Greater Intimacy with Our Creator

Portada, 2013 - 196 pàgines
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The author begins by boldly proclaiming that the inspiration for this book came from an unusual dream. In the dream he said that "the greatest teaching to learn was how to become more intimate with our Creator." Since the author had never even taught on this particular subject before, it seems very unlikely that the dream came from his own soulish mind. It was also revealed in the dream that our intimacy with Him was supposed to be like when we are "romantically in love" with another person.
This book can relate to people in every level of spiritual growth, including those who have never experienced the pure love of God, his forgiveness of sins, and the assurance of eternal life with Him. In the latter part of the book even those who already have a deep personal relationship with God are challenged to seek even higher levels of intimacy with Him by becoming true disciples of His only begotten Son and by worshipping Him in spirit and in truth, for He longs for us to respond to his own infinite and personal love for us.

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