Imatges de pÓgina

Your skilful Hand employ'd to save
Despairing Wretches from the Grave;
And then supporting, with your Store,

Those, whom you dragg’d from Death before :
(So Providence on Mortals waits,
Preserving what it first creates)
Your gen'rous Boldness to defend
An innocent and absent Friend:
That Courage which can make you just;
To Merit humbled in the Duft:
The Deteftation you express
For Vice in all its glite’ring Dress:
That Patience under tort'ring Pain,
Where stubborn Stoicks would complain.

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Shall these, like empty Shadows, pass,
Or Forms reflected from a Glass?
Or mere Chimæra's in the Mind,
That fly and leave no Marks behind ?
Does not the Body thrive and

By Food of Twenty Years ago ?
And, had it not been still supply'd,
It inust a Thousand Times have dy'd.




Then, who with Reason can maintain;
That no Effects of Food remain ?
And, is not Virtue in Mankind
The Nutriment that feeds the Mind?
Upheld by each good Action past;
And still continued by the last:
Then, who with Reason cani pretend;
That all Effects of Virtue end?

Believe me, Stella, when you show
That true Contempt for Things below,
Nor prize your Life for other Ends
Than merelġ to oblige your Friends ;
Your former Åštions claim their Part,
And join to fortify your Heart.
For Virtue in her daily Räcé,
Like Janus, bearš a double Face,
Looks back with Joy where she has gone,
And therefore goes with Courage on.
She at your fickly Coach will wait;
And guide you to a better State.

Ó THEN, whatever Heat'n intends,
Take Pity on your pitying Friends í

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Nor let your Ills affect your Mind,
To fancy they can be unkind.
Me, surely me, you ought to spare,
Who gladly would your Suff’rings shate;
Or give my Scrap of Life to you,
And think it far beneath your Due ;
You, to whofe Care so oft I owe;
That I'm alive to tell you so.

TO STELL A, visiting me in my


O&tober, 1727

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ALLAS, observing Stella's Wit

Shine more than for her Sex was fit;
And that her Beauty, foon or late,
Might breed Confusion in the State;
In high Concern for human Kind,
Fixt Honour in her Infant Mind.

But, (not in Wranglings to engage With such a stupid vicious Age)

If Honour I would here define,
It answers Faith in Things divine.
As nat'ral Life the Body warms,
And, Scholars teach, the Soul informs;
Şo Honour animates the Whole,
And is the Spirit of the Soul.

Those num'rous Virtues, which the Tribe
Of tedious Moralists describe,
And by such yarious Titles call;
True Honour comprehends them all.
Let Melancholy rule fupreme,
Choler preside, or Blood, or Phlegm,
It makes no Diff'rence in the Case,
Nor is Complexion Honour's Place.

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But, left we should for Honour take
The drunken Quarrels of a Rake;
Or think it feated in a Scar;
Or on a proud triumphal Car;
Or in the Payment of a Debt
We lose with Sharpers at Piquet ;
Or, when a Whore in her Vocation,
Keeps pun&ual to an Affignațion;



Or that on which his Lordship swears,
When vulgar Knaves would lose their Ears:
Let Stella's fair Example preach
A Lesson The alone can teach.

In Points of Honour to be try'd,
All Passions must be laid aside :
Ask no Advice, but think alone:
Suppose the Question not your own;
How shall I act? is not the Cafe;
But how would Brutus in my Place?
In such a Cause would Cato bleed?
And how would Socrates proceed?

Drive all Objections from your Mind,
Else you relapse to human Kind:
Ambițion, Avarice, and Luft,
And factious Rage, and Breach of Trust;
And Flatt’ry tipe with nauseous Fleer,
And guilty Shame, and servile Fear,
Envy, and Cruelty, and Pride,
Will in your cainted Heart preside.

HEROES and Heroines of old, By Honour only were enrollid


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