Imatges de pÓgina

cause these original tongues are not known to all the people of God who have right urto and inter. eft in the scriptures, and are commanded in the fear of God, to read and search them', therefore they are to be translated into the vulgar language of every nation unto which they come", that the word of God dwelling plentifully in all, they may worship him in an acceptable manner", and, through patience and comfort of the scriptures may have hope*.

IX. The infallible rule of interpretation of scripture is the scripture itself; and, therefore, when there is a question about the true and full

John s. 39. Search the all prophesy and there come fcriptures; for in them ye in one that believeth not, or think ye have eternal life : and one unlearned, he is convinced they are they which testify of me, of all, he is judged of all..

v. 1 Cor. 14, 6, 9, 11, 12. If any man speak in an un24, 27, 28. Now brethren, if known tongue, let it be by two, I come unto you speaking with or at the most by three, and tongues, what mall ì pro- that by course; and let one fit you, except I shall speak to interpret. But if there be no you either by revelation, or by interpreter, let him keep, fiknowledge, or by prophesy- lence in the church; and let him ing, or by doctrine ! So speak to himself and to God. likewise ye, except ye utter

w Co

3. 16. Let the word by the tongue words easy to be of Christ dwell in you richly in understood, how shall it be all wisdom; teaching and adkoown what is spoken? for ye monishing another in fhall speak into the air. There- pfalms, and hymns, and fpifore if I know not the meaning ritual fongs, finging with of the voice, I shall be unto

grace in your hearts to the him that spcaketh a barba. Lord, rian, and he that speaketh fball i Rom, 15. 4. For whate be a barbarian unto me.-- -Even focver things were written ao fo ye, for as much as ye are forctime were written for our zealous of fpiritual gifts, seek learning, that we, through pathat you may excel to the edi. tience and comfort of the scripfying of the church.-- But if tures might have hope.


sense of any 'scripture, (which is not manifold, but one) it may be fearched and known by other places that speak more clearly'.

X. The supreme Judge, ' by whom all contro"versies of religion are to be determined, and all decrees of councils, opinions of ancient writers, doctrines of men, and private fpirits, are to be examined, and in whose sentence we are toʻreft, can be no other but the Holy Spirit speaking in the scripture”.

IX. y Ads 15. 15. And to fpoken unto you by God. this agree the words of the pro- Eph. 2. 20. And are, built phets; as it is writrėn. john upon 'the foundation of the S. 46. For had ye believed apoftles and prophets, Jesus Mofes, ye would have believed Chrift himself being the me: for he wrote of me. chief corner-stone.

Acts 28. X. z Mat. 22. 29, 31. Jefus 25. And when they agreed answered and said unto them, not among themselves, they Ye do err, not knowing the departed, after that Paul had fcriptures, nor the power of spoken one word, Well spake God-But as touching the re- the Holy Ghost' by Esaias the surrection of the dead, have prophet'unto our fathers. je not read that which was


Of God, and of the Holy Trinity.
HERE is but one only living and true God',

who is infinite in being and perfection', a most pure spirit", invisible', without body, parts",

I. a Deut. 6. 4. Hear, O these are parts of his ways; Israel, the Lord our God is, but how little a portion is heard oue Lord; I Cor. 8. 4, 6. As of him? but the thunder of concerning therefore the cat- his power, who can under. ing of those things that are of- stand ? fered in facrifice unto idols, d John 4. 24. God is a Spirit, we know that an idol is no- and they that worship him, thing in the world, and that must worship bim in spirit and there is none other God but in truth.. onc. But to us there is but one e I Tim. I. 17. Now unto God, the Father, of whom are, the King eternal, immortal, in. all things, and we in him; visible, the only wise God, be and one Lord Jesus Christ, by honor and glory, for ever and whom are all things, and we by ever. Amen. nim,

f Deut. 4. 15. 16. Take ye bi Thess. 1.9.-Ye curned therefore good heed unto yourto God from idols, to serve the felves; for ye faw no manner living and true God, Jer. 10. of fimilitude on the day that 10. But the Lord is the true the Lord spake unto you in ; God, he is the living God, and Horeb out of the midst of the an everlasting King

fire. — Left ye corrupt you) c Job 11. 7, 8, 9. and 26. selves, and make you a graven 14. Canft thou by searching image, the fimilitude of any find out God? Canit thou find figure, the likeness of male or out the Almighty unto porn female. Luke, 24. 39. Behold fedion ?- It is high as hca- my hands and my feet ; that it ven, what canst thou do? is i myself. Handle me and fee; deeper than hell; what canst for a spirit hath not flesh and thou know ? The measure bones, as ye ice me have. John thereof is longer than the earth, 4. 24. and broader than the sea.--10,

or passions, immutable , immense', eternal", incomprehensible', almighty", most wise", most holyo, most freel, most absolute', working all things according to the counsel of his own immutable and most righteous will', for his own

& AAs 14. 11, 15. And carth and the world; even from when the people saw what everlafi ing to everlasting, thou Paul had done, they lift up art God. I Tim. 1. 17. Now their voices, saying in the unto the King eternal, immor specch of Lycaonia, The gods tal, invisible, the only wise God, are come down to us in the be horor and glory for ever and likeness of men. And saying, ever. Amen. Sirs, why do ye these things ? I Píal. 145. 3.-His greacWe also are men of like pai- nets is unsearchable. fions with you, and preach un- m Gen. 17. 1.- am the to you that ye should turn from Almighty God; walk before these vanities unto the living me, and be thou perfe&. Rev. God, which made heaven and 4. 3. carth and the sea and all things n Rom. 16. 27. To God only that are therein.

wise, be glory through Jesus h. Jam. 5. 17.-The Father Christ for ever. Amen. of lights, with whom is no va- o lsai. 6. 3. And one cried riableness, neither shadow of unto anotber, and said, Holy, turning. Mal. 3. 6. For I am holy, holy is the Lord of hosts : the Lord, I change not.

the whole earth is full of his i i Kings 8. 27. Dut will glory. Rev. 4. 8. God indeed dwell on the earth? p Pfal. 115. 3. But our God behold, the heaven, and hea. is in the heavens: He hath done ven of heavens cannot contain whatsoever he pleased. thee, how much less this house 9 Exod. 3.

4, And God that I have builded ? Jer. 23. said :: nto Mofes, I AM THAT I 23, 24.

Am I a God at hand, AM; and he faid, Thus fhalt faith the Lord, and not a God thou say unto the children of afar off ? Can any hide himself Ifrae!, I am, hath font me unto in secret places that I shall not you, see him ? faith the Lord. Do r Eph, I, II, In whom also not I fill heaven and carth? we have obtained an inheria. faith the Lord.

tance, being predestinated ack Pfal 90. 2. Before the cording to the purpose of hin, mountains wire brought forth, who worketh all things after or ever thou hadit formed the the counsel of his own will:

glory'; most loving', gracious, merciful, longfuffering, abundant in goodness and truth, for. giving iniquity, transgression and fin'; the rewarder of them that diligently seek him"; and withal most just and terrible in his judgments* ; hating all fin', and who will by no means clear the guilty


f Prov. 16. 4. The Lord mercy; let not all the trouble hath made all things for him. seeni little before thee, that self: Yea, even the wicked for hath come upon us, on our the day of evil. Rom. 11. 36. kings, on our princes, and on For of him, and through him, our priests, and on our propt and to him are all thirigs. To ets, and on our fathers, and whom be glory for ever. Amen. on all thy people, Gince the Rev, 4. II.

time of the kings of Assyria, t 1 John 4. 8. He that loveth unto this day. Howbeit, thou

knoweth not God, for God art just in all that is brought is tove,

upon us ; for thou hast done v Exod. 34: 6, 9. And the right, but we have done wick. Lord passed by before him, edly. and proclaimed, The Lord, the y Psal. 5.5, 6. The foolish Lord God, merciful and gra- fall not Itand in thy light: cious, long-suffering, and abun- thou hateft all workers of in. dant in goodness and truth, iquity. Thou shalt destroy keeping mercy for thousands, them that speak leasing : the forgiving iniquity and transgref- Lord will ahhor the bloody and fion and fin, and that will by no deceitful man. means clear the guilty.

z Nahum 3. 2, 3. God is w Heb. 11. 6.- For he that jealous, and the Lord reveng, cometh to God must believe eth and is furious, the Lord that he is, and that he is a re- will take vengeance on his ad. warder of them that diligently versaries, and he referveth wrath seek him,

for his enemies.The Lord x Neh. 9. 32, 33

Now is flow to anger, and great in therefore, our God, the great, power, and will not at all the mighty, and the terrible acquit the wicked. See Exod. God, who keepest covenant and 34.7.


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