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Sect. VII. The call, thus prepared, shall be The Call mult presented to the presbytery, under

presented whose care the perfon called shall bez to the Presby- that, if the presbytery think it ex

pedient to prefent the call to him, it may be accordingly presented : And no minifter or candidate shall receive a call but through the hands of the presbytery. Sect. VIII. If the call be to the licentiate of

another presbytery, in that case the ceed when the commissioners, deputed from the Callisto the Li-congregation to profecute the call, cenriace of another Presbytery.

shall produce, to that judicatory, a

certificate from their own presby. tery, regularly attested by the moderator and clerk, that they are in order. If that presbytery present the call to their licentiate, and he be disposed to accept it, they shall then dismiss him from their jurisdiction, and require him to repair to that presbytery, into the bounds of which he is called; and there to submit himself to the usual trials preparatory to ordination. Sect. IX. Trials for ordination, especially in

a different presbytery from that in Trials for Ordination.

which the candidate was licensed,

shall confift of a careful examination as to his acquaintance with experimental religion; as to his knowledge of philosophy, theo. logy, ecclefiaftical history, the Greek and He

brew languages, and such other branches of learning as to the presbytery may appear requisite; and as to his knowledge of the constitution, the rules and principles of the government and discipline of the church; together with such written discourse, or discourses, founded on the word of God, as to the presbytery shall seem proper'. The presbytery, being fully satisfied with his qualifications for the sacred office, thall appoint a day for his ordination, which ought to be, if, convenient, in that church of which he is to be the minister. It is also recommended that a fast day be observed in the congregation previous to the day of ordination'.


Sect. X. The day appointed for ordination being come,

and the presbytery Presbytery be convened, a member of the presbytery, ing conftituted previously appointed to that duty, be preached, shall preach a sermon adapted to

the occasion. The fame, or another

member appointed to preside in this business, fhall afterwards briefly recite from the pulpit, in the audience of the people, the proceedings of the presbytery preparatory to this transaction : He shall point out the nature and importance of the ordinance ; and endeavour to impress the audience with a proper sense of the solemnity of the tranfaction.

b See the proofs in sedions 1, 2, 3, 4, of chapter 13. C Ads 13. 2; 3.

Then addressing himself to the Engagements required of those candidate, he shall propose to him who are ordained the following questions, viz.

1. Do you believe the scriptures of the Old and New Testament to be the word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice" ?

2. Do you fincerely receive, and adopt, the confeffion of faith of this church, as containing the system of doctrine taught in the holy scriptures?

3. Do you approve of the government and discipline of the presbyterian church, as prescribed in the form of the government and discipline of the presbyterian church in these United States"?

4. Do you promise subjection to your bre. thren, in the Lord"?

5. Have you been induced, as far as you know your own heart, to feek the office of the holy ministry, from love to God, and a fincere desire to promote his glory in the gospel of his Son"?

6. Do you promise to be zealous and faithful in maintaining the truths of the gospel, and the purity and peace of the church; whatever perfecution, or opposition, may arise unto you on that account?

d 2 Tim. 3. 16.-Eph. 2. 20.
e 2 Tim. 1. 13.
f See letter e.
g 2 Pet. s. 5o
h 1 Cor. 2. 2.—2 Cor. 4. 5.
i Acts 20. 17-31

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7. Do you engage to be faithful, and diligent, in the exercise of all private and personal duties, which become you as a Chriftian and a minister of the gospel; as well as in all relative duties, and the public duties of your office, endeavouring to adorn the profession of the gospel by your conversation ; and walking, with exemplary piety, before the flock over which God shall make you overfeerk?

When the candidate is to be ordained as the paftor of a particular congregation, the following question shall be added.

8. Are you now willing to take the charge of this congregation, agreeably to your declaration at accepting their call ? And do you promise to discharge the duties of a paftor to them, as God shall give you strength'? Sect. XI. The candidate having answered

these questions in the affirmative, Engagements required of the the moderator shall demand of the People.

people : 1. Do you, the people of this congregation, continue' to profess your readiness to receive

whom you have called, to be your minifter?

2. Do you promise to receive the word of truth from his mouth, with meekness and love ;

k See the epistles to Timothy and Titus throughout. li Pet. 5. 2


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and to submit to him, with humility, in the due exercise of discipline" ?

3. Do you promise to encourage him in his arduous labour, and to aslift his endeavours for your instruction and spiritual edification" ?

4. And do you engage to continue to him, while he is your paftor, that competent worldly maintenance which you have promised ; and whatever else you may fee needful, for the ho. nour of religion, and his comfort among you"? Sect. XII. The people having answered

these questions, in the affirmative, by Mode of or- holding up their right hands, the

candidate shall kneel down, in the most convenient part of the church : Then the presiding bishop hall, by prayer', and with the laying on of the hands of the presbytery, according to the apostolic example, folemnly ordain him to the holy office of the gofpel ministry. Prayer being ended, he shall rise from his knees : and the minister who presides thall firit, and afterwards all the members of the presbytery in their order, take him by the right hand, saying, in words to this purpoi, * We give you the right hand of fellowibip, to take part of this mi


m James T. 21

Heb. 13. 17. ni Theff. 5. 12, 13. o1 Cor. 9. 7-15. p Ads 1 ?. 2. 3. 91 Tim 4. 14.

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