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THERE has appeared, very lately, a small pamphlet a of seventy-six pages, entitled, A Sober and Charitable Disquisition concerning the Importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity ; endeavouring to show, that “ those in the “ different schemes should bear with each other in their “ different sentiments, and should not separate commu“ nions.” The treatise appears to be written in a good manner, and with a Christian spirit; on which account it deserves the more notice: and the question debated in it is undoubtedly important in every view, whether with regard to peace in this life, or happiness in the next. And as I have formerly spent some time and pains in discussing the truth of that high and holy doctrine, from Scripture, reason, and antiquity; so now I think it concerns me the more, to debate, in like manner, the importance of it: which I shall, by God's assistance, endeavour to do, fully and fairly, with all due care and attention, and with all becoming reverence for the subject, as well as respect towards the reader.

Before I enter upon the main debate, it will be proper

• Printed for John Gray, at the Cross Keys in the Poultry, near Cheapside, 1732.

N. B. There were sereral other pieces which preceded, or soon followed it, relating to the same cause.

1. Mr. Nation's Sermon, preached Sept. 8, 1731. 2. A Letter to Mr. Nation, by P. C. 1732. 3. A Vindication of Mr. Nation's Sermon: with a Letter from Mr. Na

tion. 4. A Letter to the Author of the Vindication : with a Second Letter to Mr.

Nation, by P. C. 5. A Reply to Mr. P. C.'s Letter. 6. A Postscript, or a Third Letter to Mr. Nation, by P. C. VOL. V.


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