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VIII. Although ignorant and wicked men receive the outward elements in this facrament, yet they receive not the thing fignified thereby ; but by their unworthy coming thereunto are guilty of the body and blood of the Lord, to, their own damnation. Wherefore all ignorang and ungodly persons, as they are unfit to enjoy communion with him, so are they unworthy of the Lord's table, and cannot, without great sin against Christ, while they remain such, partake of these holy mysteries”, or be admitted there. unto.

Vill. p. i Cor. 11. 27, 29. be my people. I Cor. 10. 21. Wherefore, whosoever shall Ye cannot drink the cup of eat this bread, and drink this the Lord, and the cup of decup of the Lord unworthily, vils, yo cannot be partakers fall be guilty of the body and of the Lord's table, and of the blood of the Lord. - For he table of devils. that eateth and drinketh un 9 1 Cor. 5. 6, 7, 13. Your worthily, eateth and drinkeih glorying is not good; Know damnation (judgment) tohim- ye not that a little leaven Icatelf, not discerning the Lord's veneth the whole lump? houy 2 Cor. 6. 14, 15, 16. Purge out therefore the old le ye not unequally yoked to leaven, that ye may be a new gether with unbelievers; for lump, as ye are unleavened. what fellowship hath righte. For even Christ our passover oufness with unrighteoulness? is sacrificed for ias. But them and what communion hath that are without, God judgeth. light with darkness? And Therefore put away from awhat concord hath Christ mong yourselves that wicked with Belial? or what part perfon. 2 Thess. 3. 6, 14, 15. hath he that believeth, with an Now we command you, bieinfidel? And what agreement thren, in the name of our hath the temple of God with Lord Jesus Christ, that ye idols? For ye are the temple of withdraw yourselves from ethe living God; as God hath very brother that walketh said, I will dwell in them, diforderly, and not after the and walk in them; and I will tradition which he received be their Gud, and they thall of us, And if any man



Of Church Censures.

Thurch, hates the zein appointed a governa

HE Lord Jesus, as king and head of hłs

ment in the hand of church-officers, diftinét from the civil magistrate'.

II. To these officers the keys of the kingdom of heaven are committed, by virtue whereof they have power respectively to retain and remit fins, to shut that kingdom againt the impenitent, both by the word and censures; and to open it unto penitent finners, by the ministry of the gof

obey not our word by this e- Peace. Of the increafe of iis pistle, note that wion, and government and peace, there have no company with him, just be ro end, upon the that he may be ashamed.- throne of David and upon his Yet count him not as an ene- kingdom, to order it, and to my, but admonith him as a ett slith it with juvgment and brother. Mar. 7. 6. Give not with juttice froin henceforth chat which is holy unto the even for ever; the zeal of the dogs, neither café yo your Lord of hosts will perform this. pearls before swinc, left they i Tin. 5. 17. Let the elders trample them under their feet, that rule well, be counterl and turn again and rend you. worthy of double honour, eipe

1. a Ifa. 9. 6, 7, For vuto cially they who labor in the us a child is born, unto us a word and doctrine. I Theis. Son is given, and the govern.

and we beseech you, ment shall be upon his thould brethren, to know them which er : and his name shall be cal. labor among you, and art led Wonderful, Counsellor, over you in the Lord, and adThe mighty God, The ever- monith you. 1 Cor. 12. 28. lasting Father, The Prince of And God hath fet fome in the

5. 12

pel, and by absolution from cenfures, as occafion fhall require".

III. Church censures are necessary for the reclaiming and gaining of offending brethren; for deterring of others from like offences; for purging out of that leaven which might infect the whole lump; for vindicating the honor of Christ, and the holy profeffion of the gospel; and for preventing the wrath of God, which might justly fall upon the church, if they thould suffer this covenant, and the seals thereof, to be profaned by notorious and obftinate offenders.


church, first, apoflcs, fe- Peace be unto you, as my Facondarily, prophets, thirdly, ther hath lent me, tven lo rend teachers, after that miracles, I you. And when he had said then gifts of healings, helps, this, he breathed on them, governments,

diverfities of and faith unto them, Receive tongues. Pfal. 2. 6, 7, 8, 9. ye the Holy Ghost. Whofe John 18. 36.

foever fins ye remit, they are II b Mat. 16. 19. And I will remitted

them : and give unto thee the keys of the whofesoever fins ye retain they kingdom of beaven ; and what. are retained. 2 Cor. 2. 6, 78. fuever thou shalt bind on carth, Sufficient to fuch a man is this thail he bound in heaven: and punishment, which was inflico whatsoever thou shalt loose on ted of many, so that contrari. earth, shall be loofed in heaven. wise, ye ought rather to for. Mat. 18. 17. 18. And if he give bim, and comfort bim, Thall neglect to hear them, left perhaps such an one should tell it unto the church; but if be swallowed up with over he neglect to hear the church, much forrow. Wherefore i let him be unto thee as an hea- beseech you, that you would then man and a publican.- confirm your love towards him. Verily I say unto you, what. III. c 1 Cor. 5th chapter foever ye shall bind on earth, throughout. 1 Tim. 5. 20. ihall be bound in heaven: and Them that fin, rebuke before whatsoever ye shall loose on all, that others also may fear. earch fhall be loosed in heaven. Mat. 7. 6. Give not that John 20. 21, 22, 23. Then which is holy unto the dogs, said Jesus to

them again, neither cast ye your pearls before

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IV. For the better attaining of these ends, the officers of the church are to proceed by ad. monition, suspension from the facrament of the Lord's fupper for a season, and by excommunication from the church, according to the nature of the crime, and demerit of the person".

And if any

swine, left they trample them yourselves from every brother under their feet, and turn a that walketh disorderly, and gain and rent you.

i Tim. I. not after the tradition which 20. Of whom is Hymeneus and he received of us. Alexander, whom I have de. man obey not our word by this livered unto Satan, that they epistle, note that man, and may learn not to blaspheme. have no company with him, Jude verse 23. And others save that he may be ashamed. I with fear, pulling them out of Cor. 5. 4, 5, 13. In the name the fire; hating even the gare of our Lord Jesus Christ, ments spotted by the fech. 1. when ye are gathered togeCor. 11. 27 to the end. ther, and my spirit, with the IV, d i Thess. 5. 12. And power of our

Lord Jesus we beseech you, brethren, to Christ, to deliver such an one know them which labour a unto Satan, for the deftrucmong you, and are over you tion of the flesh, that the spi. in the Lord, and admonish rit may be saved in the day of you. 2 Thess. 3. 6. 14. Now the Lord Jesus. Therefore put we command you, brethren, away from among yourselves in the rame of our Lord Jesus that wicked person. Mat. 1& Cluift, that ye withüraw 17. Tit. 3. 10.


Of Synods and Councils. FOR OR the better government and further edi

fication of the church, there ought to be such assemblies as are commonly called fynods or councils“: and it belongeth to the overseers and other rulers of the particular churches, by virtue of their office, and the power which Chrift hath given them for edification, and not for destruction, to appoint such assemblies; and to convene together in them, as often as they thall judge it expedient for the good of the church.

I. a Ads 15. 2, 4, 6. When b15 chap. Acts. therefore Paul and Barnabas c Acts 15. 22, 23, 25. Then had no small diffention and dif- pleafed it the apoftles and elders, putation with them, they de- with the whole church, to send termined that Paul and Bar- chofen men of their own comnabas, and certain other of pany to Antioch with Paul them, should go up to Jeru- and Barnabas namely, judas salem, unto the apostles and furnamed Barsabas, and Silas, elders about this question. chief men among the breAnd when they were come to tbren:And they wrote letters Jerusalem, they were received by them after this manner, The of the church, and of the apostles, and elders, and breapostles and elders; and they thren send greeting unto the declared all things that God brethren which are of the Genhad done with them. And tiles in Antioch, and Syria, and the apostles and elders came Cilicia. It icemed good unto together, for to confider of this us, being assembled with one

accord, to send chosen men


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