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The Board of Publication of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, have recently issued the following valuable books:

1. The Way of Salvation Familiarly Explained, in a Conversation between a Father and his Chil. dren. 18ino.

2. The Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod; with Sovereign Antidotes for every case. By the Rev. Thomas Brooks. 18mo.

3. The Great Concern of Salvation. By the Rev. Thomas Halyburton; abridged for the Board. 18mo.

4. Christian Consistency; or the connexion between Experimental and Practical Religion: designed for Young Christians. By the Rev. E. Mannering. 18mo.

5. Self-Employment in Secret: containing An Inquiry into the State of the Soul; Thoughts upon Painful Affictions; Memorials for Practice. By the Rev. John Corbet. 18mo.

6. A Treatise on the Scripture Doctrine of Original Sin; with Explanatory notes. By the Rev. Henry A. Boardman. 18mo.

7. The Pleasures of Religion. By the Rev. Henry Foster Burder, D.D. 18mo.

8. The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and its consequences to the Protestant Churches of France and Italy; containing Memoirs of some of the Sufferers in the Persecution attending that event. 18mo.

9. The Utility and Importance of Creeds and Confessions. By the Rev. Samuel Miller, D.D. 18mo.

10. The Life of John Knox, the Scottish Reformer; abridged for the Board from McCrie's Life of Knox. 18mo.

11. The Life of Captain Wilson; containing an account of his residence in India; his conversion to Christianity; his missionary voyage to the South Seas; and his peaceful death. Abridged. 18mo.

12. Letters to an Anxious Inquirer; designed to relieve the difficulties of a friend under serious impressions. By T. Charlton Henry, D.D., late Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Charleston, S. C.; with a Biographical Sketch of the Author. Third edition, embel. lished with a Portrait. 18mo.

13. A Threefold Cord; or a Precept, Promise, and Prayer from the Holy Scriptures, for every day in the year. 32mo.

14. The Duties and Responsibilities of the Pastoral Office, being an abridgment of the Reformed Pastor. By Richard Baxter. 18mo.

15. The Offices of Christ; abridged from the original work of Stevenson. By the Rev. William S. Plumer, D.D. 18mo.

16. The Divine Purpose, displayed in the Works of Providence and Grace; in a series of Letters to an Inquiring Friend. By the Rev. John Matthews, D.D. 18mo.

17. Presbyterianism the truly Primitive and Apostolical Constitution of the Church of Christ; and Infant Baptism Scriptural and Reasonable; and Baptism by Sprinkling or Affusion, the most suitable and edifying mode. By Samuel Miller, D.D. 12mo.

18. The Spirit of Prayer. By the Rev. Nathaniel Vincent. 32mo.

19. The Spruce Street Lectures, by several Clergymen; delivered during the years 1831–32. To which is added, a Lecture on the importance of Creeds and Con. fessions. By Samuel Miller, D.D. 8vo.

20. A new stereotype edition of the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church, in the United States of America; containing the Confession of Faith, the Cate. chisms, and the Directory for the Worship of God: together with the Plan of Government and Discipline, as ratified by the General Assembly, at their Sessions in May, 1821, and amended in 1833. 18mo.

21. A Guide to Christian Communicants, in the exercise of Self-Examination. By the Rev. William Trail. 32mo.

22. A Friendly Visit to the House of Mourning. By the Rev. Richard Cecil. 32mo.

23. The Doctrine of Regeneration. Selected from the Writings of the Rev. Stephen Charnock. 12mo.

24. Love to Christ; chiefly extracted from the “True Christian's Love of the Unseen Christ.” By Thomas Vincent. 32mo.

25. The Life of Major General Andrew Burn, of the Royal Marines. 18mo.

26. Memoir of Lieutenant Colonel Blackader. 18mo.

27. Memoir of the Rev. George Trosse, of Exeter, England. 18mo.

28. Scripture Portions for the Afflicted, especially the Sick; with Reflections from various authors, 18mo.

29. The Destruction of Jerusalem, an irresistible proof of the Divine origin of Christianity. 18mo.

30. The Christian's Great Interest; or the Trial of a Saving Interest in Christ, and the way to attain it. By Rev. William Guthrie, minister at New Kilmarnock, Scotland, 1605. With an Introductory Essay, by the Rev. Dr. Thomas Chalmers. 18mo.

31. The Life of `Andrew Melville, the Scottish Reformer. Abridged for the Board, from McCrie's Life of Melville. 18mo.

32. The Lives of the Patriarchs. 18mo.

33. An Exposition of a Portion of the Epistle to the Romans, in the form of Questions and Answers. By J. J. Janeway, D.D. 18mo.

34. A Blow at the Root of Antinomianism. By the Rev. John Flavel. 32mo.

35. The Fulfilling of the Scripture, for Confirming Believers and Convincing Unbelievers. By the Rev. Robert Fleming. Abridged from the third edition. 18mo.

36. Lime Street Lectures; a Defence of some Important Doctrines of the Gospel. In twenty-six Sermons, by several eminent Divines. 8vo.

37. The Novelty of Popery, and the Antiquity of the Religion of Protestants, proved by Scripture and History. 12mo.

38. A Series of Tracts on the Doctrines, Order and Polity of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America; embracing several on practical subjects. 2 vols, 12mo.

39. The Form of Government, the Discipline, and Directory for Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. 18mo.

40. The Larger Catechism of the Westminster Assembly; with Proofs from the Scriptures. 18mo.

41. The Saints' Encouragement to Diligence in Christ's service. By the Rev. James Janeway. 18mo.

42. The Return of Prayers. By Thomas Goodwin, B.D. 32mo.

43. The Mystery of Godliness. By the Rev. Thomas Bradbury. 2 vols. 12mo.

44. Sketches of Church History. Comprising a regular series of the most important and interesting events in the History of the Church, from the birth of Christ to the nineteenth century. By the Rev. James Wharey. 18mo.

45. The Life of the Rev. John Owen, together with the Life of the Rev. John Janeway, in 1 vol. Abridged for the Board. 18mo.

46. The Life of the Rev. Richard Baxter. Abridged for the Board. 18mo.

47. The Christian Education of the Children and Youth in the Presbyterian Church. By Rev. Samuel Miller, D. D. 18mo.

48. The Prophetic Blessings of Jacob and Moses, respecting the Twelve Tribes of Israel. 32mo.

49. Memoirs of the Rev. John Rodgers, D. D. late Pastor of the Wall Street and Brick Churches in the City of New York. By Samuel Miller, D. D. 18mo.

50. Divine Conduct; or the Mystery of Providence: wherein the being and efficacy of Providence are asserted and vindieated; the methods of Providence, as it passes through the several stages of our lives, opened; and the proper course of improving all Providences pointed out. By the Rev. John Flavel. 18mo.

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