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Printed by WILLIAM CLOWES and Sons, Duke Street, Stamford Street,

and Charing Cross.

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I.-A Short History of the English People. By J. R.

Green, M.A. With Maps and Tables. London. 1874 - 285

II.-1. Memoir and Correspondence of Caroline Herschel.

By Mrs. John Herschel. London, 1876.

2. Analyse historique et critique de la Vie et des Travaux

de Sir William Herschel. Par M. Arago. Paris, in

* Annuaire du Bureau des Longitudes' for 1842 323

III.-1. Hall-marks on Gold and Silver Plate, Illustrated with

Tables of Annual Date Letters employed in the Assay

Offices of England, Scotland and Ireland, &c. By

William Chaffers. 5th edition. London, 1875.

2. Various Catalogues of Plate Sales at Christie's - 353

IV.-1. Origines de la France Contemporaine. Par H. Taine.

Tome I. L'Ancien Régime. Deuxième édition. Paris,


2. On the State of Society in France before the Revo-

lution of 1789, and on the Causes which led to that

Event. By Alexis de Tocqueville, Member of the

French Academy. Translated by Henry Reeve, D.C.L.

Second edition, with seven additional Chapters. Lon-

don, 1873.

3. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, sa Vie et ses Ouvrages. Par

Saint-Marc-Girardin. Avec une Introduction par M.

Ernest Bersot, Membre de l'Institut. 2 vols.

2 vols. Paris,


V.-1. Report of a Mission to Yarkund in 1873, under Com-

mand of Sir T. D. Forsyth, K.C.S.I., C.B., Bengal Civil

Service. With Historical and Geographical Informa-

tion regarding the Possessions of the Ameer of Yarkund.

Calcutta : printed at the Foreign Department Press,


2. Kashmir and Kashghar : a narrative of the Journey

of the Embassy to Kashghar in 1873-74. By W. H.

Bellew, C.S.I., Surgeon-Major, Bengal Staff Corps.

London, 1875.

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