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THE Farmer's Magazine; a Periodical Work, exclusively devoted to Agriculture and Rural Affairs. (Published Quarterly). No. LXI. LXII. LXIII. LXIV. Vol. XVI.

3s each.

A Review (and Complete Abstract) of the Reports to the Board of Agriculture, from the Midland Department of England. By M. Marshall. 8vo. 14s

Bath Papers. Vol. XIII. Part II. 8vo. 10s.

Practical Observations on the Improvement and Management of Mountain Sheep, and Sheep Farms. Also, Remarks on Stock of various kinds. By John Little. 8vo. 6s 6d

Recent and Important National Discoveries of a New System of Farming, Feeding Cattle, &c. at half the usual expense. 8vo. 10s 6d

Hints regarding the Agricultural State of the Netherlands, compared with that of Great Britain. By Sir John Sinclair. 5s


A Dissertation on Lime, and its Use and Abuse in Agriculture; embracing a view of its chemical effects. By Thomas Hornby, Esq. Surgeon, York. 8vo. 2s The Agriculture of Lancashire. By Dr Dickson. 8vo. An Address to the Nation on Agriculture and Manufactures. 8vo. 3s 6d A Treatise on the Nature, Economy, and Practical Management of Bees. By Robert Huish, member of the Imperial Apiarian Society at Vienna, &c. &c.


A Treatise on Dry Rot, with Methods of Prevention and Cure. By A. Bowden, of the Navy Office. 8s

Prize Essays and Transactions of the Highland Society of Scotland. To which is prefixed, an Account of the Principal Proceedings of the Society, during the Years from April 1807 to January 1815, both inclusive. Drawn up at desire of the Society by Henry Mackenzie, Esq. one of the Directors. Vol. IV. 8vo.


Directions for preparing Manure from Peat, and Instructions for Foresters. 8vo.

2s 6d


The First Number of a Work relative to the Antiquities of Great Britain, entitled the Antiquarian Itinerary. To be continued Monthly in Numbers. Each to contain Twelve or more Engravings, with Descriptions. In Demy 8vo. and Foolscap 8vo.



The Antiquarian Itinenary, containing eighty-three highly finished Engravings, dis playing the Ancient Architecture, and other Vestiges of former Ages in Great Bri tain; accompanied with Descriptions. Vol. I. foolscap 8vo.



Memoir on the Ruins of Babylon. By Claudius Jas. Rich, Esq. Illustrated by engravings. Royal 8vo. 8s

The History and Illustration of Salisbury Cathedral, constituting a portion of the Cathedral Antiquities of England. By John Britton, F.S.A. No. V. 12s


Encyclopædia Britannica, or Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature. Fifth Edition; with a greatly Improved Set of Engravings. Vol. XIII. Parts I. and II.-and Vol. XIV. Part I. 18s each.

Memoir respecting a new Theory of Numbers. Part I. By Charles Broughton, Esq. 4to. 12s

Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Vol. VII. Part 2. 4to. 11 5s A Practical Treatise on Gas-Light, exhibiting a Summary Description of the Apparatus and Machinery best calculated for Illuminating Streets, Houses, and Manufactories. By Frederick Accum, operative Chemist; with coloured Plates. 12s

Encyclopædia Britannica, or a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Miscellaneous Literature, enlarged and improved. The Fifth Edition. Illustrated with nearly six hundred Engravings. 20 vol. 4to. 361

The Supplement to the Encyclopædia Britannica, with a Preliminary Dissertation, exhibiting a General View of the Progress of Metaphysical, Ethical, and Political Philosophy, since the Revival of Letters in Europe By Dugald Stewart, Esq. F.R.SS. of London and Edinburgh. Vol. I. Part 1st, handsomely printed in 4to, with 15 engravings. Price il 5s

A Treatise on the Economy of Fuel, and Management of Heat, especially as it relates to Heating and Drying by means of Steam. By Robertson Buchanan, civil engineer; illustrated by five plates. 8vo. 18s

A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of the Foot of the Horse, with Observations on Shoeing. By R. H. Budd. 8vo. 10s 6d

A Treatise on Canals and Reservoirs, Corn Mills, &c. By J. Sutcliffe. 8vo. 12s


The Third Volume of Dibdin's Ames, containing Portraits of Dr Farmer, George Steevens, and Isaac Reed. 31 13s 6d

A Catalogue of the Singular and Curious Library, originally formed between 1610 and 1650, by Sir Robert Gordon of Gordonstoun, Bart., Author of the Genealogical History of the Earldom of Sutherland. 4s


The Biographical Dictionary, Vol. XVIII, XIX. & XX. Edited by Alex. Chalmers, F. S. A. 8vo. 12s each

A Gallery of British Portraits; containing those of Distinguished and Noble Personages during the Reigns of James I., Charles I., and under the Commonwealth. From Original Pictures and Drawings, not before Engraven; with Biographical Notices, collected from the best authorities. By James Caulfield. Parts I. and II. To be completed in Six Parts (each containing Six Portraits,) 15s Plain; and 11 10s in Colours.

History of that Inimitable Monarch, Tiberius. By the Rev. J. Rendle, M. A. 8vo.

11 is

Memoirs of John Howard Payne, the American Roscius; with Criticisms on his acting in America, England, and Ireland. 6s

The Lives of Edward and John Philips, nephews and pupils of Milton, including various particulars of the Literary and Political History of their Times; to which are added, Collections for the Life of Milton, by John Aubrey, F.R.S. 1681, printed from the Manuscript Copy in the Ashmolean Museum; and the Life of Milton, by Edward Phillips, first printed in 1694; by William Godwin. With an original likeness of President Bradshaw, and two other Portraits. 4to. 21 2s

Memoirs of the Abbe Edgeworth, containing his Narrative of the last hours of Louis XVI. By C. Sneyd Edgeworth. Post 8vo. 7s

The Political Life of William Wildman, Viscount Barrington; compiled from original papers by his brother Shute, Bishop of Durham.

8vo. 6s


A Supplement to the Memoirs of the Life, Writings, Discourses, and Professional Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds. By James Northcote, Esq. 4to. Memoirs of the Life of John Sobieski, King of Poland. By A. T. Palmer. 8vo.


Historical Memoirs of My Own Time: Part the First, from 1772 to 1780; Part the Second, from 1781 to 1784. By Sir N. William Wraxall, Bart. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 6s

The Life of Philip Melancthon; comprising an Account of the most important Transactions of the Reformation. By F. A. Cox, A.M. Hackney. 8vo. 14s

Political Portraits in this New Era; with Explanatory Notes, Historical and Biographical. By William Playfair, Author of the Balance of Power, &c. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 4s Lives of Pollio, Varro, and Gallus, with Notes. By the Rev. Edward Berwick. 8vo. 7s

Life of the Duke of Wellington. By George Elliot. 8vo.


Memoirs of Mr James H. Wood, late Surgeon, &c. &c. of Blackburn, Lancashire. By the Rev. Thomas Wood. 2s 6d

Some Account of the Life, Character, and Writings of the late Rev. Thomas Ro. bertson, M. A.; with Selection of Original Letters. By the Rev. Edward Thomas Vaughan, M.A. 8vo. 12s

An Authentic Account of the late Mr Whitbread, consisting of facts and anecdotes relating to his latter days and death, developing the causes which led to that deplorable event; with the genuine report of the inquest, now first published.

1s 6d


Tributes of the Public Press to the Memory of the late Mr Whitbread. Memoirs of the Life of the late Rev. Richard Price, LL.D. F.R.S. By William Morgan, F.R.S. 8vo. 6s

Memoirs of Eminently Pious Women of the British Empire. By the Rev. S. Bur der, M.A. 3 vol. 11 16s

A Short View of the Life and Character of Lieut.-Gen. Villettes, with Letters written in 1814, between Calais and Geneva. 6s

Wood's Athenæ Oxoniensis: the History of all the Writers and Bishops who have had their Education in the University of Oxford; very considerably augmented both in text and notes, and continued to the year 1800. By Philip Bliss, Esq. Vol. II. Royal 4to. 41 4s

A Narrative of the late Mr W. D. Sandys, of Trinity College, Cambridge. 8vo. 2s Memoirs of Mrs H. Newell, wife of the Rev. Samuel Newell, missionary to India, from America: with her funeral discourse. By Dr Woods.


The Biographical Dictionary. Edited by Ålexander Chalmers, F.S.A. Volume XXIII. 8vo. 12s

Memoirs of Capt. Jas. Wilson. By John Griffin. 8vo. 5s 6d

Remains of the late John Tweddel, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge; being a Selection of his Letters, written from various Parts of the Continent; with a brief Biographical Memoir by the Editor, the Rev. Robert Tweddel, A.M. Illustrated by plates, maps, &c 4to. 31 3s

General Biography; or Lives, Critical and Historical, of the most Eminent Persons of all Ages, Countries, Conditions, and Professions, arranged according to Alphabetical Order. By John Aiken, M.D. Vol. X. 11 11s 6d

A Biographical Memoir of the late Sir Peter Parker, Bart. 4to. 12s

Remains of William Reed, late of Thornbury; including Rambles in Ireland, with other Compositions in Prose; his Correspondence, and Poetical Productions. To which is prefixed, a Memoir of his Life. By the Rev. John Evans, Author of the Ponderer. 8vo. 10s 6d. (Royal 15s)

The Ninth Volume of the Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century, comprising Biographical Memoirs of William Bowyer, printer, F.S.A. and a considerable number of Eminent Writers and Ingenious Artists. By John Nichols, F.S.A. Illustrated with ten Portraits, and three other Plates, 11 8s. A very copious General Index to the eighth and ninth Volumes, which completes the Work. 14s


Euripidis Alceste, ad Fidem Manuscriptorum ac Veterum Editionum; emendavit et Annotationibus instruxit Jacobus Henricus Monk, A.M., Collegii S.S. Trinitatis Socius, et Græcarum Literarum apud Cantabrigiensis Professor Regius; accedit Georgii Buchanani Versio Metrica. 8vo. 6s 6d

Ovidii Opera Omnia. 3 vol. 18mo. 18s

No. I. of Stephen's Greek Thesaurus. 1s. 1d small-2s 2d large paper.


Lowe on Discount and Interest.

8vo. 12s 6d

The Hundred-weight Fraction Book, containing one hundred and twenty-five Tables, which Exhibit at a single View the precise Value of each respective Weight, from 1 lib. to 3 qrs. 27 lib. at the several charges occurring between 2s and 56s per cwt. By John Gayner. 5%


The Tragedies of Vittorio Alfieri. Translated from the Italian. By Charles Lloyd. 3 vol. 12mo. 11 7s

Old English Plays, Vol. III. 10s

Theatrical Pocket Book, or Brief Dramatic Chronology. By Ralph Wewitzer.

18mo. 3s

Past Ten o'Clock, and a Rainy Night; a Farce, in Two Acts, as performed at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. By Thomas Dibdin. 1s 6d

Dibdin's London Theatre; containing the Mourning Bride, with Engravings on Wood. No. XXXIX.


Conscience, a Tragedy; in five Acts. By Joseph Ashton. 2s 6d

Old English Plays, Vol. IV. containing two Plays of Middleton and Rowley's, and two of Chapman's. 12s

Ina, a Tragedy. By Mrs Wilmot. 13s

The Golden Grove, or the Farmer's Son; a Comedy, in Five Acts: with some Poetical Sketches. By John Lake. 3s 6d.

An Essay on the Stage. By J. Styles. 12mo. 6s

The Magpie, or the Maid, a Melo-drama in Three Acts. By J. Pocock, Esq. 25
The Maid and the Magpie, or Which is the Thief. By S. J. Arnold, Esq. is 9d
The Narrative at length of the Magpie, or the Maid of Palaiseau. 6d
Fazio, a Tragedy. By H. H. Millman, B.A. Fellow of Brazen-Nose College. 8vo. 4s

Shakspeare's Himself Again; or, the Language of the Poet asserted: being a full, but dispassionate, examen of the readings and interpretations of the several editors; the whole comprised in a series of Notes, sixteen hundred in number; and further illus trative of the more difficult passages in his plays, to the various editions of which these volumes form a complete and necessary supplement. By Andrew Becket. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 The Portfolio; or, the Anglade Family, a Drama, founded on a Memorable Trial. By James Kenney, Esq. 1s 6d


A Compendious Dictionary of the Latin Tongue, for the Use of Schools. By Alex. Adam, L.L. D., late Rector of the High School of Edinburgh. The Second Edition. To which are added, An English and Latin Dictionary, and an Index of Proper Names.

8vo. 18s

Practical Hints to Young Females, on the Duties of a Wife, a Mother, and a Mistress of a Family. By Mrs Taylor of Ongar, Author of Maternal Solicitude.' Foolscap 8vo. 5s

Ellen, or the Young Godmother, a Tale for Youth. By A. C. Mant. 3s 6d
Introduction au Style Epistolaire des François. Par George Sandley. 2s

An Easy Grammar of Sacred History. By M. A. Rundal, of Percy House, Bath. A New Edition, enlarged. 4s

New Orthographical Exercises. By Alex. Power. 3s

Rules of Life; with Reflections on the Manners and Dispositions of Mankind.

12mo. 8s

The First or Parent's Catechism, with a Clock Face, and moveable Hands; a new and improved Edition. By M. Pelham, author of the London Primer. 1s

Popular Models and Impressive Warnings for the Sons and Daughters of Industry; adapted to the leisure hours of the Apprentice, the Nursery, and Servant's Hall. 5s

The Literary and Scientific pursuits which are encouraged and enforced in the University of Cambridge, briefly described and vindicated; with various Notes. By the Rev. Latham Wainwright, A.M. F.S.A. 8vo. 4s 6d

Latin Prosody made easy. By W. Shaw, D.D. 8vo. 2s 6d

Visites d'une semaine, ouvrage traduit de l'Anglois, par J. E. Le Febvre. 4s 6d A New Key to Walkinghame's Tutor's Assistant; containing all the questions in the useful part of that Work, wrought at full length. By William Ord. 12mo. 4s

A Grammar of the English Language; to which is added, a Series of Classical Examples of the Structure of Sentences, and three important Systems of the Time of Verbs. By the Rev. J. Sutcliffe, Author of Notes and Reflections on the Old and New Testament, and Translator of the 7th and 8th Volumes of Saurine's Sermons. 3s 6d


Arrangement of English Grammar; with Critical Remarks, and a Collection of Synonyms. By David Davidson. 12mo. 8s

Eutropius, with English Notes and Questions, for the Use of Schools. By the Rev. C. Bradley. 2s 6d

A Series of Exercises and Questions, adapted to the best Latin Grammars, and designed as a Guide to Parsing, and an Introduction to the Exercises of Valpy, Turner, Clarke, and Ellis, Whittaker's Exempla Propria, and the Eton Exempla Minora. By the Rev. C. Bradley. 2s 6d

Village Conversations; or the Vicar's Fireside. By Miss Renon. 7s Display; a Tale for Young People. By Jane Taylor. Foolscap 8vo. 6s Geography Illustrated on a Popular Plan. By the Rev, J. Goldsmith. A new and enlarged edition. 15s

Bossuet's Easy Grammar of the French Language. A new edition. 2s 6d Systematic Education; or Elementary Instruction in the various Departments of

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