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and the sacrifices we have made from should always be pleased with the cirtime to time, and yet we are here this cumstances that surround us and that morning surrounded by pleasant con- which the Lord requires at our hands. ditions. Then, what are the glorious Brethren and sisters, in the name of prospects before us? After few the Lord I bless you this morning. Let years. whatever may have been our ex. us be faithful and keep the commandperience, we shall stand in the pres- ments of God. Let us never allow our ence of our Father in the future life,

prospects to become dimmed; let them having accomplished His purposes be fresh before us by day and by night, while in the world, having made sacri- and I will


that if we fices in fulfilling that which the Lord will do this our growth from day to day has required at our hands from time and from year to year will be marvelto time, and we shall look back upon

ous. We can look back now and we the past with joy and satisfaction.

can see that we have advanced. We How happy we ought to be under have not stood still, but we have been present circumstances, in view of what

moving along and gradually increasing we have done since we received the

our growth. The child

grows from Gospel, and how we have been sus. childhood to boyhood, and from boytained, while some upon our right hand hood to manhood, with a constant and and !1pon our left have fallen steady growth; but he cannot tell how into a state of apostasy. Contemplat- or when the growth occurs. He does ing the past and glorious prospects not realize that he is growing; but by of the future, our hearts ought to be observing the laws of health and being filled with joy and thanksgiving to our prudent in his course he eventually arGod this day.

rives at manhood. So in reference to

We We wish to have a good Conference,

ourselves as Latter-day Saints.

grow and increase. We are not aware and we will. Just in proportion as we

of it at the moment; but after a year or exercise our faith during the progress of this Conference, so will the blessings

so we discover that we are, so to speak, of the Almighty rest upon us; and as

away up the hill, nearing the mountain the speakers address us from day to

top. We feel that we have faith in the day we will secure that which will be Lord; that His providences are always of vast importance to us. It is not

beneficial; that we are connected with always the lengthy discourse that af

Him; that He is actually our Father, fords to the Latter-day Saints that

and that He leads us along in life. which is the most profitable; but in the We should have before us a strong various discourses delivered may desire to do good to others. Never mind gather some idea, or some principle so much about ourselves. Good will may flash upon our understanding come to us all right if we keep our which will prove valuable to us after- minds outside of ourselves to a certain wards. Our blessings and vur success extent, and try to make others happier in the past have been in proportion to and draw them a little nearer to the our efforts and the exercise of our Lord. We have been sent into the faith. When we contemplate what the world to do good to others; and in doLord has done for us in the past, our ing good to others we do good to ourpresent surroundings, and our future selves. We should always keep this in prospects, what a blest people we are! view, the husband in reference to his I have thought sometimes that one of wife, the wife in reference to her husthe greatest virtues the Latter-day band, the children in reference to their Saints could possess is gratitude to our parents, and the parents in reference to Heavenly Father for that which He has their children. There is always opporbestowed upon us and the path over tunity to do good to one another. When which He has led us. It may be that you find yourselves a little gloomy, look walking along in that path has not al- around you and find somebody that is ways been of the most pleasant charac- in a worse plight than yourself; go to ter; but we have afterwards discovered him and find out what the trouble is, that those circumstances which have then try to remove it with the wisdom been very unpleasant have often proved which the Lord bestows upon you; and

the highest advantage to us. We the first thing you know, your gloom is


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to find his text. He gone, you feel light, the Spirit of the

searched and Lord is upon

you, and everything search?d, but could not find it. He must seems illuminated.

have been five minutes before that conBrethren and sisters, God bless you. gregation nunting for his text, and he Let us have a good Conference; and in stood as one who was dazed. After order that we may have, let us have a a few moments, however, the Spirit of prayerful spirit all the time, and especi- the Lord came to his assistance, and he ally when Elders arise here to address made a pretty good talk, doubtless betyou. Amen.

ter than if he had followed the text.

It transpired that the particular leaf ELDER RUDGER CLAWSON. containing the words he expected to

read had been lost from that Bible, Pride and class distinctions displeasing to God

and that was the reason he could not Duty of supporting the poor-Títhe-paying is

find his text. educational. I will read a few words from the I believe that it is the purpose of the 2nd chapter of Jacob in the Book of Lord to make this people rich. See Mormon:

what a vast multitude inhabit these

valleys of the mountains. Go out among "Think of your brethren, like unto yourselves, and be familiar with all, them; study their characteristics-inand free with your substance, that they dustry,temperance, thrift-and they are may be rich like unto you.

such as will make any people wealthy “But before ye seek for riches, seek ye

in the course of time. for the kingdom of God.

But there is "And after ye have obtained a hope in danger in riches. Jacob was aware of Christ, ye shall obtain riches, if

ye this, and he called the attention of his seek them; and ye will seek them, for people to it. The possession of wealth the intent to do good; to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to generally brings class distinctions;class liberate the captive, and administer re- distinctions bring pride; and pride, we lief to the sick, and the afflicted.

are told, is an abomination in the sight “And now, my brethren, I have spoken

of heaven. These class distinctions are unto you concerning pride; and those of you which have afflicted your neigh

very apparent in the world, more par. bor, and persecuted him because ye ticularly in the large cities. We read were proud in your hearts, of the things the other day of a wedding in high life, which God hath given you, what say

and we were told that millions of monye of it?

Do ye not suppose that such things ey were married to millions of money, are abominable unto him who created

and that it was a very auspicious afall fiesh? And the

being is as

fair. Everything connected with that precious in his sight as the other. And all flesh is of the dust; and for the self- wedding was of the most magnificent same end hath he created them, that order. Costly presents were made, inthey should keep his commandments, cluding diamonds of rare value, and and glorify him for ever."

golden dishes. Think of people eating My brethren and sisters: I have se- out of golden dishes, and at the same lected a text this morning, but I do not time being surrounded by many who know that I shall be able to speak to are not in a condition to purchase even it as I desire at all times to leave my the simple necessaries of life, some per: mind open to the impressions of the haps actually starving to death for Holy Spirit, and not place myself in a the want of food. Now, the children of position to resist that influence. the rich, surrounded by the conditions I am reminded of circumstance

that I have mentioned, with superior that occurred with one of the home opportunities of education and culture, missionaries in the Boxelder Stake, in time, get to think that they are bet. which shows that it is not always safe ter than the children of the poor. They to rely upon a text. This brother was can wear better clothing, they can eat called to go out and visit one of the better food, they have better condiwards, and before going he selected a tions in every way,


to text. He pondered upon the text, and think they are better. Let us imagine perhaps considered in a measure what for a moment a poor man, albeit an he should say. When he came to the honest, intelligent man, and one who meeting he opened the Bible and may stand high in the estimation of



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the nace where he expected hea yen, coming into a gathering of the



rich-why, the social distinction be clearly the manner in which it would tween that poor man and the rich man be safe for His people to seek after 1s so great that doubtless it would be richies. First seek the kingdom thought to be a contamination to have of God and its righteousness, him there, and a demand for his with: and all other things will be drawal would be made. They cannot added. Then if we seek for riches we associate together. Yet, my brethren will do it with the intent to accomand sisters, the Prophet Jacob tells us plish good and to use them for the that we are made of one flesh. God benefit and blessing of mankind and for does not draw these distinctions that the establishment and upbuilding of we find upon the earth. We are led to the Church and Kingdom of God. Beunderstand from the scriptures that sides, administering to the wants of God is no respector of per- the poor and to the sick and afflicted, sons, and that these social distinctions the Prophet Jacob might also have with that are in the world, and in some de propriety mentioned the principle of gree perhaps in our midst, are not tithing-if they observed that law in pleasing in His sight. He judges that day--and other principles pernot as men judge. He looks not up- taining to the Gospel. I have thought on the features; He considers not the sometimes that God revealed this prinwearing apparel; but He looks into the ciple of tithing to His people in order heart. We have seen this exemplified that they should not be swallowed up in many cases. You will remember the in a spirit of selfishness; that their

of David. Samuel the prophet souls might be enlarged by taking of was sent by God to anoint a king over their substance and imparting it to Israel, and he was to find this king the Church, and performing other among the sons of Jesse. Doubtless, righteous deeds. Jesse was very much pleased with this The poor we have always with us. It idea, and he passed his sons in review was said by Abraham Lincoln that God before the prophet. They were fine, must love the poor because he has made beautiful men. It may be that Samuel

so many of them. The Savior seemed himself was impressed with their ap- to think a great deal of the poor. He pearance, and if he had been left to

came to preach the Gospel to them, to himself he might have selected one of administer to their wants, to heal the them; but the Spirit of the Lord whis- sick, to cast out devils, to open the pered to him that he was not to place eyes of the blind. His life and His his hands on any of those. So

the ministry was devoted to the poor. You prophet enquired of Jesse if he had will find, if you study closely the reveother sons, and Jesse remembered that lations of God found in the Book of he did have another son-a boy-who Covenants, that a great amount of was out herding the sheep. The prophet space is devoted to the poor. We are asked to see him. When he came into reminded of them continually; that his presence the Spirit of the Lord in- we shall divide

substance with spired the prophet to say, This is the them. The fast day has been instituted,

He laid his hands upon him and in part, for that purpose. It has been anointed him to be king of Israel. The estimated that if the entire people of Lord judged from the heart. He knew the Latter-day Saints would give to the hearts of these sons of Jesse, and

the poor the value of the two meals David was the chosen one.

that they refrain or should refrain So, my brethren and sisters, if there from partaking of upon that day, the are to be distinctions among us, they poor of this church would be well promust not be based upon our financial vided for. But, let me tell you, this condition, but rather upon the princi- is not done; at least, it is not done in ple of righteousness. One man is bet- our Stake, and I presume it is not done ter than another if he is more righteous in other Stakes. I have sometimes than the other. One man is more ac- thought it would be an excellent ceptable to the Lord than another thing to revive the custom of early if he lives nearer to the Lord than the days, in sending to the various famiother.

the ward


gatherThe prophet Jacob points out very ing up their fast offerings; for




ary work.





Bishops of the Church

well ELDER ABRAHAM O. WOODRUFF. know that the people many times

Value of inspired counsel, The Saints expanding have offerings to make that they can

by faith and colonization--Success in missionnot very well carry to the fast meeting, and by sending around and reminding the people of this duty, a great

I assure you, my brethren and sisters, amount of good can be accomplished.

that in occupying this position this I have recommended this to the Bish

morning I feel very humble, and very ops in the Boxelder Stake, and where dependent upon the Lord for His Spirit they have carried out this counsel most

to give me utterance. I rejoice in seeexcellent results have followed. This

ing so many present, and in realizing is a matter of vital importance. If

the number of aged veterans there are we neglect the poor, God will neglect

in our midst who lived in the days of

the Prophet Joseph, and We must look after them. Those

who are us. who are so highly favored must divide

pleased to bear testimony of the divintheir substance with them. And we

ity of that Prophet's mission. It is remust remember to observe this law of

markable how the Lord has preserved tithing. When

man's income

so many of those who lived in the days amounts to only


of the Prophet Joseph, and I am always

hundred dollars


made glad in list

to their testisimple matter to pay tithing; but you

mony for those who were so intimately will notice that as a man is increased

associated with the Prophet, and who in his substance, as God opens the win

knew him best, loved him best. I thank dows of heaven and pours down bless

the Lord that He has preserved the ings upon him, there is a tendency to Prophet of God who stands in our midst

today, and has sustained him and does drop off in the paying of tithing. It is easier for a man who is getting a thou

sustain him by His matchless power. I sand dollars a year to pay an honest

rejoice in his teachings, and the people tithing to the Lord than for a man who ought to appreciate the counsels given is getting ten thousand dollars a year;

by this man of God. Many people wish and it is easier for a man who gets ten

they had lived in the time when Christ thousand dollars a year to pay an hon

was upon the earth; they think they est tithing than for a man who gets

would have loved the Lord and been a hundred thousand dollars year.

more devoted to Him than they are at It seems to be almost impossible for a

the present time. But every time we man with that enormous income to pay

hold a general Conference we uphold a just tithing to the Lord. Yet the tith

and sustain the Prophet of God as His ing belongs to the Lord, and He

mouthpiece, His vicegerent upon the pects that we will observe this law, earth, and the question arises in my that this may be indeed a land of Zion mind many times, Do we appreciate the unto us.

counsels that are given us from this Brethren and sisters, I rejoice in pon.

man? Are we willing to accept of his

words as the word of God? When we dering upon the principles of the Gos. pel; and in my weak way I am endeav.

ask his advice, do we ask believing and oring to observe these laws and com.

expecting to carry it out, whether it mandments.

comes in conflict with our own selfish I feel blessed in it, and I can recommend it to you.

desires and ambitions or not? I often

I know there is a blessing attendant upon the

feel that we do not. People ask coun

sel at times if they think they can get observance of the laws of God. I

that which will be favorable to their pray that His blessing may be upon the

own selfish desires; but if they us, that His peace may be in our midst,

thought they would get counsel which and that His Spirit may be poured out abundantly upon

would be contrary to their own wishes, the Saints in this

they would refrain from asking it. general Conference, that we may be

In visiting the outside settlements of strengthened, edified, renewed in our

Zion I have been made to realize the faith, and encouraged to go on and ac

great faith of the people. I have woncomplish the will of God. I ask it in the

dered at the works they have pername of Jesus. Amen.

formed, through the faith they have in



God. Many thousands have proven be- can say we have in these Stakes a yond a doubt that they are willing to good people, a God-fearing people, a trust implicitly in the word of God as people who are willing to receive the it is given through His mouthpiece, counsels, which God has for them But there are others who are not so through His mouthpiece. Those Stakes willing. There are men holding the have been settled by people who have Priesthood, who are praying from day been called to go there, and it has to day that they may receive light upon seemed to me that those who had not certain subjects, and if the prophet of the courage to carry out the instrucGod were to say to them what course tions of God in establishing those they should pursue and give them the places have not been able to endure the light for which they have sought, in hardships and privations which came some cases they would decline to follow upon them, and they have therefore that course. But the men who will not returned to their old homes and left carry out the instruction given through those who had faith in the Lord and President Lorenzo Snow are not in har- valued the advice He gave them mony with God, for I testify to you through His mouthpiece, and they are that he is the mouthpiece of the Most among the most faithful people to be High upon the face of the earth; and found in this Church today. those who refuse to accept his teach- I rejoice in the labor that our misings, if they do not repent, will lose sionaries are performing. I rejoice in the spirit of this work and will aposta- the growth of the work of the Lord in tize, as the Lord lives.

every field; for it is growing, notwithWe have much to be thankful for in standing the persecution that is brought being able to meet together in this gen- against it from time to time. As long eral conference. Sixty-nine years ago as persecution comes from without, we today the Church of Jesus Christ was can combat it, and it does not injure organized in a little log house, with six the work of the Lord; but when there members. Look at it today! Those who is

disunion among the people, and have traveled through the Stakes real- a tendency to disregard counsel, then ize how Zion's boundaries are being ex- there is danger in Zion. So long, howtended, and how the people are growing ever, as the leading quorums of this in faith and in good works. Only those Church are united as they they are towho are disgruntled believe that the day; so long as the people are united Church is going backward. I tell you, and willing to receive the inthe people are gaining in faith and in structions that are given of God good works. They are colonizing the through His Prophet, all will be well, country; they are beginning to possess and the Church will continue to grow the earth, to own their own homes, to and increase. People marvel today at cultivate the soil, and they are be- the growth of this work from six memcoming a great and a mighty people. bers. Since 1830 it has grown into I do not think that conditions were something like forty Stakes of Zion and ever so favorable as they are today many missions in the world, and the for the enlarging of the borders of principles of the Gospel are heard in Zion and for the growth of the people, every land where liberty is granted unMost excellent opportunities are offered to us to proclaim them. It has been for colonization, whereby the people decreed that this Gospel shall be can obtain a foothold in the land and preached in all the world, for a witmake a living out of mother earth. The

unto every people, and then people seem to be attending to their shall the end come. It is remarkable duties and exercising a faith equal to the willingness that the Elders show that which has been exercised at any in responding to the calls made upon time since the organization of the them to go to the nations of the earth Church.

to proclaim this Gospel. Many who My labors during the last year have have apparently manifested no particchiefly been among the people in the ular interest in this work, when they outlying Stakes. I have visited our are called to go forth to proclaim the settlements in Canada, in Arizona, in Gospel, rarely ever refuse; and today Mexico, and in southern Utah, and i there are more Elders in the world



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