Imatges de pÓgina

Celsus de Medicina. 12mo. 8s

Synopsis Nosologiæ Methodica. By G. Cullen, M.D. 12mo. 4s 6d

A System of Anatomy. By John Gordon, M.D. F.R.S.E. Vol. I. 8vo. 9s
An Epitome of Juridical or Forensic Medicine. By Dr G. E. Male, of Birmingham.



An Inquiry into the Nature, Cause, and Varieties of the Arterial Pulse. By Dr C. H. Parry, of Bath. 8vo. With Plates. 8s

Three Lectures on Craniological Physiognomy; in which the Opinions of Drs Gall and Spurzheim are controverted. In 1 vol. 8vo. With Engravings.

A Treatise on Poisons. By M. P. Orfila. Vol. I. Part II. 8vo. 98

Medical Transactions, published by the College of Physicians in London. Volume V. 8vo. 12s

A Family Treatise on Rheumatisms and Rheumatic Affections; with domestic Methods of Cure. By William Hickman. 1s 6d


A Proposal for improving the System of Friendly Societies, or of Poor Assurance Offices, so as to render Parochial Taxation unnecessary. By Jerome Count de Salis. 2s 6d

Manuel du Voyageur, or Traveller's Pocket Companion; containing 50 Dialogues on the most usual Expressions in travelling, and different circumstances in Life. By M. de Genlis. In English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. 8s Miscellaneous Tracts on Religious, Political, and Agricultural Subjects. By Richard Watson, D.D. F.R.S. Lord Bishop of Llandaff. 2 vol. 8vo. 11 is

System and no System; or the Contrast. By Maria Benson. 12mo. 6s The Maskers of Moorfields, a vision. By the late Arthur Griffinhoof. Ss Theory on the Classification of Beauty and Deformity, exemplified in various Works of Art and Nature, and by Forty-two Charts and Plates. By Mary Anne Schimmelpenninck. 4to. 31 13s 6d

Boxiana, or Sketches of Ancient and Modern Pugilism; with Thirty Portraits. 12s The Cheap Magazine; having for its object the Prevention of Crimes. With Sixtyfive Cuts. 2 vol. 9s. 1200 pp.

A Letter to William Wilberforce, Esq. M.P., Vice-President of the African-Institution, &c. &c.; containing Remarks on the Reports of the Sierra Leone Company, and African Institution: with Hints respecting the means by which a Universal Abolition of the Slave Trade might be carried into effect. By Robert Thorpe, Esq. L.L.D. Chief Justice of Sierra Leone. 38

A Special Report of the General Committee of the London Infirmary, for curing Diseases of the Eye. 8vo. 1s 6d

Brown and Jackson's Calculator. 3vo. 7s 6d

The Gaol of the City of Bristol compared with what a Gaol ought to be. By a Citizen. 8vo. 2s 6d

Report of the London Society for the Encouragement of Faithful Female Servants, instituted 1813. od

No. I. of a new Literary Journal, entitled the British Lady's Magazine. To be continued monthly. 2s

The Museum, or Man as he is; being a Chrono-Demono-Mytho-Patho-Theo-Deo, and several other O-Logical Dissertations on the Dignity of Human Nature, calculated to display a few of the various and curious materials of which it is composed; by a Lord of the Creation. With a Frontispiece by Rowlandson. 12mo. Es

Morsels for Merry and Melancholy Mortals; with a coloured Frontispiece. Fool scap 8vo. 5s

A Familiar Treatise on Drawing, for Youth; being an Elementary Introduction to

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the Fine Arts, designed for the instruction of Young Persons whose genius leads them to study this elegant and useful branch of Education. By C. Taylor. 8vo. 10s 6d East India Register and Directory, for 1815, corrected to November. 7s 6d

The English Works of Roger Ascham, Preceptor to Queen Elizabeth, with some Original additions. 21s

The Printer's Job Price Book, containing eighty-one tables of the master-printer's charges to the public, for various descriptions of jobs, on paper of different qualities, with corresponding degrees of workmanship. Also, a Table, showing the quantity of paper to be given out for the respective sizes and numbers. By Philip Rose and John Evans, master-printers, in Bristol. Foolscap 8vo. 89

Tabulæ Arithmeticæ, or the Counting-House Assistant, containing upwards of forty of the most approved Arithmetical Tables, extended and arranged upon a new Plan, By Joseph Taylor.

A Table of Remarkable Circumstances attending particular numbers, from 1 to 9. By Joseph Taylor.

A Treatise on the Coal Trade, and its abuses; with Hints for Amelioration; An Historical Account of Coal-mining; a Chronological Deduction of the Rights, Liberties, Charters, and Regulations, under which the Coal Trade has existed from the Reign of Henry III. to the present time; with extracts from the Appendix of the Ninth Re port of the Commissioners of Naval Enquiry. By R. Edington. Second edition. 9s Letter to Lord Viscount Melville. By a Member of the Society of Writers to the Signet. 8vo. 5s

The Pocket Herald, or Gentleman's Companion, a concise Introduction to Heraldry. 12mo. 1s 6d

Time's Telescope for 1815. 12mo.


Evening Amusements for the Year 1815. By William Frend, Esq. A.M. 12mo. 3s Paris Chit Chat, or a View of the Society, Manners, Customs, Literature, and Amusements, of the Parisians; being a translation of Guillaume le Franc Parleur,' and a Sequel to 'l'Hermite de la Chansée d'Antin. 2 vol. 12mo. 10s

The Perpetual Time Calculator, for ascertaining the Number of Days from any given Day, to any other within the Year. By Thomas Honibalt. 4to. 12s

The Cambridge University Calendar, for the Year 1815. 12mo. 5s 6d
Anecdotes Parisiennes. 18mo. 4s

Crosby's Builder's New Price Book, corrected to February 1815. 8vo. 4s
New Law List, corrected to March 1815. By Samuel Hill, 12mo. 6s

Substance of a Speech delivered at Maidenhead, January 30, 1815, on the Adult Institution. 8vo. 28 6d

The Royal Military Calendar, containing the Services of every General Officer in the British Army, from the Date of their First Commission; with an Appendix, con taining an Account of the Operations of the Army on the Eastern Coast of Spain in 1812-13. By J. Phillippart, Esq. 2 vol. 8vo. 11.1s

Successiva Operæ, or Selections from Ancient Writers, Sacred and Profane; with Translations and Notes. By the Rev. H. Meen, B.D. 8vo. 5s

Letters from an Officer in the North of Scotland to his Friend in London, contain. ing an Account of the Customs and Manners of the Highlanders; first printed in 1754. 2 vol. 8vo. 15s

The Works of Alexander Pennecuik, Esq. of New-Hall, M.D.; containing the Description of Tweeddale, and Miscellaneous Poems. A New Edition, with copious Notes, forming a Complete History of the County to the Present Time. 8vo. 12s

Essays Moral and Entertaining, on the various Faculties and Passions of the Human Mind. By the Right Hon. Edward Earl of Clarendon. 2 vol. foolscap 8vo.


Public Disputation of the Students of the College of Fort William, in Bengal, before the Right Hon. Earl Moira, Governor-General of Bengal, and Visitor of the College, together with his Lordship's Discourse, June 20, 1814. 8vo. 3s

Remarks on the late Trial of an Officer of Rank in a distinguished Regiment of Hussars, in a Letter to a Friend. By an Officer. 8vo. 2s



French Delectus. By James Foley. 2s.

The Military Adventures of Johnny Newcome. By an Officer. 8vo. 11 Mr Malison's Plan of an Attempt to render Assistance to Shipwrecked Mariners, 23 6d.

Sequel of an Attempt to ascertain the Author of the Letters of Junius, 8vo.

France and England, or Scenes in each: compiled from the Original Papers of Castleton Gifford, Esq. 2 vol. 12mo. 10s 6d

The Fifth Volume of Kirbey's Wonderful Museum. 12s boards.

The Philosophy of Human Nature, containing a Complete Theory of Human Interests; to which is added, an Essay on the Origin of Evil. By John Duncan. 8vo.

10s 6d

The Philosophic Mouse: a Work adapted to render Philosophical Subjects pleasing to Juvenile Minds. By Jonathan Greaves. 12mo. 3s 6d.

Essays, Religious and Moral. In royal 12mo. 7s

The Rejected Pictures, &c. with descriptive Sketches of the several Compositions, by some Ci-devant and other Cognoscenti; being a Supplement to the Royal Academy Catalogue of this Year: To which are added, a few of the Secret Reasons for their Rejection. By a Member of the Hanging Committee. 8vo. 5s 6d

The Miscellaneous Works of Edward Gibbon, with Memoirs of his Life and Writings, composed by himself; illustrated from his Letters, with occasional Notes and Narrative. By John Lord Sheffield. With a Portrait and other Engravings. 5 vol. 8vo. 31 5s

Elvin's Heraldry of Crests; selected from the Works of Nisbet, Guillim, M‘Kenzie, Edmondson, and others, with great caution and attention; comprising upwards of 2500 different Crests. 18mo. 9s

A Letter to the Duke of Gloucester, President of the African Institution, from Zachary Macauley, Esq. occasioned by a Pamphlet lately published by Dr Thorpe, late Judge of the Colony of Sierra Leone, entitled a Letter to William Wilberforce, Esq

&c. 3s

Reply to the above, by Dr Thorpe, in Preface to his Fourth Edition. 2s

Hints for Protecting the Public against the Extortion and Insolence of HackneyCoachmen, with Proposals for Amending the Existing Laws, and the Bye-Laws, never before published." By J. J. Maxwell, Esq.


Second Report of the London Society for the Improvement and Encouragement of Female Servants, instituted 1815. 6d

Memorial on behalf of the Native Irish. 8vo. 2s 6d

Easy System of Short-hand. By James Mitchell, M. A. 12mo. 4s

Oxford University Calendar, for the year 1815. Foolscap 8vo. 6s
Spirit of the Public Journals for 1814, Vol. XVIII. 12mo. 7s

Scribbleomania. 8vo. 14s


Consideration of the Claims of the Catholics. By H. W. Tancred, Esq. 8vo.
A Guide to the Duty and Authority of Overseers of the Poor. By Wm. Toone.

Svo. 5s 6d

A Catalogue of all Graduates in Divinity, Law, and Medicine, and of all Masters of Arts and Doctors of Music, who have regularly proceeded or been created in the University of Oxford, between October 10, 1659, and October 10, 1814: to which are added, the Chancellors, High Stewards, Vice-chancellors, and Proctors, from the year 1659 to 1814; the Burgesses for the University, from 1603 to 1814; and the Matriculations and Regents, from 1701 to 1814. 8vo. 12s

The School for Wits; containing a choice Collection of Bon Mots, Anecdotes, Epigrams, and other poetical Jeux d'Esprits, spoken or written by the most celebrated Wits of the Age, a great many of which have never before been published; by Ralph Wewitzer, of the Theatre Royal Drury-Lane. 12mo. 6s

A Treatise on the Breeding, Training, and Management of Horses, with Practical Remarks and Observations on Farriery, &c.; to which is prefixed, the Natural History

of Horses in general, and the Antiquity of Horse-racing in England; together with an Appendix, containing the whole Law relating to Horses. By William Flint. 8vo. 7s 6d

The Complete Time-Tables; exhibiting at one View, the Number of Days from any particular Date, exclusively, to every Date, inclusively, throughout the Year; upon a scheme new, simple, and accurate. By J. G. Pohlman. 8vo. 12s

A Statement of Facts, connected with a Precognition taken in the College of Glas. gow relative to the 107th Psalm, and the 26th Scriptural Translation, v. 5. &c. By Professor Mylne, Chaplain to the University. 2s 6d

Popular Models and Impressive Warnings for the Sons and Daughters of Industry. By Mrs Grant, late of Duthil. 2 parts. 10s

Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces; with Letters, containing a comparative View of the Modes of Living, Arts, Commerce, Literature, Manners, &c. of Edinburgh, at different Periods. By the late William Creech, Esq. F.R.S. Edinburgh. To which is prefixed, an Account of his Life. 8vo. 12s

The Works of Laurence Sterne. 4 vol. 18mo.

11 2s.

Observations on the Writings and Character of Gray. By T. J. Mathias. Crown

8vo. 7s

Yorkshire Farriery. By John Tindall. 8vo

7s 6d

Literary and Scientific Pursuits in the University of Cambridge. By J. Wainwright. 8vo. 4s 6d

Reasons for the Establishing of a Registry of Slaves in the British Colonies; being a Report of a Committee of the African Institution. 3s

The Pamphleteer. No. XI. 6s 6d

The Naval Monitor; containing many useful Hints for both the Public and Private Conduct of the Young Gentlemen in, or entering that Profession, in all its Branches. By an Officer of the Navy. 12mo. 65

The Principles of War exhibited in the Practice of the Camp.
The Eleventh Report of the British and Foreign Bible Society.
The New Professed Cook. By Robert Reynolds. 7s

Hints for establishing an Office in Newcastle, for collecting and recording Authentic Information relative to the State of the Coaleries. By W. Thomas, Esq. To which are added, Observations by W. Chapman, Esq. 28

The Classical Journal. No. XXIII. 6s

103 6d

Hints from a Mother to her Daughter. By Anna Williams. 12mo. 4s
Friendly Labours. By- Peacock. 2 vol. 12mo. 9s

The Paris Spectator, or l'Hermite de la Chaussée d'Antin; containing Observations upon Parisian Manners and Customs at the commencement of the Nineteenth Century. Translated from the French, by William Jerdan. 3 vol. 12mo.


Essais sur la Litterature Française. Imprimés à Paris, 1815. 3 vol. 11 4s A Narrative of the late Mr W. D. Sandys, of Trinity College, Cambridge. 2s Special Report of the Directors of the African Institution, made at the Annual General Meeting, on the 12th of April, 1815, respecting the Allegations contained in a Pamphlet, entitled "A Letter to William Wilberforce, Esq." &c. By R. Thorpe, Esq. &c. 3s

Travels at Home; or, Voyages by the Fire-side. 5 vol. 15s

Rees's New Cyclopædia, Vol. XXX. Part II. and Plates D.-forming Part, LXII. 11. Large paper, 11 16s

The Sylvan Wanderer, Part II. 11 1s

The New Annual Register, or General Repository of History, Politics, and Litera ture, for the Year 1814. 11

The Philanthropist. No. XX. 2s 6d

A Synopsis of Stamp Duties; being the Substance of the Schedules of the Act 55, Geo. III., commencing Sept. 1, 1815. By J. A. Herand. 2s ad

Memoirs of an Old Wig. Post 8vo. 78

Museum Criticum, or Cambridge Classical Researches. No. V. 5s

On the Slave Trade, and on the Slavery of Blacks and of Whites; by a Friend of Men of all Colours; translated from the original French of M. Gregoire, formerly Bishop of Blois. To which are annexed, Prefatory Observations and Notes. 8vo. 3s 6d An Answer to the Calumnious Misrepresentations of the Reviews. By Sir N. W. Wraxall. 2s

The Sportsman's Directory. By John Mayer. 12mo. 7s 6d

A Reply, Point by Point, to the Special Report of the Directors of the African In. stitution. By Robert Thorpe, Esq. LL.D. 3s 6d

A Treatise on Prisons. By M. P. Orfila. Vol. I. Part I. 8vo. 9s

Outlines of the Physiognomical System. By J. G. Spurzheim, M.D. 12mo. 85 Universal Marine Dictionary, by William Falconer. Edited by Dr W. Burney. 4to. 41 14s 6d

Kearsley's Tax Tables for the Last Session of Parliament, including the Property and other New Taxes, the New Stamp Table, the Corn Bill, the Act for the Regula tion of Apothecaries and their Assistants. 1s 6d

Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk. 8vo. 12s

The Mirror for Magistrates; wherein may be seene, by Examples passed in this Realme, with how greevous Plagues Vices are punished in great Princes and Magis trates, and how fraile and unstable Worldly Prosperity is founde, where Fortune seemeth most highly to fauour. The present Edition of these Historical Poems, possesses the various Readings of all preceding Ones, with Numerous Illustrative Notes, edited by Joseph Hazlewood, Esq. 9 vol. small 4to. 121 12s

Guizara, Princess of Persia; or, the Virgin Queen. 8vo. 10s 6d

A Statement of the Cruelties, Abuses, and Frauds, which are practised in Madhouses. By J. W. Rogers, Surgeon. 3s

Amusements in Retirement; or, the Influence of Literature, Science, and the Liberal Arts, on the Conduct and Happiness of Private Life. By the Author of the Philo. sophy of Nature. 1 vol. 8vo. 10s 6d

On the Freedom of the Will. By J. Edwards. 8vo. 9s

Present of a Mistress to a Young Servant. By Mrs Taylor. 12mo. Ss 6d

The Report; together with the Minutes of Evidence, and Appendix of Papers, from the Committee appointed to consider of provision being made for the better regulation of Mad-houses in England. 13s

A Pattern for Parish Clerks; being Letters written by an Obscure Member of that Fraternity, selected from an occasional Correspondence with the Editor. 3s

Annual Gleanings of Wit and Humour, in Prose and Verse; consisting of a Selection of Anecdotes, Bon Mots, Epigrams, Enigmas, and Epitaphs; with some choice Receipts, Toasts, Sentiments, &c. chiefly gleaned from the Numerous Periodical Works and Journals of the day, both Foreign and English; with many Original Pieces. By a celebrated Wit of the Age. In 2 vol. 18mo. 7s-Royal paper, 10s 6d

Essays on Various Subjects:-1. On the Difficulties in the Way of the Acquisition of Real Knowledge.-2. On Grammar, &c.-3. On Temper.-4. On War.-5. On Conversation. By William Pitt Scargill. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

The London Savings Bank: an Account of its Formation, Progress, and Success, detailing the successive Steps adopted; with adequate Directions for the Establish ment of similar Institutions, either for the Parish, the Village, or Populous Manufac turing Town. By Charles Taylor, Treasurer and Director of the London Savings Bank. 8vo. 1s 6d

British Justice in Africa, developed in Official and other Documents concerning recent Proceedings. 2s

Four Dissertations, addressed to the Rising Generation, on Covetousness, Hypocrisy, &c. 3s 6d

Account of a newly invented Panagram for teaching the Blind. By John Casson.

19 6d

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