of life in loam and air; The mingling blue of sapphire skies,

The whir of winged life everywhere; And fleecy clouds and purple dyes;

While Heaven leans low and spills soft gleams While over all lies fold on fold

Of glory, while Earth thrills and dreams Of Summer sunshine's shimmering gold.

Beneath the touch, and wakes to swoon Sweet-scented breezes, lingering, play

Again in joy. 'Tis Mystic June.

Margaret Drake DeGroot.

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