Imatges de pÓgina

niftry with us”.”

After which the minister prefiding, or some other appointed for the purpose, fhall give a solemn charge in the name of God, to the newly ordained bishop', and to the people, to persevere in the discharge of their mutual duties; and shall then, by prayer, recommend them both to the grace of God, and his holy keeping; and finally, after Gnging a pialm, shall dismiss the congregation with the usual blessing. And the presbytery shall duly record the transaction.


of Translation, or removing a

Minister from one Charge to another*.


Sect. I.

bishop shall be translated

from one church to another,

nor shall he receive any call for that Trapilation to be made by the purpose, but by the permission of the Presbyterý presbytery.

r Gal. 2. 9. AA: 1. 25. [2 Tim. 4. 1, 2. t Mark s. 24. Heb. 1.-See also letters m, n, o. * See note a, at the beginning of the last chapter, page 402.

Sect. II. Any church, defiring to call a fete

tled minister from his present charge, Mode of Procedure in Tranf- fhall, by commiffioners properly aulacions.

thorised, represent to the presbytery the ground on which they plead his removal. The presbytery, having maturely considered their plea, may, according as it appears more or lefs reasonable, either recommend to them to defift from profecuting the call; or may order it to be delivered to the minister to whom it is directed ; if the parties be not prepared to have the matter ifl'ued, at that presbytery, a written citation shall be given to the Minister, and his congregation, to appear before the presbytery at their next meeting. This citation ihall be read from the pulpit in that church, by a member of the presbytery appointed for that purpose, immediately after public worship; so that, at least, two fabbaths shall intervene, betwixt the citation, and the meeting of the presbytery at which the cause of translation is to be considered. The presbytery, being met, and having heard the parties, shall, upon the whole view of the case, either continue him in his former charge, or translate him, as they shall deem to be most for the peace and edification of the church or refer the whole affair to the synod, at their next meeting, for their advice and direction.

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If they agree

Sect. III. When the congregation, calling Mode of Pro. any settled minilter, is within the cedure when limits of another presbytery, that the Minister is of another congregation shall obtain leave, from Presbytery

the presbytéry to which they belong, to apply to the presbytery of which he is a member: And that presbytery, having cited him and his congregation as before directed, shall proceed to hear and issue the cause. to the translation, they shall release him from his prefent charge ; and having given him proper testimonials, shall require him to repair to that presbytery, within the bounds of which the congregation calling him lies, that the proper steps may be taken for his regular settlement in that congregation: And the presbytery to which the congregation belongs, having received an authencicated certificate of his release, under the hand of the clerk of that presbytery, shall proceed to install him in the congregation, as soon as cono venient. Provided always, that no bishop or pastor shall be translated, without his own confent previously obtained. Sect. IV. When any minister is to be feta

tled in a congregation, the instalInstalment con(titutes the paf- ment, which conults in constitutEdral Relation, ing a pastoral relation between himi

and the people of that particular church, may be performed, either by the prefer


bytery, or by a committee appointed for that purpose, as may appear most expedient: and the following order shall be observed therein,

Sect. V. A day shall be appointed for the Notice of the instalment, at such time as may Day must be giappear most convenient, and due

notice thereof given to the congregation.

Sect. VI. When the presbytery, or commitA Sermon shall tee, shall be convened and conftibe delivered, tuted, on the day appointed, a fer&c.

mon fhall be delivered, by some one of the members previously appointed thereto; immediately after which, the bishop who is to prefide, fhall state to the congregation the defign of their meeting, and briefly recite the proceedings of the presbytery relative thereto. And then, addressing himself to the minister to be installed, shall propose to him the following or {imilar questions :

1. Are you now willing to take the charge Instalment con- of this congregation, as their paflifts in mutual tor, agreeably to your declaration Engagements of Minister and at excepting their call? People. 2. Do you confcientiously believe and declare,

know your own heart, that in taka ing upon you this charge, you are influenced by

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as far as you

a fincere defire to promote the glory of God, and the good of his church?

3. Do you solemnly promise, that, by the allistance of the grace of God, you will endea. vour faithfully to discharge all the duties of a pastor to this congregation; and will be careful to maintain a deportment, in all respects becom. ing a minister of the gospel of Christ, agreeably to your ordination engagements ? To all these having received fatisfactory answers, . he shall propose to the people the same or like questions, as those directed under the head of ordination ; which having been also satisfactorily answered, by holding up the right hand, in testimony of affent, he thall solemnly pronounce and declare the said minister to be regularly constituted the paftor of that congregation. A charge shall then be given to both parties, as directed in the affair of ordination; and, after prayer, and singing a pfalm adapted to the transaction, the con. gregation shall be dismissed with the usual bene. diction.

Sect. VH. It is highly becoming, that, afElders and Heads ter the folemnity of the instalof Families shall give their right ment, the heads of families of Handto their Mis that congregation who are then nifter.

present, or at least the elders, and those appointed to take care of the temporal concerns of that church, should come forward to their pastor, and give him their right hand,

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