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tial reference and partial detail ; and that I should render a service not altogether unacceptable to the profession (for I should save them much manual labour and muscular ex. ertion) if I were to present to them in a commodious form the several cases upon the subject of Tithes, which lie dispersed in many a cumbrous folio. I have acted in obedience to that advice; and in the following pages the reader will find, with much of novelty, much that he has already Tead, and may already possess. It was my object to make a whole ; and whilst the whole consists of all its parts, I cannot compliment the reader with a rejection of some of the parts, when I give him the whole.

I have to regret, that the marginal abstracts of the cases are not always entitled to that credit which they ought to carry with them. Those will, in general, be found, I believe, the most faulty, which are affixed to the cases extracted from the printed books. The truth is, that too easy admission was given to what had been already published; and from the want of due examination, the looseness or inaccuracy of the statement was not discovered until it was too late to correct it. However, I am confident, that these defects will be amply supplied in the index, the care of preparing which is devolved upon a Gentleman of extensive legal information and great critical exactness. He will, no doubt, seize many points which have escaped me, and retrace passages which I have left too faintly marked.

The tract which I intend to prefix to these volumes will, I hope, be ready for publication in no very great length of time. A part of it is actually printed; and I -am not aware of any other obstacles than those which the elements, a tropical climate, or the incidents of war, may raise, that are likely to interrupt the completion of it. The work has hung longer than it ought to have done, since I gave the profession reason to expect it, and I have to apologize to them for the delay. I am not, however, conscious that much of that delay, great as it has been, can be fairly imputed to me. It was not a matter of a day to


collect the manuscripts which I have been favoured with, as they lay in many hands. The communications were not always obtained with equal facility. My applications were sometimes silenced by the deep tones of business, and sometimes waved by the civil apologies of gentlemanly indolence. I had sometimes to hear from clerks that their masters were inaccessible, except to clients ; I had sometimes to' excuse myself for intruding upon men who had nothing to do. It is, surely, not to be wondered at, if I was occasionally disconcerted; if languor succeeded to disappointment, and I became indifferent to a work, about the prosecution of which the world shewed no con

But this was not the only cause which contributed to check its progress. It seemed to little purpose to state and discuss the law, when the subject-matter itself was threatened with annihilation; when men were industriously taught to believe that agriculture would derive vigour from the abolition of Tithes, and the state would find resources in their ruins. A bold financial policy, favoured by the indifferency of a great part of mankind to every thing connected with religion, and supported by the zeal of sectarism, the wiles of interest, and the prejudices of ignorance at the view of such a combination acting at a most alarming juncture, amidst the distresses of war and of scarcity, I will confess, I have often thrown down my pen, and desisted from the pursuit of an inquiry which seemed to be fruitless.


Portsea, March 2, 1801.

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