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forth, for pardon of fin', and for the accepting and accounting of his person righteous in the sight of God for salvation”.

Q. 73. How doth faith justify a finner in the fight of God?

A. Faith justifies a finner in the fight of God, not because of those other graces which do always accompany it, or of good works that are the fruits of it'; nor as if the grace of faith, or any act thereof, were imputed to him for his justification"; but only as it is an instrument, by which he receiveth and applieth Christ and his righteousness.

Q. 74. What is adoption ?

A. Adoption is an act of the free grace of God', in and for his only Son Jesus Christ',

But as many

0 Acts 10. 43. To him by faith without the deeds of gave all the prophets witness, the law. that through his name whoso- r Rom. 4. 5. But to him ever believeth in him shall that worketh not, but helieveth receive remission of sins. Acts on him that juftificth the un16.31. John 1. 12.

godly, his faith is counted for р Phil

. 3. 9. And be found righteousness. Compared with in him, not having mine own Rom. IO. IO. righteousness, which is of the f John 1. 12. law, but that which is through as received him, to them gave the faith of Christ, the righte. he power to become the fons of ousness which is of God by God. Phil. 3. 9. faith. Acts 15. II.

But we

t 1 John 3. 1. Behold what believe, that through the grace manner of love the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, we hath bestowed on us, that we shall be saved even as they. should be called the sons of

q Gal. 3:11. But that no God. man is justified by the law in v Eph. 1. 5. Having prethe fight of God, it is evident; destinated us unto the adoption for, 'The just shall live by faith. of children by Jelus Christ to Rom. 3. 28. Therefore we himself, according to the good conclude, that a man is justified pleasure of his will Gal. 4.

whereby all those that are justified are received into the number of his children", have his nami put upon them", the Spirit of his Son given to them', are under his fatherly care and dispensations", admitted to all the liberties and privileges of the fons of God, made heirs of all the promises, and fellow-heirs with Christ in glorya.

Q. 75. What is fan&tification?

A. Sanétification is a work of God's grace, whereby they, whom God hath, before the foundation of the world, chosen to be holy, are, in time, through the powerful operation of his Spirit", applying the death and resurrection of Christ unto

4, ji

But when the fulness of 6. 32.-For your heavenly F:time was come, God sent forth ther knoweth cha: ye have need his Son, made of a woman, of all these things. made under the law, to redeem a Rom. 8. 17. And if chile them that were under the law, dren, then heirs; heirs of God, that we might receive the adop- and joint heirs with Christ: If tion of fons.

so be that we suffer with him, w John 1. 12. But as many that we may be also glorificd as received him, to them gave together. Heb. 6. 12. he power to become the fous of

b Eph. 1. 4. According as God,

he hath chofen us in him, hex Rev. 3. 52.-And I will fore the foundation of the world, write upon him

my new name. that we should be holy anil 2 Cor. 6. 18.

without blame before him in y Gal. 4. 6. And because love: i Cor. 6, II. And such ye are fons, God hath sent were fome of you: buc ye are forth the Spirit of his son into washed, but ye are fanctified, your hearts, crying, Abba, fa- but ye are juflified in the ther.

name of the Lord Jesus, and 2 Pfa. 103. 13. Like as a by the Spirit of our God. father pitieth his children, so 2 Theil. 2. 13. But we are the Lord pitieth them that fear bound to give thanks alway to him. Prov. 14. 26. In the God for you, brethren, befear of the Lord is Itrong con. loved of the Lord, because fidence: and his children shall God hath from the beginning have a place of refugi: Mat.


them', renewed in their whole man after the image of God"; having the feeds of repentance unto life, and all other saving graces, put into their hearts", and those graces fo ftirred up, encreased and strengthened', as that they more and more die unto sin, and rise unto newness of life.

Q. 76. What is repentance unto life?

That ye

chosen you to salvation, through building up yourselves on your fanctification of the Spirit and most holy faith, praying in the belief of the truth

Holy Ghost Eph. 3. 16, 17, c Rom. 6. 4, 5, 6. There- 18. That he would grant you fore we are buried with him according to the riches of his by baptism into death, that glory, to be firengthened with like as Christ was raised up mighe, by his Spirit in the infrom the dead, by the glory ner man; that Christ may of the Father; even fo we also dweli in your hearts by faith: Mould walk in newness of that ye being rooted and life. For if we have been grounded in love, inay be able planted together in the like. to comprehend with all saints, ness of his death: we shall be &c. Col. 1. 10, 11. also in the likeness of his resur- might walk worthy of the rection : &c. Phil, 3.10. Lori, unto all pleasing, being

d Eph. 4. 23, 24. And be fruitful in every good work, renewed in the spirit of your and increasing in the knowmind; and that ye put on the ledge of God; ftrengthened new man, which after God with all might, according to is created in righteousness, and his glorious power, unto all true holiness.

patience and long-suffering e Ads II. 18 When they with joyfulness. heard these things, they held g Rom. 6. 4, 6, 14. Even their peace, and glorified God so we also should walk in newsaying, Then hath God also to ness of life. Kuowing this, the Gentiles granted repent. that our oid man is crucified ance unto life. 1 John 3. 2. with him, that the body of sin Whosoever is born of Gód might be destroyed, that hencer dorh not commit fin; for his forth we should not serve fin. feed remaineth in him; and he For fin fhall not have docannot fin, because he is born minion over you, for ye are of God.

not under the law, but under f Jude 20. But ye, beloved, grace.

A. Repentance unto life is a faving grace", wrought in the heart of a sinner by the Spirit' and word of God', whereby out of the fight and sense, not only of the danger', but also of the filthiness and odiousness of his fins", and upon the apprehension of God's mercy in Christ, to such as are penitent", he so grieves for", and hates his fins", as

h 2 Tim. 2. 25. If God per

m Ezek. 36. 31. Then adventure will give them re- Thail ye remember your own pentance to the acknowledging evil ways, and your doings of the truth.

that were not good, and shall i Zech. 12. 10. I will pour loathe yourselves in your own upon the house of David, and fight, for your iniquities, and upon the inhabitants of Jeru- for your abomin til ca. Ezck. salem, the Spirit of grace and 16. 61, 63, Then thou thalt of fupplication, and they shall remem:er thy ways, and he look upon me whoin they have ashamed. That chou mayest pierced, and they fall mourn remember and he confounded, for him.

and never open thy mouth any k Acts II. 18, 20, 21. "And more becaule of thy shame, fome of them were men of Ifa. 30. 22.' Cyprus and Cyrene, who n Pfal. 130. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, when they were come to An. If thou, Lord, shouldest mark tioch, spake unto the Greo iniquities; O Lord who shall cians, preaching the Lord stand? But thire is forgive. Jesus. And the hand of the ness with thee, that thou Lord was with them; and a mayest be feared. Joel 2. 12, great number believed, and 13. Rend your heart and not turned unto the Lord. Pfalm your garments, and turn unto 19. 7. to the 14th verse Acts the Lord your God: for he is

gracious and merciful, flow to 1 Ezek. 18, 28, 30, 32. Re- anger, and of grea' kindness, pent, and turn yourselves from and repenteth him of the evil. all your tranfgreflions; fo in- Zec. 12. 10. iquity shall not be your ruin. o Jer. 31. 18, 19. I have Turn,-and live ye. Luke 15. surely heard Ephraim bemoan17, 18. How many hired ser. ing himself thus, Thou hast vants of my father's have chastised me, and I was chasbread enough, and to spare, tifed, as a bullock unaccustomand I perish with hunger ! 'Hosed to the yoke: turn thou

me, and I mall be turned; for

2. 37

2. 6, 7.

that he turns from them all to God , purposing and endeavouring constantly to walk with him in all the ways of new obedience".

Q. 77. Wherein do justification and sanctification differ?

A. Although fanctification be inseparably joined with justification', yet they differ, in that God, in justification, imputeth the righteousness of Christ'; in fanctification his Spirit infuseth


thou art the Lord my God. their heart and with all their Surely after that I was turned, soul. 1 Sam. 7. 3. į repented; and after that I l'fal. 119. 59. 128. I was instructed, 1 fmote upon thought on my ways, and turnmy thigh ; I was alhamed, yea, ed my feet unto thy teftimonies.

confounded, because Therefore ) efteem all thy preI did bear the reproach of my cepts concerning all things to youth.

be right, and I hate every false P 2 Cor. 7. 11. For behold, way. Luke 1. 6. this self same thing that ye 1 Cor. 6. 11, And such Sorrowed after a godly sort, were some of you : but ye are what carefulliess it wrought washed, but ye are fandified, in you, yea, what clearing of but ye are justified in the yourselves, yea, what indigna- name of the Lord Jelus, and by tion, yea, what fear, yea, the Spirit of our God.

I Cor. what vehenient defire, yea, 1. 30. But of himn are ye in what zeal, yea, what revenge! Christ Jesus, who of God is

q Acts 26. 18. To open made unto us wisdom, and their eyes, and to turn them righteousness, and fanctificafrom darkness to light, and tion, and redemption, from the power of Satan unto t Rom. 4. 6, 8 Even as God. Ezek. 14. 6. Repent, David also describeth the blesand turn yourselves from your fedness of the man unto whom idols, and turn away your God imputeth righteousness saces from all your abonina- without works. Bičfled is the ions 1 Kirgs 8. 47, 48. If ihey man to whom the Lord will shall bechink themselves and not impute sin. 2 Cor. 5. 21. to return into thee with all Rom. 3. 24.

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