Imatges de pÓgina

As those who long have stood the Storms of

ü i
Retire, yet still bemoan their country's Fate.
Beware, and when you hear the Surges roar,
Avoid the Rocks on Britain's angry Shore:
They lye, alas! too easy to be found,
For thee alone they lye the Island round,



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To Dr. Delany, occafond by his

Epiftle to his Excellency John Lord

Written in the Year 1729.


ELUDED Mortals, whom the Great

Chuse for Companions tete à tete;
Who at their Dinners, en famille,
Get Leave to fit whene'er you will;
Then, boasting tell us where you din'd,
And, how his Lordship was so kind;


How many pleasant Things he spoke,
Änd, how ġou laugh'd at ev'ry Joke:
Swear, he's a most facetious Man :
That you and he are Cup and Cann.
You travel with á heavy Load,
And quite mistake Preferment's Road.

SUPPOSE my Lord and you alone;
Hint the least Int'rest of

your own;
His Visage drops, he knits his Brow,
He cannot talk of Bus'ness now:
Or, mention but a vacant Post,
He'll turn it off with, Name your foaft
Nor could the nicest Artist paint,
A Countenance with more Constraint,

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For, as their Appetites to quench,
Lords keep a Pimp to bring a Wench;
So, Men of Wit are but a Kind
Of Pandars to a vicious Mind;
Who proper Objects must provide
To gratify their Luft of Pride,
When weary'd with Intrigues of State;
They find an idle Hour to prate.


Then, shou'd you dare to ask a Place,
You forfeit all your Patron's Grace,
And disappoint the sole Design,
For which he sunimon'd you to dine.

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Thus, Congreve spent, in writing Plays,
And one poor Office, half his Days;
While Moient ague, who claim'd the Station
To be Mecanäs of the Nation,
For Poets open Table kept,
But ne'er confider'd where they slept:
Himself, as rich as Fifty Jews,
Was easy, though they wanted Shoes ;
And, crazy Congreve scarce cou'd spare
A Shilling to dischårge his Chair ;
Till Prudence taught him to appeal
From Dean's Fire to Party Zeal;
Not owing to his happy Vein
The Fortunes of his lacter Scene;
Took proper Principles to thrive;
And so might ev'ry Dunce alive

Thus, Steel who own'd what others writ,
And flourish'd by imputed Wit,
Vol. II.


From Perils of a Hundred Jayls, -
Withdrew to starve, and die in Wales.

Thus Gay, the * Hare with many Friends,
Twice fev'n long Years the Court attends;
Who, under Tales conveying Truth,
To Virtue form'd a princely Youth :
Who paid his Courtship with the Croud,
As far as modeft Pride allow'd;
Rejects a servile Uber's Place,
And leaves St. James's in Disgrace.

Thus Addison, by Lords caress't,
Was left in foreign Lands distress't;
Forgot at home, became for Hire,
A trav'lling Tutor to a Squire.
But, wisely left the Muses Hill;
To Bus’ness shap'd the Poet's Quill,
Let all his barren Lawrels fade;


himself the Courtier's Trade: And

grown Minister of State, Saw Poets at his Levee wait.



* See his Fables.

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