Manual for Confession

1854 - 38 pàgines

Què en diuen els usuaris - Escriviu una ressenya

No hem trobat cap ressenya als llocs habituals.

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Pàgina 38 - Lord of my heart, by Thy last cry, Let not Thy blood on earth be spent — Lo, at Thy feet I fainting lie, Mine eyes upon Thy wounds are bent ; Upon Thy streaming wounds my weary eyes Wait like the parched earth on April skies. Wash me, and dry these bitter tears...
Pàgina 28 - I confess to Almighty God, to blessed Mary ever Virgin, to blessed Michael the Archangel, to blessed John the Baptist, to the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, and to all the Saints, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word and deed, through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.
Pàgina 13 - In the primitive church there was a godly discipline that at the beginning of Lent such persons as stood convicted of notorious sin were put to open peu".nce and punishment in this world, that their COMMISSION. COMMITTEE. souls might be saved in the day of the Lord, and that others, being admonished by their example, might be the more afraid to offend. Instead whereof (until the said discipline may be restored again...
Pàgina 35 - I was at ease, but he hath broken me asunder : he hath also taken me by my neck, and shaken me to pieces, and set me up for his mark. His archers compass me round about, he cleaveth my reins asunder, and doth not spare ; he poureth out my gall upon the ground.
Pàgina 35 - Oh that I were as in months past, as in the days when God preserved me; When his candle shined upon my head, and when by his light I walked through darkness...
Pàgina 22 - For innumerable troubles are come about me; my sins have taken such hold upon me that I am not able to look up : yea, they are more in number than the hairs of my head, and my heart hath failed me.
Pàgina 17 - ... sorrow, as, I fear, I have been too often, through my own weakness and neglect; but let it be now thy gift, descending from thee, the Father of lights, that so my repentance may be accompanied with amendment and change of life, and I may be fully acquitted from the guilt of all my sins, and once more received into the number of thy servants. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. An Act of Contrition. O Lord...
Pàgina 30 - GOD the FATHER Almighty, His only-begotten SON JESUS CHRIST our LORD, and GOD the HOLY GHOST, to have mercy upon me, and forgive me my sin.
Pàgina 34 - Thou puttest my feet also in the stocks, And lookest narrowly unto all my paths ; Thou settest a print upon the heels of my feet.
Pàgina 34 - Thou hast laid me in the lowest pit : in a place of darkness, and in the deep. 6 Thine indignation lieth hard upon me : and thou hast vexed me with all thy storms.

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