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general superintendency of the Sunday for instance, the children have to come School Union board feel that it would long distances, or the school is overbe good policy to hold another conven- crowded. The Union Board favors, tion next fall similar to the one held where the distance is great between the last November, a year ago. The reason different parts of the ward, where two we mention it tonight is because there or more Sunday schools are established is considerable detail work connected in the ward, that each be fully organwith it, and if we hold a convention we ized with a separate superintendency." must get to work immediately. We de- I will say but a few words with regard sire to ascertain the feelings of this

to this matter; many might be said. meeting with regard to holding such a There are conditions existing in places, convention next fall. All in favor of we find, where, through growth, the holding another Sunday school conven- buildings have become so crowded that tion some time next fall similar to the

there is not room for more. Where one last held will please make it mani

these conditions exist it would be well fest by raising their right hand.

for the superintendency to look abroad The vote was unanimous.

to provide means for establishing We wish to announce to the Stake and

branch Sunday schools. This, of course, ward superintendents that we are still should be done with the consent and lacking the histories of some of the approval of the Bishop of the ward. Stake Sunday school organizations, as

Where children have to come a long well as those of some of the wards. If distance also branch Sunday schools you remember, at the close of our fifty could be established with profit, in oryears last December it was proposed der to give them the advantages of our that we get up a history of our Sunday Sunday school teaching and training. school movement, to cover that period. It is not necessary in all cases that We have been working on this book, public halls or buildings should be and it is now being delayed, waiting provided. My experience has been the histories of the Stake and ward or

that many profitable branch schools ganizations that have not yet been sent

have been established, at the beginning,

two in. We trust the lacking information in private houses, where one will be forwarded immediately, that the

rooms had been opened by some good work may not be delayed.

brother or sister and the children of

the vicinity have been gathered in, and ELDER THOMAS C. GRIGGS.

in such instances, so far as I have exSince coming to this meeting I have perienced, those branch Sunday schools been requested to draw the attention of have grown wonderfully. There is this this conference to an item that per- pleasing feature also connected with tains to our growth and interests.

the branch Sunday school, as it has It must be realized that, in the exist- been established, and that is ence, approximately, of the Sunday that it is largely а. missionary School Union of twenty-five years, from factor; for not only do those that are an enrollment of 30,000 it has increased active in the Church become members to the number of 120,000, over a four- of these schools, but the facilities being fold increase in twenty-five years. Our placed within the reach of those that labors have been wonderfully blessed, have become somewhat indifferent and and I trust that this growth will con- who have not attended fully to their tinue, so that at the end of the next

meetings and duties, their feelings and twenty-five years we may be able to interests become aroused and they will show another four-fold growth, bring- send their children to this new school, ing it up to nearly half a million.

and in this manner a good work is acThe attention of the Union is drawn complished. Nor should we rest with to the desirability of establishing this. There are the children of our branch Sunday schools. The rule of friends, all brothers and sisters in the the Union Board is embodied in the fol- human family, to whom we should exlowing: “Urge the desirability of es- tend the advantages and privileges of tablishing branch Sunday schools in the Gospel, for these principles are as wards where there is need of it; where, valuable to them as they are to us. The


Gospel word has been increased in the August 11th and 12th-Davis-Bingmission field by establishing Sunday ham. schools; why should this be done only August 18th and 19th-Uintah-Freabroad when we have many opportuni- mont. ties at home? It may, perhaps, become August 25th and 26th-Emery-Albernecessary, where deemed advisable, in ta. the establishment of these branch September 1st and 2nd-Tooele. schools, that the main school render September 8th and 9th-Summit. them their support and aid. This as- September 15th and 16th-Weber. sistance should be freely given by send. September 22nd and 23rd-Bannock. ing brethren and sisters, experienced September 29th and 30th-Pocatello. if possible, to assist in the teaching and Elder Reynolds, continuing, said: also by sending music books, class reg- There are one or two items to which I isters, hymn books, etc., that they may desire to call your attention. One is have material to work with. We trust with regard to the Leaflets. Some of that the superintendents will be broad- the superintendents think that, because minded in this matter and not become there is a date upon each, they should circumscribed in their feelings and ef- only be used on that date. This is a forts or think that their work should be mistake. They can be used at any and confined to their own schools only. at all times when desirable. We think

This, brethren and sisters, Stake and that the length of the Leaflets now beward superintendents, is but the skele- ing published, as well as their great ton of the idea in regard to this matter. importance, is such that it will take at I am satisfied that if we were to enter least two Sundays to consider each one into the field in the Spirit of the Gospel properly, that no teacher should atas

we should do, the skeleton army, tempt to go over all the matter conmentioned by the Prophet Ezekiel, will tained in any one of these Leaflets in stand upon its feet and be clothed with one single Sunday. We have already sinew and flesh and have a body pleas- published twelve numbers this ing to look upon.

year, but

more will be pubMay the Lord bless us in these labors lished this month, to give those that and in our efforts is my prayer in the are behind a chance to catch up. We name of Jesus. Amen.

shall again begin distributing them to

the schools for the first of May. ELDER GEORGE REYNOLDS. The general board of the Deseret Sun

day School Union issued, some time ago, Brother Mills, a few minutes ago, read another Bible chart, connected with the to you the program of the forthcoming

life of our Redeemer, known to us as annual Stake Sunday school conference.

number five, the superintendents and I now wish to read to you the dates on

teachers have apparently not underwhich these conferences will be held.

stood this, as our sales have been very April 28th and 29th-St George.

small. A copy of this chart hangs on May 6th and 7th-Parowan.

either side of the stand, giving a sample May 12th and 13th-Malad.

of the pictures contained therein. We May 19th and 20th-Juab-Utah.

wish to call the attention of the superMay 26th and 27th-Jordan.

intendents to the fact that we have a June 2nd and 3rd-Wasatch-Granite. large number on hand at the Sunday June 9th and 10th--Cache.

School Union office. June 16th and 17th-Oneida-Millard. The Sunday School Union has also

June 23rd and 24th - Bear Lake--San- just published a chronological chart of pete.

Nephite and Lamanite history, which June 30th and July 1st-Star Valley. they propose to give free to every Sun

July 7th and 8th-Panguitch and day school which has an enrollment of Woodruff.

more than seventy-five members. We July 14th and 15th-Kanab-Wayne. have restricted it to this number for July 21st and 22nd--Morgan-Sevier. the reason that we thought a small July 28th and 29th-Boxelder-Cassia. Sunday school with less than seventyAugust 4th and 5th-Beaver.

five members would probably not have


a Book of Mormon class large enough they have now, after considerable time, to use this chart profitably. This chart completed their labors. The picture is comprises the history of the Book of ready and we will be pleased to preMormon from the time that Lehi and sent a copy of the same to the Stake his colony left Jerusalem, 600 years be- superintendents, if they will call at the fore Christ, to the end of Moroni's rec- office of the Union, No. 408 Templeton ord. It likewise contains a tabular building, tomorrow, or any time after. statement of contemporaneous events that took place on the eastern conti

GENERAL SUPERINTENDENT GEO. nent; also the time during which each

Q. CANNON. Nephite historian held the records and

Our time has expired. We have been wrote that people's history. It also

here now nearly two hours. I am down contains a statement of the years of

for some closing remarks. I will not the reigns of the Judges, as well as

trespass upon your time but a minute, other information which will aid our

but I want to draw your attention to students in the understanding of Book

the remarks made by Dr. J. M. Tanner. of Mormon history and chronology. We I think there should be more attention shall also send a copy to each Stake paid to the character of the instruction superintendent, and they can now be

given in our Sunday schools, and every obtained at the office of the Deseret

effort should be made to give the chilSunday School Union. Any persons

dren and the youth a knowledge of our wishing to purchase a copy can do so.

principles. I think we cannot devote The price, mounted like the

I have

our time and attention in any better in

backed with

direction than in taking this subject to linen and mounted on rollers, is one

heart and carrying it out as well as dollar. We expect soon to have a large number of copies on hand in paper,

we can in our schools. We feel proud,

I think, of our progress, but I can see which can be folded up and placed be

a large field stretching out before us tween the leaves of a book, the price of

yet to be occupied. The children and which will be only twenty-five cents.

young people are not receiving, with ELDER GEORGE D. PYPER.

all our efforts, the thorough training About a year ago a commitee was that they require. I pray God to bless appointed to secure the photographs of us in our labors and to give every one the Stake spuerintendents of Sunday the spirit of this mission and labor. schools of all the Stakes of Zion, as The choir then sang, “God be merciwell as those of the members of the ful unto us and bless us." Union Board and the general officers of Benediction by Elder Reed Smoot. the Union. These photographs were to

HORACE S. ENSIGN, be grouped together and a picture

General Secretary. made containing all of these. A commit.

LEO HUNSAKER, itee was appointed, as I stated, and



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