A dissertation on the languages, literature, and manners of Eastern nations, Volum 1


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Pàgina 38 - ... which I have had an opportunity to make, there seems to be nearly as much resemblance between the annals of England and Japan, as between the European and Asiatic relations of the same empire.
Pàgina 126 - Syftem in Europe is marked : it was an exotic plant ; and it has, of confequence, engaged the attention of our ableft antiquaries. But in the Eaft it is indigenous, univerfal, and immemorial : and the Eaftern hiftorians have never dreamt of inveftigating its fource, any more than the origin of regal government. Both have long been to them equally familiar ;. and the firft extenfive monarchy gave probably a beginning to the firft dependence of feudal chiefs.
Pàgina 88 - In confequence of this I have ventured to give a lift of fome Amonian terms, which occur in the mythology of Greece ; and in, the hiftories of other nations. Moft ancient names feem to have been compofed out of thefe elements : and into the fame principles they may be again refolved by an eafy, and fair evolution. I fubjoin to thefe a ihort interpretation : and at the fame time produce different examples of names, and titles, which are thus compounded.
Pàgina 188 - ... passing by desired permission to eat with them, which they agreed to. The stranger dined, laid down eight pieces of money, and departed. The proprietor of the five loaves took up five pieces and left three for the other, who objected, and insisted on having one-half. The cause came before Ali, who gave the following judgment : — " Let the owner of the five loaves have seven pieces of money, and the owner of the three loaves one...
Pàgina 126 - The a&ions of one prince may be imputed to another j anachronifms and mifnomers may abound ; and the atchievements of twenty warriors may fwell the renown of one hero ; but no writer will attribute to his nation, cuftoms and ideas of government to which they or their anceftors were ftrangers, and againft which the opinions /of his fellow fubjects muft inftantly and loudly revolt.
Pàgina 125 - ... of a people will generally depend upon the genius of one man. A great monarch will give to the component parts the appearance of one defpotic whole; whilft the approaches to difobedience will ever be proportioned to the weaknefs of adminiftration.
Pàgina 39 - Perfian hiftorians are to their numer" ous wars with the Kings of Touran or Scythia : " (f) and recording, with the fame impartiality " whatever might tarnifh as well as aggrandize " the reputation of their country : we can, with *' little pretence to reafon, fuppofe, that they " fliould have been filent on events of fuch mag" nitude : had any record remained of their ex" iftence, or the fainteft tradition commemorated
Pàgina 187 - Two Arabians sat down to dinner: one had five loaves, the other three. A stranger passing by desired permission to eat with them, which they agreed to. The stranger dined, laid down eight pieces of money, and departed. The proprietor of...
Pàgina 125 - it may be obferved, like every remote event, will not admit of pofitive proof, but in tracing manners or modes of government, abfolute hiftorical or chronological precifion is by no means requifite. The...
Pàgina 83 - Analyjis of Ancient Mythology ; a work in which the novel ingenuity of the Analytic Syftem -, the penetration and judgment difplayed in the refutation of vulgar errors ; with the new and informing light in which he has placed a variety of ancient facts...

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