Imatges de pÓgina



Charles Whitlow, for working ma- David Mushet, for improvements in nufactures from certain plants of the the manu facturing of iron. genuses Urtica and Asclepias." William Edridge, for an improved

Robert Brown, for improvements on fire-engine. the machinery of ploughs.

Joseph Harvey, for a machine for James Gardner, for improvements the better striking and finishing of a machine for cutting hay and leather.

Richard Dixon, for improvements William Pope, for improvements on

in the construction of trunks and wheel-carriages, and methods of ma- portmanteaus. king them go without animals.

John Street, for improvements in Grace Eliz. Service, for new me- the making and working of bellows. thods of manufacturing straw.

John Edwards, for a method of preJohn Taylor, for methods of refi- venting leakage in ships and other vesning sugar.

sels. Charles Sylvester, for improvements John Chesholms, for a method of in bobbin lace.

constructing register and other stoves. Robert Baynes, for improvements in Stephen Price, for a machine for vertical windmill sails.

shearing woollen cloths. Robert Dickinson, for improved Thomas Field Savery, for a salt posmeans for the propulsion of vessels sessing the property of the Sedlitz through the water.

Samuel Balden and John Burten. James Carpenter, for an improved shaw, for a machine for the better curry-comb. beating of ovens.

William Bemman, for improvements William Madeley, for an improved in ploughs. drilling machine.

Thomas Ashmore, for a new mode John Lewis, for an improved shear. of making leather. ing machine.





The lamps are bright in Babel's tower,
Belshazzar feasts in pride of power.

On golden throne,
Clothed in his grandeur, haughty and alone,

He sits in state.

Around him wait
A thousand Satraps in their crested pride ;

And, nearer seen, his lovely queen
Wears the dread splendours of a monarch's bride.

Of molten gold, the pillars hold
A dome begemm’d with stones of price,
And handiwork of rare device.
The banquet glitters on the board,
Inviting its voluptuous lord;

Young beauty smiles,
Queen of hearts and witching wiles;
And mantling shine the cups of wine,
Wak’ning, as their drops they quaff,

Hearts that dance, and eyes that laugh ;
And wild and loud the minstrel throng
The proud carousal cheer with harp and song.

Sweetest nard the virgins sprinkling,
Gently wake the timbril's tinkling,
And, in mazes right fantastic,
Trip it light on steps elastic.
Wheeling, turning, coming, flying,
Granting now, and now denying.
Tranced, and soul-dissolving,

Lo! the monarch lies-
Ecstasies involving,

Close his raptured eyes.
On the soft bosom of his

Reclining all serene,
He dreams no more of royal toil and care,
And painful glories vanish into air.

Starts a rapid clangor,
Rousing to brave anger;

Shrill and strong, breaks the song
Of daring deed and warrior throng,
Pealing deep in numbers grave,

The battle and the brave.
“ Strength of shields, and edge of swords,
King of kings, and Lord of lords !
Wake thee, wake thee, Glory calls,
Once again, lo! Salem falls."
He starts up from his consort's side,
In the drunkenness of pride,
Heav'n, and Earth, and Hell defying,
Hosts he sees before him flying,
While the rage to assuage,
Sought in vain the minstrel Mage.

“ Bards! louder yet my father's triumph sing,
And here the Hebrew's hallow'd vessels bring."

Those vessels shine with Heathen wine,
And Salem mourns her violated shrine;
And o'er her bleeding woes, her victors sing

The song of triumphing.

VI. Who comes, in his glory, from Babylon's waters, Devouring the earth in the wrath of his slaughters? Who comes, like the sun, in the joy of the morn, His blood-reeking banners by victory borne?

In the strength of his shields, the Assyrian comes down,
The earth, with her rivers and mountains, his own.
He comes, like a giant refresh'd with new wine,
Exulting in strength, while his men of war shine.
In the pride of his heart to the fight he advances,
The wilderness flames with the gleam of his lances ;
The son of the forest, with howling affright,
Starts from the blaze to the darkness of night.
Like the roaring of waters, like bellowing of storm,
Like dark rolling clouds, to the combat they form;
And hurling their foes to the torrents of hell,
Triumphing sing to the glory of Bel.”

“ Look to the king ! look to the lord !

Starting from the banquet board."
Pale, and motionless, as monumental stone,

The cold flesh quivers on the bone.
The sparkless eye upon the wall is raised,

There rivetted—it gazes glazed.
What can Assyria's greatness thus appall ?
A sever'd hand is moving on that wall-
A sever'd hand, in deep mysterious gloom,

Traces the characters of doom.

O’er all that gorgeous room,
'Tis the deep hush of terror—and the breath
Already owns the chilling touch of death.

Chaldea's Seers, aghast,
Confess their science past.
Those characters remain

Belshazzar's bape !

The hoary Hebrew came,
Upon his lips the prophet's flame

Burning in brightness.
His form is feeble, slow his pace,
Wild ringlets shade his aged face,

Reverend in whiteness.

He saw, he read, he spoke ;
And all delirious, from his quiet broke.

As the arrow from the bow,
As the fish that flies the foe,
As the gush of Horeb flow'd,
As the lightning from the cloud,

Starts he to life,
Convulsive with prophetic strife.
His eye, where Age her film had drawn,

Flashes the flame of its glances;
His old, worn form, all animated shone,

Kindled and wild he advances ;

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