Miracle of the Ages: The Great Pyramid of Gizeh

Pickle Partners Publishing, 12 de gen. 2017 - 112 pàgines
Does this mighty and mysterious “Bible in Stone” record God’s plans for man and prophesy great events in past and future, with exact dates? How does the Great Pyramid’s Message relate to our present crisis and the near future of mankind?

Read the answer in this book, which correlates Bible prophecies and ancient historical references with modern scientific research and interpretation.

“The Great, the mighty God...hast set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even unto this day.”—Jer. 32:18-20)

“THIS volume contains the substance of a series of illustrated lectures dealing with the subject of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh..., notably those of the Pacific Coast area and of the Southwestern and Central portions of the nation...”—Foreword

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Worth Smith was the author of Miracle of the Ages: The Great Pyramid of Gizeh (1934); The House of Glory: An Interpretation and Elucidation of the Radiant Prophecies, and Allied Messages, of the Holy Bible and the Great Pyramid of Gizeh (1939); and Isles of Splendor: An Exposition of the Wisdom Found within Signs, Symbols and Tokens of the Great Pyramid (1942).

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