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because they think they are unworthy. Whoever lives in the wilful practice of any sin, or habitually neglects Religion, is undoubtedly unworthy; and he had better not approach the table of the Lord. But all such persons should remember, that the sins and negligence which make them unfit to partake of this Sacrament, will, as sure as the word of God is true, at the great day of Judgment bring upon them the wrath of God, and their final condemnation; unless they quickly repent with all their heart, and ask forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, and endeavour to do the will of God sincerely. But whoever thus repents with his whole heart, and strives to do the will of God, not only may come safely to this holy Sacrament, but is particularly invited and directed by God so to do, as the means of obtaining his forgiveness, and strength to resist temptation for the time to come. And all who thus with sincerity repent and put their trust in Christ Jesus our Saviour, and endeavour heartily to please God by obeying his laws, will assuredly, when this short life is ended, be made partakers in Heaven of happiness unspeakable and everlasting.

So that in fact the whole difficulty comes to this: are we sincerely endeavouring to learn and to do the will of God; or are we wilfully living in neglect of Him? Let every man ask himself honestly this question. He can certainly answer it if he will. If we have repented truly of all our past sins, and are striving with all our hearts to please God,

putting our whole trust in his mercy through Christ Jesus, we are in no danger of partaking unworthily of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. If we have not repented truly of our past sins, and are not endeavouring to serve God with all our hearts, we are right to be afraid of approaching the Sacrament. But then it is of the greatest possible importance, to repent quickly, and change our ways; in the full assurance, that every repenting sinner will be pardoned by God for the sake of Jesus Christ; but that every unrepenting sinner, though he may prosper here for a little time, will undoubtedly perish for ever.



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