A History of the House of Percy: From the Earliest Times Down to the Present Century, Volum 2

Fremantle & Company, 1902
The House of Percy is one of the most illustrious in English history and the Percy family has controlled the Earldom (later Dukedom) of Northumberland with very few breaks since the time of William the Conqueror.

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PÓgina 257 - Cross, hard by the way, Where we (thou know'st) do sell our hay, There is a house with stairs; And there did I see coming down Such folk as are not in our town, Forty at least, in pairs.
PÓgina 197 - Now hats fly off, and youths carouse; Healths first go round, and then the house, The bride's came thick and thick; And when 'twas named another's health, Perhaps he made it hers by stealth: (And who could help it? Dick!) O...
PÓgina 420 - Spring was published next year, with a dedication to the countess of Hertford ; whose practice it was to invite every summer some poet into the country, to hear her verses, and assist her studies. This honour was one summer conferred on Thomson, who took more delight in carousing with lord Hertford and his friends than assisting her ladyship's poetical operations, and, therefore, never received another summons. Autumn...
PÓgina 243 - WHEN from black clouds no part of sky is clear, But just so much as lets the sun appear, Heaven then would seem thy image, and reflect Those sable vestments, and that bright aspect. A spark of virtue by the deepest shade Of sad adversity is fairer made ; Nor less advantage doth thy beauty get, A Venus rising from a sea of jet ! Such was th' appearance of new-formed light, While yet it struggled with eternal night.
PÓgina 250 - Northumberland from his r majesty's service ; which wrought several ill effects in the minds of many : for, as the earl then had the most esteemed and unblemished reputation, in court and country, of any person of his rank throughout the kingdom...
PÓgina 404 - He humbly desired of the king to be excused ; the king asked him his reason ; the duke told him he conceived it to be against law ; to which the king said, he would pardon him. The duke replied, he was no very good lawyer, but he thought he had heard it said, that a pardon granted a person offending under the assurance of obtaining it was void.
PÓgina 411 - Their || Conyngs mark thou ; for I have been told, They assassine when young, and poison when old. Root out these Carrots, O thou^ whose name Is backwards and forwards always the same; And keep close to thee always that name, Which backwards and forwards** is almost the same.
PÓgina 393 - Vrats told a friend of mine who accompanied him to the gallows, and gave him some advice, that he did not value dying of a rush, and hoped and believed God would deal with him like a gentleman.
PÓgina 380 - Thynn pretended he would settle on the lady, yet he totally discouraged the proceeding, as by no means a competent match for one that both by birth and fortune might have pretended to the greatest prince in Christendom ; that he also proposed the Earl of Kingston, or the Lord Cranburn, but was by no means for Mr.
PÓgina 420 - In soft assemblage, listen to my song, Which thy own season paints, when Nature all Is blooming and benevolent, like thee.

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