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duum of near three pecks of coak, weighing twenty-eight pounds. The coak is better for many uses than raw coal, and if used in the furnace to extract the gas, will be nearly sufficient fuel for each succeeding operation.

Note. Any person or company wishing to be furnished with the Improved Gas Apparatus, are requested to apply to Winslow Lewis, Boston, or David Melville, Newport, (R. I.) who are the sole proprietors of the patent right.



No. 17.

Medical and Philosophical Intelligence.

(From the Monthly Magazine for October, 1814 ) It affords us the highest satisfaction to be able to state that the first of practical modern discoveries, the means of illumination by the gas of coal, proceeds in its application with all the success that can be desired. A new establishment has been opened in Worship-street in addition to that in the City Road, and both manufactories are constantly employed in evolving gas, which is preserved in butts, like beer, and sent for use to any distant place at which it is intended to be consumed. Many hundred butts, besides large reservoirs, have thus been manufactured during the summer, and kept in store for the winter. Already above a mile of the public streets is enlightened by this means, besides the Houses of Parliament and many pub. lic buildings. The beauty and brilliancy of the light exceed the powers of description, and can only be understood by being witnessed.

A new edition is printing, with considerable enlargements, of Mr. Arthur Young's celebrated Farmer's Kalendar, the most useful and important volume which perhaps ever issued from the press, a judgment in which the public opinion confirms us, by purchasing seven very large editions. Though the illustrious and veteran author is unhappily deprived of the enjoyment of his sight, yet his intellectual vigour continues unimpaired, and has been sedulously employed in the perfection of this favourite work.

Mr. Sawrey is preparing an account of the Morbid Anatomy of the Brain in Mania and Hydrophobia; with the pathology of the two diseases, and experiments to ascertain the presence of water in the ventricles and pericardium; collected from the papers of the late Dr. Andrew Marshall, lecturer on Anatomy in London.

Dr. Johnson, of Bristol, F. L. S. &c. intends shortly to prepare for the press, a treatise on the medicinal Leech, the outline of which was lately printed at Edinburgh, under the title,

Disputatio physica inauguralis quædam de Hirudine complectens.” It is the Doctor's intention to describe minutely the singular structure of this interesting and useful animal, and to illustrate his description by engravings.

In this country (Sweden) Dr. Jenner ranks as one of the greatest benefactors of the human race, and vaccination is performed on all children within nine days from the time of their birth. The court, the clergy, and the medical profession, have zealously concurred; and, in consequence, the scourge of the small-pox is considered as extirpated from that country. Dr. Hedin's Report of these happy results has been reprinted by our House of Commons.

Smithson Tenant, Esq. has discovered a new method of double distillation by means of steam, whereby double the quantity of fresh water may be raised from salt water in a ship's kettle, that has hitherto been obtained. The circumstantial description of his process shows how steam can be made to pass through water, and thus contribute to evaporise it, so that an additional quantity of fresh water may thus be procured in the same time and with the same apparatus from sea-water at sea.

Mr. Housham has published a Series of Observations on the Formation of Human Bones. He began with a child or fætus only seven weeks old, and continued his observations at different times for several years. He inspected the process by means of a powerful microscope, from which he observed that the arteries secrete a mucilage which forms cartilage; that the cartilage shortly becomes tubular, with numerous spiculæ around it containing phosphate of lime; that in the course of time bony matter is completely deposited; and that, finally, laminæ appear. He describes with great minuteness the various forms which the matter assumed during the entire process of ossification, and also the structure of the most perfect bones, their nerves, blood-vessels, membranes, periosteum, &c.

PHILADELPHIA DISPENSARY. From the Annual Report, published by the Managers, on the 26th instant, it appears that THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVEN PATIENTS have been attended by the Physicians of the Dispensary from December 1st, 1813, to December 1st, 1814. Patients remaining from last year

110 Admitted since that time

3417 Of these the number Cured is

3311 Relieved

46 Dead

72 Removed

19 Irregular

19 Remaining under care 60


The small number of deaths may be accounted for, by observing, that of these Patients, there are many cases of vaccipation and of pregnancy. A considerable proportion of trivial cases also necessarily occur in an institution of this nature. The receipts of the Dispensary during the past year, have been

2086 15 Balance due the Treasurer

21 74

$2107 89

The expenditures, including balance due the

Treasurer last year, and ihe payment of some
of last year's accounts, have been
December, 1814.

$2107 89

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