Imatges de pÓgina

or his being the Word and Wisdom of God,
implies a visible form, which respects the
whole creation; and, therefore, the light and
truth of the whole creavjon must be merely
the light and truth of Christ, or the display
of the divine will in him.--The argument of
the divine theory, therefore, is the actual con- ,
formity of the works of God to the divine
principle, or the actual exhibition of Christ
in the whole creation; and the work before
us is simply the illustration of the truth that
Christ is all in all.

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The foregoing Statement and Definition of the divine principle, may be summed up in the following theorems.

1. The principle of divine knowledge, which is the discoverable Divine Being, is of the voluntary nature, or of the nature of a purpose or will; and the divine substance be. ing simple and uncompounded, it is wholly of this nature.

2. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last of the divine system, is comprised in the purpose or will of God.

3. The divine purpose or will is a matter of real fact.

4: The divine will is infinite, eternal and unchangeable; holy, just and good; and the subject of all the divine characters.

5. The divine will is discoverable, and capable of ample illustration.

6. The divine will shews a trinity in unfty; it shews a Father, a Son, and a Holy Ghost; and that these three diftin&t persons are immediately one in will.

7. The divine will presents the doctrine of Christ; and the truth to which he bare witness in the world, is traced, as to its origin, in this act of his inauguration; and which is of the nature of a covenant transaction, or a matter of record between parties.

8. The divine will consists of a precept, and a promise, or a requirement and a reward; it is a commandment, rule, &c. which embraces eternal life.

9. The requirement of the divine will is, that of the setting up and full exhibition of the authority and glory of the Father; the reward is, that of being set up, and exhibited in this authority and glory.

10. The divine wil is the truth laid down in the testimony of Jesus, which was the matter of his accusation, and which he confessed before Pontius Pilate, and for which he suffered upon the cross; that he is Lord and Christ; and, in the approaching day, upon the throne of David, at the head of his church and people, he shall reign over the world, -And This is the mere gospel i felf.

11. The divine will, comprising the doctrine of Christ, unfolds the relation of Faiher and Son, the union of Christ and believers, the law and administration of the church, the duty and blessedness of the faints, and the whole everlasting glory of the kingdom of Cod.

12. The divine will embraces the glory which Christ had with the Father, before the world was the wonderful scene of his humiliation-the present and future glory of his exaltation, and the whole divine exhibition in all the works of God. And being a matter of fact, and discoverable, it lies before us as the perfect pattern, type, or map of the whole universe.

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IN the unfolding and full display of the di

vine principle, we shall behold Christ, the Sun of the universe, exhibited first in his antecedent, or primitive state, as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber :-We shall then behold him in his intermediate or covenant service state, as a strong man, with cheerful zeat, running a race: Finally, we shall behold him in his consummate or glorified state, as the sun, full orbited, from whose heat nothing is hid; or, as the bridegroom rejoicing in his bride.

Now that he ascended, what is it but that he also defcended first into the lower parts of the earth? Hethai descended is the same also that ascended ub far above all heavens, that he might fill all things, Eph. iv.-This, his descending, implies, that, in a primitive state, he was high; and thus we have his glorious


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