Imatges de pÓgina

carry out as many as two ships can conveniently accommodate, without the slavish obligation of an indenture, and fhall establish them, wherethe pure unadulterated Irish heart shall have room to expand with the true gra ma chree, and where fraternity is not thought a crime.

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From one to one Thousand Kishes of the best White Ashes Turf, at the extensive Stores, formerly Rotunda Gardens.


Fourteen Coaches and three Chariots, in per fect condition, to be fold on Monday next, by Auction, at Somerset Place, formerly, Castle Yard. Note, they will be peremptorily fold at

I o'clock, as they have been feized for nonto payment of the new wheel-carriage duty.

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On Wednesday next will commence, at the Hall of the Royal Exchange, the Sale of the entire Stock in Trade of two Woollen Drapers, one Silk Mercer, a Haberdasher, and two Milliners. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock, and to continue from day to day till all are fold. The Sale will be conducted in the fairelt manner, the Parties being all Bankrupts.

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To be Sold, four Houses in Cavendish-row, iwo in Stephen's-green, and one in Sackvillestreet. They have been occupied by Gentlemen of considerable fortune, who are now gone abroad, and will be disposed of for quarter of their original coft; or will be let at very moderate rents, and might be made suitable to Coopers, Cabinet-makers, or extensive Grocers, as they are very roomy, and the Stables and Coach-houses might be converted into Warea houses. They are well worthy the attention of


the Barrack Board, as they would hold from 100 to 150 men each. Inquire at M'G. & Sons, Notary Publicks, Merrion-square, North.

N. B. A second Floor to let.

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Wanted by a young Lady, the Daughter of a respectable Baronet, a fituation, to take care of and instruct two or three young Ladies. She is highly accomplished, and was educated with much expectation. As humane treatment and good-nature are more her object than falary, she would have no objection to go in the above capacity into the house of a Tradesman.


Note. The above Lady has a younger Sister ; would give a small fee to be apprenticed to a Mantua-maker.

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Horse Barracks, Trin. College.

Notice is hereby given, that I will receive, till 15th of next month, Proposals sealed and properly endorsed, for supplying this Barrack with 1000 Loads of Hay, 800 Loads of Straw, and 500 Barrels of Oats.

N. B. The Contractor must stack the Hay and Straw in the inner Square, and the Oats must be delivered in the Loft over the new Stables, (Library.)


Qr. Mr. 2d Han. Hullars.

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