Imatges de pàgina

might have made some amends for its having been hitherto fo much neglected.

However, according to my poor Abilities, and as little favourable Circumstances and Opa portunities, I have endeavour'd fomeibing upon it and that in fuch a manner, (whatever other Ornamental. Accomplishments may be wanting) as I conceiv'd would beconie a Christian Discourse, such as I hope this will be found to be. I have taken fome Pains to make it so, and fuch as it is, I commend it to the Serious and Candid Perusal of the Reader, who I hope, will accept of my good Will and well meant En

dean deavours to serve him, though I should not answer his ExpeStations, or fatisfie his Desires upon a Subject, which though Pradical,is not the most easie of any in the World to write well upon.

That I pretend not to do, but I was willing to be as serviceable as I could to the Interest of Christian Piety, which I cannot but think would be as well ferv'd by a Professed Treatise of Humility, as by any thing which can be done in the way of Writing. In which undertaking, tho' Mr. Allen and Dr. Pelling have been before-hand with me, yet fuppose they have not so ex

A 4 hausted

hausted the Subject, but that there may be room enough for me, if I were capable of filling it. How far I may agree with either of those Authors in any of my Thoughts upon this Occasion, I know not, (having not seen Mr. Allen's Bock these many Years, and the other never as I know of) nor do I think it material to inquire. Only perhaps it may be convenient upon another account, that the Reader should peruse these Books with this, since 'tis not unlikely that they may supply fome Omissions in me, as I also possibly may in them ; fo that between us all, he may not be unfurnished of a competent Consideration of the matter in hand

I heartily wish that mine were such, and that it were now in

a good Book. However, I am sure that I here offer thee a Book upon a good Subject, and fuch wherein every Reader is sure to be concern'd. And because he is so, I have had regard to all sorts of Readers in the Compos sure of it, hoping that to some of them it may do good. May Almighty God (to whom I humbly offer this Labour of mine for the good of his Church) accompany it with his Grace and Blessing to the Spiritual Advantage and Edification of all Christian People, and to the Glory of his great Name.


* Here I thought to have ended, but before I do fo, I have one Remark to add, relating to a Passage in the ensuing Treatise concerning Grace. Not the Thing, but the Name, which (Page the 163. of this Book) I suppose besides Favour, Kind. nefs or good Will, to fignifia also the afsisting Influence of the Holy Spirit inclining as to good ; whereby I would not be understood to exclude the other Sense, (since even "those inward affisting Influences are at the same time also free favours) but only to inlarge and extend the signification of the word farther, fo as with favour, which I allow to be the more strict and primary


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