A Collection of the British Statutes in Force in Maryland, According to the Report Thereof Made to the General Assembly by the Late Chancellor Kilty: With Notes and References to the Acts of Assembly and the Code, and to the Principal English and Maryland Cases

Cushings & Bailey, 1870 - 847 pàgines

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Pàgina 252 - After non-assumpsit pleaded, and a verdict for the plaintiff, it was moved in arrest of judgment that the plaintiff could not bring his action, for he was a stranger to the consideration.
Pàgina 542 - ... or in any manner to add to, or subtract from, or vary, or qualify the terms of it, and thus to make a new contract, which is to be proved partly by the written agreement, and partly by the subsequent verbal terms engrafted upon what will be thus left of the written agreement.
Pàgina vi - Resolved, 6. That they are entitled to the benefit of such of the English statutes, as existed at the time of their colonization ; and which they have, by experience, respectively found to be applicable to their several local and other circumstances.
Pàgina 718 - Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by authority of the same...
Pàgina 396 - ... made with a view to prevent his property from coming to his assignee in bankruptcy, or to prevent the same from being distributed under this act...
Pàgina 664 - Trinity term, actions of account shall and may be brought and maintained against the executors and administrators of every guardian, bailiff, and receiver; and also by one joint tenant, and tenant in common, his executors and administrators, against the other, as bailiff for receiving more than comes to his just share or proportion...
Pàgina 509 - ... or any interest in or concerning them; or upon any agreement that is not to be performed within the space of one year from the making thereof; unless the agreement upon which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note thereof, shall be in writing and signed by the party to be charged therewith...
Pàgina 728 - ... redeem, or that the premises are chargeable with other or different principal sums, than what appear on the face of the mortgage, or shall be admitted on the other side...
Pàgina 391 - But if a vendor or mortgagor agrees to sell or mortgage property, real or personal, of which he is not possessed at the time, and he receives the consideration for the contract, and afterwards becomes possessed of property answering the description in the contract, there is no doubt that a Court of Equity would compel him to perform the contract, and that the contract would, in equity, transfer the beneficial interest to the mortgagee or purchaser immediately on the property being acquired.
Pàgina 709 - ... persons in whom any estate for life or lives, or for years, shall from time to time be vested by virtue of such new lease, and his, her and their executors and administrators shall be entitled to the rents, covenants and duties, and have like remedy for recovery thereof, and the...

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