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smite at it with any colour of reason. Such honest labourers have sometimes been represented as enthusiasts, too hot in their zeal, disturbers of the Church's peace, &c. When there is a peace in the Church with wrong things, it is much better broke than kept. I take it, that it was in this sense our Lord said, “I came not to send peace on earth, but a sword.” It was a woeful peace to Israel, when they became so reconciled to the inhabitants of the land, as to suffer them to dwell therein, contrary to the express command of God !"

On conducting the religious concerns of Meetings for Dis

cipline. From J. CHURCHMAN's Journal.

“All who attend those meetings should inwardly wait, in great awfulness, to know the immediate presence of Christ, the head of the Church, to give them an understanding, what their several services are, and for ability to answer the requirings of truth; for it is by the light and spirit thereof, that the Lord's work is done with acceptance. And none should presume to speak or act without its motion or direction : for they who act and speak without it, do often darken counsel, mislead the weak, and expose their own folly, to the burthen and grief of sensible Friends.

It was in great fear that I attempted to speak in these meetings, and as I kept low, with a single eye to the honour of truth, I felt peace and inward strength to increase from time to time: and it is good for all who are concerned to speak to matters in meetings for discipline, in the first place, to take heed that their own spirits do not prompt thereto, and to mind the time when to speak fitly; for a word in season from a pure heart is precious, and frequently prevents debates, instead of ministering contention. And when they have spoken to business, they should turn inward to feel whether the pure truth owns them; and in that rest, without an over anxious care whether it succeeds at that time or not: so Friends will be preserved from being lifted up, because their service is immediately owned; or if it should be rejected or slighted, in this inward humble state, the labour is felt and seen to be the Lord's."


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